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  1. Em_

    Poppy Adams #17 Her dating life is such a farce or is she lying through her Pythagorarse

    Thanks to @Furnessian for the thread title. Does anyone want to do a recap? She's so dull I can't think of anything to report apart from the fact that she's still a massive cunt.
  2. Thank(space)you

    Dating after lockdown #20 I’m done. Too late to become a nun?

    Previous thread here: Well done to @unidentified for the winning title If someone could recap that would be fab, added the poll just for interest
  3. S

    Dating your best friend's ex

    Would you do it? How would it make you feel if it happened to you?
  4. LaBlonde

    Dating after lockdown #19 Opened Tinder. Saw “👉🏻👌🏻 ?”. Closed Tinder.

    wining thread title by the lovely @MsCurly with 12 likes! previous thread here: as you were ladies! now, who’s got wine? 😉💙
  5. Thank(space)you

    Dating after lockdown #18 Show me your c*ck and I will block

    Winning title by @unidentified with 12 likes Previous thread here:
  6. Raymond Luxury-Yacht

    Dating after lockdown #17 Scraps on the apps, crumbs from the dumbs, making us sick with pics of dicks

    Previous thread here: New thread title by @Fledgling Psycho 👌🏻😂 Had to shorten it a tiny little bit! Here is to a better selection of men this time around! We’re also planning a Galentine’s day thing...
  7. Thank(space)you

    Dating after lockdown #16 it's slim pickings isn’t it ladies?

    Previous thread here: Title by @TillyMiffin
  8. iLoveNectarines

    Celebs Go Dating

    Is it trash? Yes! Do I still watch it? Absolutely! Is anyone else watching it this year? I liked the house concept of last year actually, think it should have stayed like that!
  9. Captainmouse

    Dating after lockdown #15 new year, new dates

    New thread carry on all old thread here
  10. PiesAndLattes

    Dating after lockdown #14 Santa, bring me a boyfriend. Hot and nice.

    Thanks @whathastheworldcometo 🎄 🎅 🎁 Keep up the festive love stories and hang some mistletoe around for the rest of us!
  11. Thank(space)you

    Dating after lockdown #13 Halloween the ghost(er)s favourite season 🎃

    Great thread title @Clickbait Previous thread here:
  12. Pocahontas

    Dating after lockdown #12 It’s all got a bit dark

    New thread, new start. Please don’t ruin your own thread with petty in-fighting. When advice is asked for and offered - take it for what it is, engage the humour button and don’t take it to heart.
  13. F

    Dating for over 50's

    I am 54 and divorced. I have become friends with a lovely guy. I am mad about him, but I think he just sees us just as good friends. I don't know how to progress this. I'm desperate to tell him how I feel, but too scared! He texts me a lot, and has just joined a weekly class that I go to. We...
  14. BunnyLebowski

    Dating after lockdown #11 My dating life…one bad decision!

    Hi Gang, welcome to the new thread. To old friends and newbies alike, much love and continued support 💕💕💕♥🍷🍷 mod edit: Please remember to report old thread to have it closed
  15. Clickbait

    Dating after lockdown #10 Morris dancing with red flags

    Double digits on the dating thread - the drama keeps coming thick and fast, but with some good news stories and some hilarity. Previous thread:
  16. ATV2021

    Dating after lockdown #9 Facebook. The bin juice of the dating world

    As you were my lovely ladies. Open the wine it's Saturday! Mod edit - previous thread:
  17. Captainmouse

    Dating after lockdown #8 Tinder, completed it!

    Carry on carrying on ladies congrats to @ComeForTheX StayForTheY for the thread title
  18. Clickbait

    Dating after lockdown #7 Keep your breadcrumbs, we are not pigeons!

    Congratulations to @whathastheworldcometo who just edged the thread title. Previous thread is here:
  19. Clickbait

    Dating after lockdown #6 Block him!

    Congratulations to @freaknasty on the new thread title. I really wanted to call it Dating after lockdown #6: is your sphincter pink or brown? after @square_spoon’s message but wasn’t sure it’d be allowed 😂
  20. Thank(space)you

    Dating after lockdown #5 The MANdemic

    Congrats on the thread title win @nobrains Just a side note, this is a thread to talk about our dating experiences, we aren't a man hating thread (there's a separate thread for that) but yes, there is a lot of bitching about men on this thread 😂 Previous thread here...
  21. Thank(space)you

    Dating after lockdown #4 The bar for men is so low it's in hell

    New thread! Well done @sleepflowers for the winning suggestion with 14 likes 🥳 Previous thread here:
  22. D_Wills

    Dating after lockdown #3 The constant disappointment of men

    New thread to carry on our woes! Thread title by our girl @alwayslurkin pretty much sums it up! As you were... 😁
  23. sleepflowers

    Dating in Lockdown #2 The audacity of men

    As you were! Mod edit - previous thread:
  24. realhousewivewannabe

    Dating after Lockdown

    Hi All so I avoided all dating apps etc during this time and I just do not know how I’m meant to meet someone with all this. I thought 2020 was going to be the year I go out all the time, holidays, hobbies, and then BoOm I find my Prince Charming. Instead I’ve sat at home for 4 months and...
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