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  • Welcome to the Wiki Page of Sophie and Dave Brown, the worst scammers in the Youtube Town.....

    Sophie: Soaf, 'Ol Owl Eyes, Princess Owl Eyes, SophieBellendBrown, Princess Discharge, Princess Vagasaurus, Hedwig, The Dressing Browns, Begging Bowl Browns, Fiona, Ratbag, Lumpy, The Excommunicated Amish shepherdess, The Blinking Beard
    Dave: Oaf, Loaf, Slave, Shrek, FatMan Protein Scoop, Fatty Potter, Lardy, Delusional Dave, Fish Lips, Hey Fatty Boom Boom (from an acting job HE chose to do!), Dr Dave Do-little,
    Barney: "Blanket" (after the Michael Jackson balcony incident at the Trafford Centre), Max Branning, Barney Bear, Banners
    Chip: Lardo the BlunderDog, worlds worst dog, Golden Beast, Chop

    Once upon a time, there was a owl eyed princess called Sophie, who started a YouTube channel called SophieBelle back in February 2013. Her channel consisted of primark hauls, tag videos and Q&A's and mostly, she presented as this squeaky clean, perfect princess who often would touch her hair and birds would sing. Also in 2013, a self proclaimed handsome Oaf named Dave who also started a YouTube channel called Davedoesweightloss (here is his 'inspiring story' and his is now double the size...)
    and it was during this time that these two decided to meet up, and fell madly, deeply in love. The owl eyed princess was studying to be a teacher and decided to not be a wise owl and used her student loan to pay for a trip to Disney World for her and her Oaf.

    The two have moved around several times since the start of their channel. They initially lived in a flat in London, then moved back in with their parents as Dave got a touring acting role, then moved to Basingstoke into a house, got pregnant, then moved back with their parents and then have since settled at the Beige Bungalow in Cheshire.

    The owl eyed princess, being the cunning scammer she is known for today, decided to pretend to 'book a Disney World holiday for Dave's 30th' back in 2017. So once again, they scrimped and they saved and they went back to Disney World. Now, they realised that these videos did very well on the YouTube and so decided to leave their own channels behind (both of which now only 1 video between them) and have a joint channel called Sophie and Dave. This would document their incredible love story..... However, as with many fairytales, real life got in the way and they found that like many, regular folk, they couldn't afford to keep going back to Disney World without good jobs. So they decided to scam their regular viewers by releasing a pin! They had just bought a cute new puppy and thought, who wouldn't want a pin of their dog with some Minnie ears on! And so, their scamming ways began. Their fellow scams helped pay for their wedding, honeymoon and let's not forget, their home, furniture and £1,500 loaf sofa. More of that further down the Wiki page....

    Now, 2020 brought into the world a beautiful red headed prince called Barney who is the most beautiful little boy anyone could have dreamed of, except for our Soaf and Dave of course. Barney continues to be an afterthought of their life, has hardly any toys or clothing items and gets pushed aside for the worlds most poorly trained dog. - Side note despite Soaf and Dave claiming people 'troll them' Tattlers ADORE Barney and want nothing but the best for him.

    So 7 years later from their channel creations, Dave is still not losing weight, Sophiebelle has not been resurrected from the dead as promised months ago and we continue to watch the shit show that is, SOPHIE AND DAVE.

    Sophie & Dave's "Work" History - more to be added
    Sophie completed some teacher training qualification but didn't put it to use and didn't become a teacher. Although at every opportunity, she likes to tell people she 'used to be a teacher'. However given he fact her maternal skills are questionable at best, it's probably best that none of the UK's child had to experience her as their teacher. No child deserves to see those owl eyes in real life!

    Dave is a "trained actor" and did a performing arts degree. Dave has worked in various roles and did actually get a couple of theatre based roles at various points.

    Sophie has worked in a variety of very low skilled, low paid jobs and appears to have gone from one job to another to another. She famously was rejected from a Disney Store job despite telling everyone she had nailed the interview. Sophie also worked as an agency worked in London and on Twitter, complained about once having to work over 40 hours. Poor little lamb!

    "Full time YouTubers" on the SAD Channel
    Despite quitting their jobs to ‘pursue YouTube full time’ at the beginning of the 2020 pandemic, Soaf and Daves understanding of full time is questionable. Initially hey promised to upload MONDAY-FRIDAY AT 6PM.... except they didn’t. They regularly miss Vlogs without any explanation, pull constant sickies or make pathetic excuses to miss an upload. They also don’t produce ‘content’ and instead literally just take a camera and record their extremely miserable existence. So basically, they ‘work’ less than an hour between them each week and still can’t even manage that.

    In June 2021 they announced that they were changing their schedule to "every other day" but they have already got confused and missed uploads on this revised schedule. After the embarrassing shambles that was Legoland, they asked their viewers would they prefer every other day or 'Monday, Wednesday and Friday' and the majority chose every other day. Did Sophie and Dave listen?! Did they hell. They continue to upload whenever it suits them yet claims this is their full time employment.

