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  1. childofthe70s

    Asexual needing dating advice

    Hi folks. As my title says, I am asexual and never really dated anyone nor was I interested. I am very much the free spirit, and equally recently lost my mum so not in the space for wanting anything more than a friend or maybe companion to do things together we both enjoy. My only experiences...
  2. LaBlonde

    Dating after lockdown #26 What in the bad episode of Hollyoaks is going on?

    on we go ladies! sending lots of love to the last thread (and to @Jadejones9596 at the end there) - some men around who don’t even deserve the luxury of being thrown in the bin tbh. anyway just remember: winning title from the fabulous @Clementine and originally nominated by mozz however...
  3. Thank(space)you

    Dating after lockdown #25 the only thing high in his capabilities is his audacity...

    Winning title with 18 likes, written by @mozzarellagirl and nominated by @Clementine Previous thread here:
  4. Thank(space)you

    Dating after lockdown #24 they're participation trophies at best

    Thread title: words suggested by @LaBlonde and nominated by @Kimmylookatme Apologies if incorrect but only suggestion I found in my quick search Previous thread here:
  5. al255

    Dating after lockdown #23 Can you HTML though?

    New thread for our dating highs and lows. What a thread #22 was….!!! Congratulations to myself for the witty thread title, however it wouldn’t have been possible without @boomska sharing her story about that god awful human🫠 I wonder whar this thread has got in store for us. Hot gal single...
  6. MaryX82

    Dating…Where did it go wrong??

    Ok so I work a weekend job in a bar for extra cash.Been there around 4 months.I have been being flirty with a colleague firstly just saying hi.I visited him once in the week we hugged and talked a bit.He wanted my number.I said maybe the next time I see him.On saturday after I finished we got...
  7. LaBlonde

    Dating after lockdown #22 I want to break up, Cheese Boy.

    thanks to @MsCurly and her legend of a goddaughter for the thread title - may we all use her wisdom in future dealings with any Cheesy Boys who are not worthy of us! sadly the last thread confirmed many cheesy boys out there, of numerous varieties. know your worth ladies and know how fabulous...
  8. Clickbait

    Dating after lockdown #21 More red flags than Pamplona, we don’t wanna know about your boner.

    Congratulations to @TillyMiffin on the winning thread title. Bit of a mixed bag in the last thread, sadly the frustrations outweighed the successes, and some apathy has set in but there seems to be a lot more recognition of self worth and not putting up with subpar behaviour which can only be...
  9. Thank(space)you

    Dating after lockdown #20 I’m done. Too late to become a nun?

    Previous thread here: Well done to @unidentified for the winning title If someone could recap that would be fab, added the poll just for interest
  10. S

    Dating your best friend's ex

    Would you do it? How would it make you feel if it happened to you?
  11. LaBlonde

    Dating after lockdown #19 Opened Tinder. Saw “👉🏻👌🏻 ?”. Closed Tinder.

    wining thread title by the lovely @MsCurly with 12 likes! previous thread here: as you were ladies! now, who’s got wine? 😉💙
  12. Thank(space)you

    Dating after lockdown #18 Show me your c*ck and I will block

    Winning title by @unidentified with 12 likes Previous thread here:
  13. Raymond Luxury-Yacht

    Dating after lockdown #17 Scraps on the apps, crumbs from the dumbs, making us sick with pics of dicks

    Previous thread here: New thread title by @Fledgling Psycho 👌🏻😂 Had to shorten it a tiny little bit! Here is to a better selection of men this time around! We’re also planning a Galentine’s day thing...
  14. Thank(space)you

    Dating after lockdown #16 it's slim pickings isn’t it ladies?

    Previous thread here: Title by @TillyMiffin
  15. iLoveNectarines

    Celebs Go Dating

    Is it trash? Yes! Do I still watch it? Absolutely! Is anyone else watching it this year? I liked the house concept of last year actually, think it should have stayed like that!
  16. Captainmouse

    Dating after lockdown #15 new year, new dates

    New thread carry on all old thread here
  17. PiesAndLattes

    Dating after lockdown #14 Santa, bring me a boyfriend. Hot and nice.

    Thanks @whathastheworldcometo 🎄 🎅 🎁 Keep up the festive love stories and hang some mistletoe around for the rest of us!
  18. Thank(space)you

    Dating after lockdown #13 Halloween the ghost(er)s favourite season 🎃

    Great thread title @Clickbait Previous thread here:
  19. Pocahontas

    Dating after lockdown #12 It’s all got a bit dark

    New thread, new start. Please don’t ruin your own thread with petty in-fighting. When advice is asked for and offered - take it for what it is, engage the humour button and don’t take it to heart.
  20. F

    Dating for over 50's

    I am 54 and divorced. I have become friends with a lovely guy. I am mad about him, but I think he just sees us just as good friends. I don't know how to progress this. I'm desperate to tell him how I feel, but too scared! He texts me a lot, and has just joined a weekly class that I go to. We...
  21. BunnyLebowski

    Dating after lockdown #11 My dating life…one bad decision!

    Hi Gang, welcome to the new thread. To old friends and newbies alike, much love and continued support 💕💕💕♥🍷🍷 mod edit: Please remember to report old thread to have it closed
  22. Clickbait

    Dating after lockdown #10 Morris dancing with red flags

    Double digits on the dating thread - the drama keeps coming thick and fast, but with some good news stories and some hilarity. Previous thread:
  23. ATV2021

    Dating after lockdown #9 Facebook. The bin juice of the dating world

    As you were my lovely ladies. Open the wine it's Saturday! Mod edit - previous thread:
  24. Captainmouse

    Dating after lockdown #8 Tinder, completed it!

    Carry on carrying on ladies congrats to @ComeForTheX StayForTheY for the thread title
  25. Clickbait

    Dating after lockdown #7 Keep your breadcrumbs, we are not pigeons!

    Congratulations to @whathastheworldcometo who just edged the thread title. Previous thread is here:
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