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Clare Victoria Balding (born 29 January 1971) is an English broadcaster, journalist, and author. She currently presents for BBC Sport, Channel 4, BT Sport, is the current president of the RFL and formerly presented the religious programme Good Morning Sunday on BBC Radio 2.

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  1. lodgequeen

    Claire Balding #8 Gifting influencers products,Claire ? The very thing you slagged others about for years

    Thanks to @Get off my chest for the thread title, I had to adjust slightly to fit. As you were, team.
  2. #obsssessed

    Claire Balding #7 I like to moan into my phone!!

    @dddddddddddd this was your suggestion x Anyone want to recap? Not much going on except renovating her new house 🙄
  3. Ryan80

    Claire Balding #6 Even Covid couldn't put up with her

    New thread title courtesy of @Skinner
  4. Yel

    Claire Balding #5

    Please keep this about the influencer, if you want to talk about covid there's a plethora of threads in offtopic
  5. Wellthisisafirst

    Claire Balding #3 Patreon! havin a laugh. ppl paying to listen to you and Ian pissed in your gaf

    Third thread on Claire Balding (chief Covid inspector). Full thread by storminagcup. Patreon! You're having a laugh. You want people to pay to listen to you and Ian getting pissed in your gaff! (Badly shortened to fit the title length!) Recap on last thread • Claire has appointed herself...
  6. P

    Claire Balding #2 Insta rants & kitchen reno, can't stay away from the cans with lano

    Second thread on Claire Balding
  7. Kissmeimirish

    Claire Balding

    Irish Instagrammer/influencer, hairdresser in training. Previously lost all of her hair but has regained 80% back.