    'We vlog everyday at 6pm' - Didn't stick to it.
    'We vlog every week day at 6pm' - Didn't stick to it.
    'We vlog every other day at 6pm' - Didn't stick to it. (This one didn't even last a week hahaha)
    'We are now going to vlog every Monday, Wednesday and Friday...' - Allegedly. (Update 14/7/21 - They failed to even managed 2 weeks to upload 3 x per week. Basically they are completely job shy idiots.)

    Week Commencing 26/7/21 - Soaf and Dave randomly missed a Monday upload, uploaded on a Tuesday and Thursday that week without any explanation at all which only further confused the poor flamily.

    So say they have 3 x 10 minutes videos per week. An hour max to edit out them dropping Barney or anything else they don't want to show the public so that's;

    3 x 10minutes = 30 minutes
    3 x 1 hour to edit = 3 hours

    3 hours and 30 minutes 'work' per week. For two grown ass adults.

    They don't make specific content, they literally just film their mundane lives as they go so they get no extra time to 'create' content. So for their YouTube, that's 3 hours and 30 minutes.

    That's not even 1 x morning shift per week at Tesco, that isn't even 1 x half shift at the NHS, that isn't even 1 x half day at the Local Authority, that isn't even 1 x half day in retail PER WEEK.

    Great work ethic guys. What do you do for the other 164.50 hours EACH per week?!?!?!?!?!?!!

    Dave made a reel about being weird for not having a 'typical 9-5 job' but people were quick to point out the man doesn't have a shred of a job whatsoever. Whenever Soaf is off sick (which is usual in the germ ridden Brown house) Does Dave pick up the slack and do the editing/vlogging? Errr no.

    Update Sep 2021 - They are very rarely uploading 3 times per week.


    SAD earn money in the following ways at present;
    - Youtube revenue
    - Ad Money
    - Affiliate links
    - Pin sales. (There have now been 3 pin sales each earning the couple over £10,000 a time.)

    In March 2020, at the start of a global pandemic (when many people were worrying how they were going to pay their bills as they had been furloughed etc), Sophie and Dave decided to go full time with their YouTube 'career'. This coicindentally coincided with the birth of their first son Barney.

    When many viewers began to question how an earth they could both afford to not work with a new baby, a new private rented home and constant hauls of new purchases, Sophie and Dave decided to do a Q&A and decided to throw in a question about their earnings.

    When asked how much they make on YouTube in the following video, Sophie said 'since going full time it sits between £2k-£3k per month.'
    Q&A November 2020 - How much do we make on YouTube

    As of July 2021, Soaf has been hinting that she is 'working on a secret project'. We suspect it's another money making scam!

    Merch / Pin Sale Scams
    Back in 2018, Sophie and Dave decided they wanted to go back to Disney World and realising they both worked in low paid jobs decided the only way they were going to afford a wedding and Disney honeymoon was to make 'merch'. Thus came the release of their first pin, a chip pin with Minnie ears. Despite not collecting pins themselves, they decide to exploit their ‘flamily’ and sell the pins. They quite unashamedly admitted the money made from pin sales was paying for their Disney vacation and wedding/honeymoon. Initially they were charging £10 per pin + £5 postage DESPITE only posting the pins second class and clearly using a very cheap website to create the pins.

    Following the success of this pin sale and after quitting their jobs after finding out they were pregnant and leaving their fully furnished home to move back in with Sophies Mum without any plans and without any savings in place, they decided to exploit a Pregnancy loss charity, Tommys and 'create' and NHS pin which was a rainbow with chip and use the lure of 'raising money for a charity' to sell their pin. All they did was add extra cost to the price of the pin and postage and didn't actually raise any money themselves.

    They also posted teary-eyed YouTube videos basically stating their were homeless and had nothing for their baby as a way to encourage people to buy the pin and support them. They started doing live ‘fundraisers for themselves’ in which viewers sent them actual money......during a global pandemic when many people were working on the front line. How disgusting and greedy can you get!

    Unfortunately, the flamily fell hook, line and sinker for it and this pin sale made them over £10,000 and 'raised' £900 for Tommys. However, Sophie and Dave were called out as they continually delayed the payment to Tommys, kept trying to not show the actual donation and eventually after many comments did eventually post the donation.

    So despite actively planning to have a baby, deciding to leave their rented house, quit their jobs and move in with Sophies Mum, they didn't quite seem to understand that these things cost money. Despite using a baby loss charity to make themselves £10,000 and despite claiming to be poor and homeless, it wasn't a matter of time until Sophie began to brag and show off all her new home purchases and showing off their brand new rented bungalow complete with brand new everything.

    It is also worth mentioning that months and months after selling out of 'barney the dinosaur pins', they mysteriously found some extras to sell. At the same time, international buyers came forward and said that theirs never turned up. Sophie never responded to these claims.

