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  1. TaylorMomsen

    Courtney Black #7 Courtney Black Le Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday

    Thanks to @megsmagoo for the thread title! Original was Courtney Black Le Twat but obv a little change due to Tattle's no swearing in the titles rule!
  2. TaylorMomsen

    Courtney Black #6 your dancing is whack, can’t hold down a man it’s because your a scam

    Thread #6 Most liked title from 28th December :) Continue about the horror bag here, too lazy to do a recap!
  3. TaylorMomsen

    Courtney Black #5 racist tweets, not very smarty, had to pay people to come to her party

    Thanks @whosthatgirlitsjess for the thread title Let's continue here... To recap: Photoshopping her waist Looks like a 45 year old cougar desperately trying to look 25, not an actual 25 year old Racist and fatphobic tweets have resurfaced from her She's an absolute bed trying blag free shit in...
  4. Wifo1976

    Courtney Black #4 Yet again telling a fib, we all know you’re a sticky rib

    Thanks @Winskey for the title, an outright winner! As you were, Warriors😜
  5. Wifo1976

    Courtney Black #3 thread number three, how’s your knees?

    Thanks to @guccigang for the thread title 😆 As you were, warriors!
  6. D

    Courtney Black #2 fillers have cracked, hardly any calories to track

    New thread guys. Thanks to @so_u_thinkimskinnyyy for the name 🤣 Is anyone willing to do a recap of the last thread?
  7. Shugsyshalone

    Courtney Black

    Anyone following her home workouts still? They’ve done me a world of good during this lockdown!
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