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  1. F

    Dominique Nugent #8 Dressing gown, jumpsuit & dress with big sleeves for Dim, its her party its not about him

    excellent thread title from @MiamooMoo, had to edit it slightly to fit
  2. jazzbot

    Dominique Nugent #7 Dim and Him about to be wed, will Grace end up in their Marital bed?

    This thread title is so funny. Amazing work @MiamooMoo. For anyone wondering the thread title is based off FacesbyGrace stalking Dom. Literally stalking. I'm not best placed to do a recap, would someone who has the concentration to watch this boring dipshit's daily stories do the honors...
  3. Miss_cici

    Dominique Nugent #5 Dim and Him heading up the aisle...all tack and feathers not an ounce of style

    New thread. Title courtesy of @Come here til I tell ya with the most likes Recap: Dom is still dim Lost her ring But she's marrying Him 💒👰🏼‍♀️
  4. T

    Dominique Nugent #4 Dim Dom faked the shock … we all know who picked the Rock !

    New Thread! Thanks to @Grace1718 😊
  5. CeeCeeBloom

    Dominique Nugent #3 Dim Dom and “him” hit the slopes, ended up with Covid, pair of dopes!

    Number 3 for Dominique! She's moved in with 'him' and told us she's mortgage approved but renting for now. Moved while isolating from covid, she picked that up in Andorra where she went skiing strictly for the gram pics. Him is hunky but appears to love eye fucking himself on camera like dim...
  6. Oohthedrama

    Dominique Nugent #2

    New thread.
  7. E

    Dominique Nugent

    Dublin Instagrammer, friends with Faces By Graces Lovely girl but recently deleted her page, anyone have any idea why?