    Soaf has announced that she is in the process of 'creating' something but 'isn't ready to share it yet'. There is much speculation as to what this is - could it be a guide book to Disney? Minnie ears? Another pin! She seems to keep hinting that it's to do with her time as a cast member at WDW!?

    As the great @Donald73 said ''I would love to offer help with the advertising for the ears please, just because I am a helpful sort.

    Disney ears for sale. Made in a sweatshop in China Handmade by Sophie and packed greedily and when we can be bothered by myself and Dave! Dave is volunteering his flubbery lips to lick the stamps valuable acting time to help! Items come from a home which we let our dog have the run of so your Disneyfied fake ears WILL come with a generous sprinkle of hair and we may even let him chew them for a bit too is pet-free and filthy, absolutely HONKING! clean. Shipping will be immediate but by immediate I mean if you’re outside the UK you’re not getting them even after paying and even U.K. buyers will get them only after I’ve found them in my boot. We love helping charities like Tommy’s however the wonga made from sales wont be going to them don’t be silly it’s to line our pockets Let’s get Barney to Disney!! without us his parents getting off our arses and working ''

    Hope to have assisted SAD, I won’t take a filthy ears set as payment ta muchly!
    More Scams
    - Depop. Soaf sold items on DEPOP, claimed to have posted them yet they mysteriously ended up in the boot of her car..
    - Despite pleading poverty, within 12 months, Soaf was bragging about all the items they bought for their new rented home.... this brings us to THE LOAF.
    - The Loaf - Loaf is an expensive sofa/furniture store and very early on when Barney was born, Soaf obsessively tagged, talked about and kept hinting that she wanted a Loaf chair for ‘Barneys nursery’. Soaf planned to pass it down through generations of the Brown family and it was her ‘30th birthday gift’ despite constantly telling people it was for ‘Barney’. Clearly Soaf was trying to get one gifted and failed. They ended up spending over £1,500 on the chair which sits in Barneys nursery but Barney is barely allowed to look in its direction. It’s lumpy, so wide to accommodate Daves large arse and is a constant background for our ‘insta star’ Soaf.
    - Despite claiming poverty only a few months earlier, Soaf spent the first few months of her sons life constantly buying shit for herself and their home. From £100 a roll wallpaper, to expensive custom blinds....we could go on.
    - The Sun Controversy. Despite her ‘frugal wedding video’ appearing in The Sun, Soaf claimed she had no idea this was happening and even tagged them in her insta photo promoting it. Many people were disgusted due to the historical issues with The Sun, particularly in relation to Liverpool. Soaf as usual, played ignorant and innocent.
    - CENSORSHIP - Soaf is one of the worst on YouTube/insta for deleting comments. Even if they aren’t even negative, if they don’t portray the false image she wants, she deletes and blocks. This way, it hides what brands really need to see in terms of engagement. Another scam.
    - Going live on YouTube each week with ‘super chat’ turned on despite us knowing that they could have had this turned off! Expecting handouts from the ‘flamily’ during a worldwide pandemic.
    - Affiliate links despite not buying the items.
    - they cheated to win a cosmopolitan award by rigging the vote. They found out people could vote numerous times despite this not being in the official rules and they ended up beating actual amazing you tubers by scamming!
    -They ignore their fans who ask genuine questions and are nice to them.
    - They delete any “hate”.
    - weight loss journey scams (Dave does weight loss fails)!
    - Claimed they would give away nappies which were gifted to them before Barney was born because there was a shortage at that time but a tattler stated she never recevied them
    - Soaf and Dave will often delete videos that get little views or lots of comments such as 'welcome to the sick house' where everyone commented how they were always getting ill!. It doesn't give a true reflection as to the reality of their channel.
    - They now have Cameo! Absolute Scammers - -

    As pointed out by an excellent tattler, the name in the video they make the cameo for is 'Lauren'. Soafs younger sister is called Lauren and it turns out, she had recently had a birthday. So rather than JUST sending a private family moment to her younger sister for her birthday, they are using it as their AD for Cameo. Absolute scumbag SCAMMERS!!!!! And using Barney in the process. Of course.

    - They will often change the thumbnails of YouTube videos to trick people into thinking they have uploaded a new video when in fat they haven't, they usually do this when the views are extremely low. Which is more often than not these days hahaha

    Soaf appears to be the driving force behind getting ads using her Instagram account.
    Some recent highlights have included:
    - Talking about her vaginal discharge to promote a sanitary towel product
    - Cooking Spice/sachets (despite the fact they don't cook)
    - Razors
    - Primark Shrek Dog merch
    - Tesco (despite shopping at Aldi 99% of the time)
    - Beaverbrooks - The second engagement ring scandal
    - Energy drinks
    - hello fresh (despite never cooking a meal in her life other than packet pasta meals)
    - musclefood
    - GreenChef.
    - They made themselves look like right idiots when they tried to promote 3 x food prep companies all in a short period of time. Absolute mugs.

