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  1. cheesesavouryqueen

    CJ #10 had a fella but he dumped her for some Stella. Now she's gonna cry cos her fanny is still dry

    Slightly edited new thread title goes to @My2pWorth 😂😂 I think a special mention needs to go to @mad05 who had the top comment on the previous thread with this belter 😂😂😂 I scrolled into her live last night and she was sat in the dark but I just can’t listen to her death rattle so left...
  2. H

    CJ #9 Don’t lend her any money she doesn’t pay it back ! Abuses her dogs, dentures still covered in plaque!

    New thread for stinkerbell, feel free to do a recap if not I’ll attempt one lol 👍🏼
  3. My2pWorth

    CJ #8 Drug den, too many men, abuser, looser, beggy misuser

    Thank you to @mumz for the most liked thread title 👏 I think we will use the other great thread suggestion from @Hadtogetinvolved as a recap ... garden full of trash, still begging for cash taxis are funded by her stinking gash.
  4. mumz

    CJ #7 The Rat In The Hat, Man Letcherer, Clout Chaser & All Around Beg

    The title is a collab between @Hadtogetinvolved and @littlemisslegend Recap Dog abuser Child abuser Clout chaser Dirty flirt Beggar Lives in a pig sty Fake charity fundraiser Flits from bloke to bloke Gurning champion Can't go to or travel to work due to anxiety But can travel all over the...
  5. mumz

    CJ #6 At this point CJ & her house need a priest

    Title credit to @littlemisslegend Recap mostly credit to @My2pWorth with a little bit of randomness from others Still a druggy, Still a dog abuser, Still a benefit cheat, Council caught her out for bedroom tax, Keeps begging gifts because shes on UC sanctions, Posts weed to her 'mates' via...
  6. Ginge89

    CJ #5

    Thread Number 5 link to previous thread below. Thanks littlemisslegend for the short but sweet thread title. Can someone give a detailed recap! https://tattle.life/threads/cj-4-now-has-a-bed-because-shes-a-beg-scammed-the-pdsa-and-her-dentures-continue-to-decay.27541/[/ 😏😏😏😏😏😏
  7. Ginge89

    CJ #4 Now has a bed because she's a beg. Scammed the PDSA and her dentures continue to decay.

    Well done My2pworth for the winning thread suggestion. Who wants to do a recap! ❤️
  8. mumz

    CJ #3 Scammer, Druggie, Abuser, Exposed on Tattle, now a Loser

    So many user names, which change all the times Freebird1955 was absolutleybloodylovely whtintheuniversalcrdtisthis was no1smithywarrior Arleybarley YESTHEN was bthebestfucktherest cjsawarenessarmy arleybarley2021 and probably a few more accounts she has tons of FB accounts too What everyone...
  9. N

    CJ #2 Abuser of Dogs, Children, Drugs, Welfare and Vulnerable People

    New thread for cj I don’t know if this is connected but I watched a tik tok of Trudy crying as her and another tik toker have been accused of bullying an 18 year old. I don’t know how old cj’s son (Jesse) is but I’m thinking cj has turned her back on Trudy and Kate, ( after all the drama on...
  10. B

    Cj aka smithy’s no1 fan

    Starting this thread for cj she has multiple accounts on tik tok shes beggy cruel to animals a smithy cult warrior sounds like she smokes 80 fags a day and she’s an attention seeking drama queen