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  1. LouBug19

    Dating/Sex Disasters.

    Thought I would create a thread as I couldn't find one for anyone to share their funny or awkward at the time dating or sex lives. For me one of the most awkward moments was when I been on a date and slept with a guy and one day I was sent to another shop for my work. Someone came in and...
  2. Peakyblinders

    Dating after lockdown #37 - One thing men are consistent with is the AUDACITY.

    New thread as one should have been started ages ago. Thread title was one of the most liked comments
  3. LaBlonde

    Dating after lockdown #36 Have you dated a man? You may be entitled to compensation.

    i went with @Captainmouse (i think!)’s post, suggested by @BWGossip 😘 as always i like to start a new thread with an image that truly captures MY dating life right now so here it is: as you were ladies 😘😘
  4. This Is Not An Ad

    Rebecca C Speed Dating

    Anyone else low key obsessed with this speed dating account? 😂😂😂 It can be so entertaining! I’d never take part as I’m a married lady but I do like to watch!
  5. Thank(space)you

    Dating app icks #2 Turkey Teeth is also an ick

    Previous thread here: There wasn't any title nominations so I took the most liked post, by @DrNooo Hope that's okay!
  6. LaBlonde

    Dating after lockdown #35 Merry-go-round indeed - I'd like to get off!

    thread title a late and brilliant addition from @MollyMalone - thank you 😘 i usually do a meme here to sum up MY dating life so here you go: HAPPY 2024 you gorgeous lads! i hope that 2024 brings whatever you want dating-wise. and i can guarantee you that it will bring lots of great...
  7. Thank(space)you

    Dating after lockdown #34 No you didn't, you red flag

    Previous thread here: Congrats @IGiveUp22 for the words, nominated by @D2them I think this was the winning suggestion 😅 Feel free anyone to do a recap
  8. LaBlonde

    Dating after lockdown #33 I would do anything for love, but I wouldn't peg a bloke

    title from miss @EddyDarling (however if you DO want to peg a bloke then go for it, i hope you all have a great time. thread is a non kink shame zone! have a whole clothesline of pegs! now no one say “pegging” again 🤣) a bit of an emotional thread last time ngl. as a small disclaimer, this...
  9. it’s not been changed?!

    Dating app Icks

    Thought I’d maybe better create a thread specifically for dating app Icks since I keep clogging up the Ick thread with mine 😆 A hard pass… btw I’m 38, not 40-48. He must not be able to count or read….
  10. LaBlonde

    Dating after lockdown #32 IM GOOD BEING PURE DRY (on a big jeep yatch)

    title was brought to us by @BoogleC and i’m sure we are all forever grateful for this absolute poetry: may we all hope and aim for cracking guy fun on a super fit big jeep yatch. HOME AND BIG HEART. sending love to @Clementine and @Thank(space)you - whose men are not invited to the yatch. in...
  11. A

    Dating a singer?

    I would love to ask your advice on something. I saw a band on tv and thought the singer was really cute. They are not super famous but they are getting more famous these days (they have around 50.000 followers on instagram). So I followed him on instagram and replied to a instastory of him...
  12. MsCurly

    Dating after lockdown #31 More ghosts than a cemetery!

    Thread title by @sleepflowers Phew, the last thread has flown by! To the readers, posters, and silent lurkers of the thread: I hope you all have a hot girl summer and get to live your best lives this summer! ❤🧡💛💚💙💜 The previous thread can be found here...
  13. Thank(space)you

    Dating after lockdown #30 WHY ARE MEN SO BORING

    Previous thread here: Congrats to @sleepflowers for the thread title suggestion If anyone wants to recap, feel free 😊
  14. MsCurly

    Dating after lockdown #29 Dating advice from June (87) "Don't"

    Another thread has flown by! This thread title is brought to you by @Rayne and suggested by @LaBlonde --- I ran out of time for the full introduction, so here goes: Another thread has flown by! This thread title is brought to you by @Rayne and suggested by @LaBlonde Honourable mention...
  15. MsCurly

    Dating after lockdown #28 It’s not you, it’s dating.

    Half a league, half a league, Half a league onward, All in the valley of Dating Rode the six hundred. “Forward, the Light Brigade! Charge for the guns!” he said. Into the valley of Dating Rode the six hundred. I think Lord Tennyson best describes what modern dating is like in "Charge of...
  16. LaBlonde

    Dating after lockdown #27 Being on Tinder to find a man of value is like looking in the bin for a Rolex

    once more unto the breach ladies (“the breach” in this scenario being online dating, obvs) thread title from our amazing mozz (@mozzarellagirl) with 11 votes, though an honourable mention to @EddyDarling and “all I want is a fancy hotel bar booze up and a dicking down” because, gosh, isn’t that...
  17. childofthe70s

    Asexual needing dating advice

    Hi folks. As my title says, I am asexual and never really dated anyone nor was I interested. I am very much the free spirit, and equally recently lost my mum so not in the space for wanting anything more than a friend or maybe companion to do things together we both enjoy. My only experiences...
  18. LaBlonde

    Dating after lockdown #26 What in the bad episode of Hollyoaks is going on?

    on we go ladies! sending lots of love to the last thread (and to @Jadejones9596 at the end there) - some men around who don’t even deserve the luxury of being thrown in the bin tbh. anyway just remember: winning title from the fabulous @Clementine and originally nominated by mozz however...
  19. Thank(space)you

    Dating after lockdown #25 the only thing high in his capabilities is his audacity...

    Winning title with 18 likes, written by @mozzarellagirl and nominated by @Clementine Previous thread here:
  20. Thank(space)you

    Dating after lockdown #24 they're participation trophies at best

    Thread title: words suggested by @LaBlonde and nominated by @Kimmylookatme Apologies if incorrect but only suggestion I found in my quick search Previous thread here:
  21. al255

    Dating after lockdown #23 Can you HTML though?

    New thread for our dating highs and lows. What a thread #22 was….!!! Congratulations to myself for the witty thread title, however it wouldn’t have been possible without @boomska sharing her story about that god awful human🫠 I wonder whar this thread has got in store for us. Hot gal single...
  22. MaryX82

    Dating…Where did it go wrong??

    Ok so I work a weekend job in a bar for extra cash.Been there around 4 months.I have been being flirty with a colleague firstly just saying hi.I visited him once in the week we hugged and talked a bit.He wanted my number.I said maybe the next time I see him.On saturday after I finished we got...
  23. LaBlonde

    Dating after lockdown #22 I want to break up, Cheese Boy.

    thanks to @MsCurly and her legend of a goddaughter for the thread title - may we all use her wisdom in future dealings with any Cheesy Boys who are not worthy of us! sadly the last thread confirmed many cheesy boys out there, of numerous varieties. know your worth ladies and know how fabulous...
  24. Clickbait

    Dating after lockdown #21 More red flags than Pamplona, we don’t wanna know about your boner.

    Congratulations to @TillyMiffin on the winning thread title. Bit of a mixed bag in the last thread, sadly the frustrations outweighed the successes, and some apathy has set in but there seems to be a lot more recognition of self worth and not putting up with subpar behaviour which can only be...
  25. Thank(space)you

    Dating after lockdown #20 I’m done. Too late to become a nun?

    Previous thread here: Well done to @unidentified for the winning title If someone could recap that would be fab, added the poll just for interest