    COVID Controversy & Disregard for Lockdown Restrictions
    - Breaking Covid rules to move house and subsequently, half-arsed editing out the footage in the vlog. Back in 2020 when COVID was at it's peak, Soaf and Dave released a vlog of them moving house. In the Vlog Soaf announced 'all the family are coming round!' With her usual smug look on her face. Later in the vlog, it showed several family members (all of whom lived in 3/4 different homes and therefore were not in one household 'bubble' as per government guidelines) helping Soaf and Dave, put up curtains and generally piss about in the new home. They didn't adhere to any social distancing, they didn't wear masks and Soafs 3 year old nephew was even present.

    This was before lockdown had eased in England (23rd June 2020) and many people hadn't seen their family for months at this point. Keyworkers and especially NHS/Social Care/school staff/Retail staff etc were working in terrible, stressful conditions, often staying away from their loved ones to protect them from COVID. Vaccines HADN'T been developed at this stage and the world was a very scary place. People weren't able to see their families, they weren't able to be with their loved ones who were dying, cancer patients treatments began to be delayed, urgent operations cancelled etc.

    However, in usual Soaf and Dave fashion, they continued to be the ignorant and selfish pigs they usually are. This, however backfired.

    As you will see from the comments (which are still on the vlog), people were OUTRAGED. To this day, this has still impacted their views, subscribers and income as this has all deteriorated within the last year.....

    After this, Soaf and Dave decided to 'edit' the vlog and take parts out where Soafs family were shown however, they are still in the vlog and she clearly hasn't bothered to remove them entirely. Her sister is still shown laying on their bed. Wilf is still heard and Soafs Mum is still show in the video.

    Forced to address the 'drama' due to the 100 or so angry comments, they released a video called 'Let's talk' (which has since been deleted.) Soaf was not apologetic in anyway and explained that her family helped her move because SHE felt safer with family moving her, despite it being against the government rules and breaching all covid guidelines. She failed to realise any removal people would be in full PPE, worn masks and maintained social distancing and would have unlikely to have physically gone into their home. Given the fact they BARELY moved with any furniture, the property is a BUNGALOW and Dave is a wannabe Bodyllifter, that shouldn't have been an issue really. However, this was not the ONLY time Soaf and Dave broke covid rules.

    And ironically, Soaf didn't have an issue with 'delivery man coming into her home' a few months later to deliver her ugly, hideous Loaf chair......
    - When the infamous loaf was delivered, at the height of Covid, Soaf and Dave allowed 2 x unmasked strangers into their home and sons bedroom to deliver the chair. Mysteriously within days, Barney was very ill with a ‘chesty cough’ . Covid, which strangely didn’t even cross their mind, was never considered.
    - Attending her nephews birthday party at her sisters house during national lockdown. She denied this but we could see her reflection in the window of her mums photo on her Instagram page.

    Barney, also known as Blanket (please see Amish day out) is Sophie and Dave's baby boy.

    Since announcing the pregnancy Soaf had openly said she’d like a girl, shopping in vlogs she would always pick up the girlie pink clothes and shopping in Disney she would look at the princess dresses for their future baby.

    In the 20 week scan vlog she did a lead up of the old wives tales about how all of hers meant she would have a girl!? After the scan her face changed and it all went down from there, yes there was lockdowns but she showed no interest of baby clothes and things unless it was sent to her for free.

    If on the rare occasion she had something to show it would be pink with an affiliate link and now she proclaims that boys can wear pink (which they can, your baby your choice) however we wait and see if Soaf agrees with the same unisex dress code if they have a baby girl in the future.

    She also publicly said that she was grieving not being able to use the girl name she had picked out which upset a lot of people who had either miscarried or suffered with baby/infant loss and infertility trauma.

    - clickbaiting her breastfeeding "journey" with numerous vlog titles stating that her breastfeeding journey is ENDING
    - Barneys first word was clearly ‘Dadda’ and said this several times to his Dad however Soaf being the selfish pig that she is continually denies this was his first word
    - Before getting pregnant she would always talk about having a baby girl/ daughter and dream about taking her to Disney. She joked and said ‘knowing our luck we will have boys’
    - sees princess dresses in shops and says ‘maybe one day’
    - is doing barneys room up like an Instagram perfect nursery in all perfect pinks and pastels. She says this is ‘gender neutral’ but it’s secretly her dream little girls room she is projecting onto Barney.
    - never buys Barney new clothes or toys
    - expects everything to get gifted to her or bought for him from the ‘flamily’
    - takes Barney out for walks to get him to nap everyday.
    -Never does sensory activities with barney
    - blames covid for not being able to take Barney out or attend baby classes but she could have done online baby classes through zoom.
    - barneys first trip to the beach he was stuck inside his pram not allowed out to explore the sand or play.
    - Soaf and Dave like to exploit Barney however, these videos seem to not interest their subscribers with Barney related videos bringing in low views, low comments and less interaction. Oh but that doesn't stop our deserpate Debbies because what else do they have to exploit!?

