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  1. mumz

    CJ #6 At this point CJ & her house need a priest

    Title credit to @littlemisslegend Recap mostly credit to @My2pWorth with a little bit of randomness from others Still a druggy, Still a dog abuser, Still a benefit cheat, Council caught her out for bedroom tax, Keeps begging gifts because shes on UC sanctions, Posts weed to her 'mates' via...
  2. Ginge89

    CJ #5

    Thread Number 5 link to previous thread below. Thanks littlemisslegend for the short but sweet thread title. Can someone give a detailed recap! https://tattle.life/threads/cj-4-now-has-a-bed-because-shes-a-beg-scammed-the-pdsa-and-her-dentures-continue-to-decay.27541/[/ 😏😏😏😏😏😏
  3. Ginge89

    CJ #4 Now has a bed because she's a beg. Scammed the PDSA and her dentures continue to decay.

    Well done My2pworth for the winning thread suggestion. Who wants to do a recap! ❤️
  4. mumz

    CJ #3 Scammer, Druggie, Abuser, Exposed on Tattle, now a Loser

    So many user names, which change all the times Freebird1955 was absolutleybloodylovely whtintheuniversalcrdtisthis was no1smithywarrior Arleybarley YESTHEN was bthebestfucktherest cjsawarenessarmy arleybarley2021 and probably a few more accounts she has tons of FB accounts too What everyone...
  5. N

    CJ #2 Abuser of Dogs, Children, Drugs, Welfare and Vulnerable People

    New thread for cj I don’t know if this is connected but I watched a tik tok of Trudy crying as her and another tik toker have been accused of bullying an 18 year old. I don’t know how old cj’s son (Jesse) is but I’m thinking cj has turned her back on Trudy and Kate, ( after all the drama on...
  6. B

    Cj aka smithy’s no1 fan

    Starting this thread for cj she has multiple accounts on tik tok shes beggy cruel to animals a smithy cult warrior sounds like she smokes 80 fags a day and she’s an attention seeking drama queen
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