    Here is an excellent post by @Hurrah54 show just what lengths they go to to exploit their baby boy

    Barneys mysterious constant cold / Antibioticsgate

    - It all started when Barney was VERY young, COVID was everywhere and these two were breaking covid rules constantly.
    - They had delivery drivers go into their house without masks to deliver the loaf and within days of that Barney was REALLY ill with a very bad chest infection.
    - For days/weeks they didn't even consider covid. No mention of it on their DAILY videos at the time, it was really really weird. Blamed on imaginary teeth and all sorts. Many people commented could it be covid? Eventually she made a comment like 'oh it isn't covid' but never explained how they had managed to test Barney or anything.
    - Then they said, Barney had an allergic reaction to 2 different antibiotics. Which is very rare.
    - They then took him for a chest X-ray (where she dropped him onto his head on a METAL FUCKING TABLE)
    - Then we heard literally nothing except that Barney has a 'fake cough' a 'teething cold' and then the excuse came that he was on antibiotics AGAIN at Legoland but they haven't mentioned it since?! He seemed fine days later in Scotland so??

    Could it be long covid? I mean Dave couldn't even do a covid test on HIMSELF correctly (he failed it and had to re-do it), could it be a dog allergy or what the hell is doing on with this baby? Surely Barney shouldn't be this ill if he's just home all the time?

    On 16/8/21, Soaf released ANOTHER video stating Barney was ill once again, this time with a sickness bug which led people to comment things such as...

    ''I'd get Barney tested for deficiencies, he's always not well''

    ''Get well soon, do you keep up with taking vitamin D , zinc and other vitamins, as a family you do all seem to get quite ill often. I had four children under 3 at one point and the children never got as ill. Look after yourself.''

    ''I’ve got a question about Barney and his ‘cold’ that he always seems to have. Have you had any tests for allergies or anything - could be dog fur? Just thought I’d ask as he always seems to be un well with his breathing it doesn’t seem normal to me. I’m sure you’d wish to be safe than sorry.Thank you''

    ''Perhaps Barney is allergic to Chip...... Honestly its not normal for a one year old to be sick as often as you claim considering he's home most of the time. You can even see all Chips hairs on Barneys clothes so that can't help the situation. I think making Barneys bedroom a dog free zone might be of benefit''

    Barney should have a pretty good solid immune system by now because;

    - Barney was breastfed for a pretty good amount of time.
    - He's been exposed to other people since birth. He's been round Nanna Ratbags since birth and at her house, there is another dog there AND Soafs brother and sister.
    - He's be going on cross county trips to Scotland and again, met lots of new people.
    - He's been on days out.
    - He's been to London.
    - He goes to soft play and music class weekly allegedly.
    - He often plays with his cousin Wilf and has been around theirs regularly.

    So the excuse of 'oh he's a covid baby and hasn't built and immune system' is such bollocks.

    This is why Barney is ill so constantly;

    - His parents own personal hygiene is questionable.
    - Their house is fucking state. Considering two adults who don't work a day in their lives can't seem to keep on top of their cleaning, is fucking mind-blowing. They are constantly in an absolute state. It doesn't make any sense. Barney is crawling around in that pit of a house. The floor is always dirty and that gets on his hands and in his mouth!!! GROSS. :sick: :sick: :sick: :sick: :sick:
    - They exposed Barney to covid left right and centre when he was a young baby but never got him tested so he could be dealing with the affect of long covid. Annnnd they continue to do so.
    - Chip licks and takes over every single space in that house so could be either a dog allergy or just the fucking fact that Chip licks his arse and then licks Barneys toys without Soaf or Dave thinking to wash them in-between. No space is sacred either from the dog. Makes me so angry!!!
    - He was recently in London, being fed off of uncleaned tables, dragged around on public transport and again, having his dummy dropped on the floor and given straight back to him without being washed or even rinsed.
    - They never put hand sanitiser on his hands or anything when out and before they shove meltypuffs in his hands.... which leads me to...
    - BARNEYS DIET. I'm sorry but he's one, He should not be on baby milk anymore. He not be using newborn bottles and he should be eating properly!!!! Not having meltyypuffs as a fucking starter to every single meal!!!!!!!!!!! Barney's never been fed food properly and when they do show what he eats, it's beige. and 99% of it ends up on the floor so he's not getting any nutrients he needs. I think they are still relying on formula to give him nutrients when he's now what 13 months old?!

    We know Soaf and Dave are incapable of feeding themselves properly so imagine the shit they are feeding Barney. No wonder he's always getting ill.

    - SHE NEVER DRESSES HIM IN WARM CLOTHING!!!! She'll be wrapped up in warm layers and he'll be in a fucking sleep suit and freezing cold and they wonder why he ends up with chesty colds. BECAUSE HE'S FUCKING FREEZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Barneys First holiday / Legoland Windsor Trip / Aka BABY DROP GATE
    BABY DROPPED DURING LIVE VIDEO - Here is the link to their live video which they streamed from their gifted hotel room. 10 minutes in, Soaf lowers Barney to the floor, he doesn't lift his hands in front of him to crawl, she doesn't look at what she's doing and drops him completely on his face. Now, whilst accidents do happen it's her first words following this which are disturbing 'Did you film that' to which Dave says 'Er Yeah'. At no point did they check Barney was okay.

    In one of the thumbnails for that trip, they photoshopped a coat onto their poorly baby (because they had forgotten his coat on holiday) and later they mentioned he was actually unwell during this trip and 'on antibiotics' allegedly...

    - Despite promising for months that they would film good content for their regular viewers, they continually let them down. After many months of false promises, people began to get fed up and the YouTube stats began to speak for themselves. However, Soaf and Dave managed to score a Gifted Stay at a luxury hotel in Windsor and promised amazing content. However, of course, they did not deliver. Their videos were TERRIBLE. They barely left the room except to eat, Dave spent hours walking around a car park and was that suspicious, security ended up speaking to him. They dropped Barney on his face LIVE on a video and then spent 3,5 hours at Legoland where Barney looked cold, ill and miserable the entire time. Soaf photoshopped a photo of her and Barney in a coat on the video thumbnail but a smart tattler realised the photo wasn't of their room, was a generic photo off trip advisors AND clearly they had forgotten Barneys coat for the trip despite it clearly showing it was going to rain for their trip.

    The flamily were not happy and Soaf and Dave had to do damage control over comments. This leads us to WOLFGATE.

    Scotland / The Wolves At the Door 🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺

    Following on from their epic fail of a Windsor/Legoland Trip, Soaf and Dave (with Barney) went up to see Daves family in Scotland. During this trip, Soaf and Dave went radio silent. The comments on the Legoland vlog were not good at all and even saw some so called Flamily members turn against them. 'Why go to Legoland if you're just going to stay in a hotel room.' 'You live in the UK so why weren't you prepared for rain' 'Such a long way for such a short day out' and of course, the top comment 'did you buy Barney anything' of course they didn't!!!!!!! So in usual Soaf and Dave fashion, they hid. They hid from social media, didn't upload a video as promised and it led to Soaf putting up an insta about 'taking some time to review boundaries'. Her usual shit behaviour when she's failed.

    Anyway....This then led to them uploading two Scotland Vlogs, which were actually better than their usual content. Barney looked clean, warm, in proper actual clothing (AND SOCKS!!!) and was clearly in awe of Daves Mum (Nanna Fran). Soaf continued to look like a excommunicated Amish shepherd in her floral dress and ugg boot combination and Dave tricked himself into thinking he was sooo super skinny in his skin tight t-shirts from 2017. Dave spent most of his time in Scotland obsessing over food, telling viewers he had to choose Mac and cheese AND garlic bread for his dinner because Soaf chose it and he would get annoyed if she had it and he didn't.....Daves Dad took them to Smyth toys to choose a toy for Barneys birthday and in usual beige fashion, Soaf chose and aesthetically pleasing grey elephant which looked about as much fun as herpes. Much like Soaf. Nanna Fran threw Barney a lovely first birthday party so at least he got to enjoy some sense of normality as no doubt his will be terrible thanks to this low life parents. Soaf was kind enough to feature 2 whole minutes of it in the vlog of that day. They collected Chip from Daves Dad, who really didn't look that pleased to see them, and in her usual fashion, Soaf showed more love to the dog in 5 minutes than she did to Barney during his entire life....

    On their return home, Soaf made another of her pathetic videos entitled 'I NEED TO SAY THIS / AN HONEST CHAT ABOUT PUTTING OUR LIFE ONLINE' which was just another one in a line of about 8 videos they have made in which they have not been honest about anything. Basically she blamed Legoland being shit because Barney was on 'antibiotics' and wasn't well. (Which led to questions of why did you even take him in the first place... oh yeah, because how could you selfish morons turn down a free gifted trip!!!!) and secondly then went onto some insane ted talk about having 'Wolves at the door' and that basically she had been making content for the wolves and not for all the lovely flamily members who support them (aka pay their bills by buying pins..) She then begged them to 'like, comment' which led to an outpouring of butt sucking comments from the dead dino club. However, did Soaf and Dave reply or like any of these comments in the 3 days that followed? Absolutely not. This pathetic vlog got 4k more views than Barneys first birthday party. If that doesn't tell you that their so called viewers don't care about their son, I don't know what will!

    One thing that is clear, is that Soaf and Dave delete comments, have Instagram so you can't reply so they actively come and read here. So Soaf and Dave, a little word from the wolves as one excellent tattler put.....@chunks58

    Wasn't the wolves who dropped Barney on his head and only worried about themselves.
    Wasn't the wolves that didn't bring a coat or a jacket but photoshopped one, pretending that you did.
    Wasn't the wolves that fed Barney fresh air for 2 1/2 mins with a bottle that for newborns.
    Wasnt the wolves that fed Barney facing forward and still doing it as the lazy lump was doing it again tonight.
    Wasn't the wolves that lay Barney flat in his buggy so he cant see fuck all.

    The Sproutfit
    The Sproutfit is a very hideous fetching dirty green coloured tracksuit set that Soph got Dave for Christmas (2020), presumably because she hates him and wants to make him look like an eejit. The Sproutfit is one of two outfits that Dave seemingly owns now. It was coined the sproutfit, as it a) looks like a sprout, and b) really highlights how very round Dave is.

    - Chip is a pedigree golden Labrador which the pair purchased despite not having a stable home situation at the time. Chip was bought from a Scottish breeder, Chip was being kept outside in a heated shed with his litter-mates.
    -Sophie and Dave appear to be very fond of him, but they don't seem to understand what this breed needs, he was purchased as a prop.
    -They refer to him as their "first son" and appear to prioritise him above their real son. Sophie is much more affectionate and natural with her dog than with her son.
    -Tattlers local to the area have sighted Dave walking Chip around the block on a very short route
    - Chip hasn't been trained and they let him get away with most things (including nipping, taking food from the table, jumping up, sitting on the loaf etc etc etc)
    - Chip Lost 22lb this year, only after being diagnosed with epilepsy and was actually taken on walks. Dave cites Chip as being his "fitness inspiration". Chip seems to have lost more weight than Dave.
    - Despite Chip being epileptic, Soaf would often have eucalyptus around the house, despite many people pointing out this can cause seizures in dogs. Soaf and Dave often appear pretty ignorant as to what could trigger an epileptic seizure in their dog.
    - In her instagram story in July 2021, Soaf said 'pulling chips tail' was one of Barneys favourite things to do which further evidences that lack of boundaries that they put in place between their child and dog. Further evidence that it's only a matter of time before something dangerous happens.
    - They continually have neglected their dog but knowingly leaving food out, when they know he will eat it. E.g Chip has eaten 2 entire tubs of butter which they have left out, tin foil which had food in it and recently, smashed a glass jar of pesto and licked the glass. They constantly leave things out and then ignorantly play dumb. They blame Chips 'medication', have emergency and expensive trips to the vets and yet, seem to play the victim.

    Dave's "GEM" (Home Gym in the Garage)
    Th Gym is Dave’s one true passion. It was always his dream to have a home gym, and when they viewed the bungalow for the first time he knew it was fate. His heart began to flutter, it was true love at first sight. After moving in Dave devoted a lot of time to the gym and almost none of it was filmed. He painted the walls grey, got special mats for the floor and removed any rogue spiders. At the start Dave only had a sandbag and some dumbbells, so of course he couldn’t actually work out in gym at that point. Then his power bench arrived! It was a birthday present from his mum. But that was no good, he couldn’t work out with just a bench!
    At some point he got a massive squat cage, but don’t let that fool you - he needed weights! At long last the plates arrived! Loads of them, in different colours and weights. buuuuut he still didn’t have a bar, so he was reduced to smashing them into his face and doing flops push-ups, wall sits and throwing the sandbag around, all with terrible form.

    Now, finally, the bar has arrived and the gym is complete! Dave recently hit a personal best in some close approximation of an exercise and gets his workouts in whenever he can sneak away from Sophie for some manly alone time, most often after 11pm. Sophie has to knock if she wants to go in, to give Dave time to put his weights down and pull his shorts back up.

    If you follow Dave on Instagram you might see him enter contests to win even more gym equipment, because a gym is for life, not just for escaping your wife.

    The gym is often referred to on Tattle as the “gem” because that’s how Dave pronounces it.

    The Flamily 🦖🦕
    The word flamily came about randomly just before they released their first pin which was a labrador with the word "Flamily" on it. There's no real reason behind this word but the flamily is the name for their loyal fans who continue to support them despite everything.

    - Empty PO BOX
    - Christmas gifts which were left and not opened until later in the year
    - Gifts from flamily which are never seen again

    Daves Body Dysmoprhia - He thinks he looks skinnier than he actually does.
    Delusional Dave the so called bodybuilder really thinks he is rapidly losing weight, so much so that he decided to do a motivational ted talk style video on isntgram talking about motivation. Yes, the same man that hasn't stuck to anything since... er.....ever!!!! (The list below speaks for itself...) Dave has been on a weight loss journey apparently his entire life and NOTHING has worked for him. He has not been motivated by upcoming trips to WDW (Dave didn't fit on the Flight of Passage ride at WDW and was horrified BUT was in complete denial and blamed it on his 'large muscular calfs and not his obese body - as there was a restraint that goes around his stomach - - ). Not even his wedding or birth of his son could spur Dave on and so whilst Tattlers want to wish Dave the best with his weight loss, his fake motivation and obsession with bodybuilders speaks for itself. ALL TALK AND NO WEIGHT LOSS.

    However, the photo that he used as his miraculous before photo was actually just a very flattering angle with his son, yes... HIS SON, used as a prop to his 99% of his body. A tattler managed to find another photo from a different angle of the same day and well, let's just say the side by side comparison showed no difference.

    Dave is as delusional about his 'fitness' and 'weight loss' as it comes. He is addicted to monster energy drinks yet wants to spout fitness and health advice?! This is also the same man who refused to sign up to the local GP because he was afraid they would call him fat....

    This is the photo Dave claims to show him losing weight...

    But these are photos taken from the same EXACT trip.....

    The ever changing Insta bios
    Because they have so much time on their hands, they often like to update their insta bios with absolute nonsense such as;
    - dress enthusiast
    - floral dress enthusiast
    - Husky dad
    - Powerlifter (Dave added this to his bio one day after saying in a vlog that he had hired a coach, who is a powerlifter. Dave changed it to 'Wanna be Powerlifter' shortly after)
    - On a mission to lose 100 150lbs (the number gets higher everytime Dave gets heavier)!
    - Body positive!! (Except for the endless videos on how much she hates her body)
    - Tea enthusiast (Soph only drinks really milky PG tips)
    - Cheshire.
    - Mum of boys, when in reality she has ONE SON
    - Sharing mum life, home and comfy outfit inspo Wife to @Dave & owner of @littlehouseoftragic 💫 watch our vlogs here

    The never-ending clothing returns
    - Soaf likes to constantly order ‘pretty floral dresses’ ‘loungewear’ and ‘exercise outfits’ however she shows them, ads a swipe up affiliate link and they are never ever seen again so once again reinforcing the theory that she constantly returns things after using them for her social media

    The mystery of the Beige Bungalow
    After scamming people out of money, Soaf and Dave were then able to move out of her mummy’s house a few weeks before their baby was due to arrive. Despite not having jobs, having a large hairy dog and given the fact it was a global pandemic, they miraculously stumbled upon the perfect recently refurbished bungalow to move into. Speculation is that it belongs to someone in the family or near to the family and the mysterious ‘landlord’ who lets them do anything they want to the property, is actually a relative. It’s a mystery. Sadly we think they used the pin money to pay 6 months in rent upfront ... it’s very odd.

    The ‘Disney’ vlogger scam / Disney DESPERATION

    Next WDW trip - Feb 2022 They have just announced they have 'booked' a £5k-£6k stay in Feb 2022 at WDW Port Orleans Riverside staying in the Royal Rooms (so that they could get the $800 dining credit). They had originally booked to stay at Colorado Springs but amended their booking. Many Tattlers suspect this is a fake trip as how does two unemployed lazy layabouts afford a £5k trip?! As expected, Dave is already obsessing over food and neither seem to have any concept of the idea that they will be taking a baby with them.... let the shit show commence!!

    Soaf and Dave clearly enjoy going to Walt Disney World. And whilst there is nothing wrong with that, calling themselves Disney content creators really does make them a laughing stock within the Disney community.

    They have been to Disney together on 3 occasions but have only 'logged' two. One for Daves 30th and one for their honeymoon. Both times, they produced minimal pre Disney content, provide no informative videos and their packing videos were pretty shocking and mostly consisted of Dave getting 'big fat xxxxxxxl bundles off ebay' whilst Soaf paraded around in her 100 new Asos dresses. Their actual holiday content includes them pissing about in the airport, usually always almost missing their flight and usually has a scene of Dave always having a mysterious empty seat next to the mystery is does he book two seats or does the airline mark him as a wide load?

    Their actual Disney content is a mixed bag. Some wholesome nice moments, some sickly sweet moments and mostly Dave hanging around the kiddie pool (no joke) whilst Soaf has a nap. They then eat a beige assortment of junk food, tell each other how much they love each other and go on a few rides. Mostly Dave squishes Soaf on the rides but she pretends to be some petite little thing squashed up next to her handsome hunk. They never leave the parks. They never buy ANYTHING. They never do anything really interesting and end up not vlogging 50% of their trip. So yeah, not the best. They also never have any money for these trips and it's quite clear they cannot afford them. A highlight of the trip is always Dave in Walmart. If you know, you know.

    However, despite this, those videos are popular and bring in the most views so naturally these two scammers milk it and are so desperate to go back. The desperation shows CONSTANTLY and literally a day does not go by where they don't liken EVERYTHING to Disney. Oh my god it rained, just like at Disney. Oh my god there's a child, just like at Disney. Oh my god this Trafford Centre Toilet smells just like Disney (seriously, they said that) and it goes on and on and on. They are desperate for a gifted trip and so far haven't been gifted one. GOD HELP THE COMPANY THAT EVER GIFTS THESE TWO A TRIP.

    They claim to love Disney so much yet don't collect ANYTHING Disney aside from a couple of Disney mugs and DVDs. The irony is, they truly are a couple of Disney mugs!

    They were recently called out for constantly saying 'we want to go back' and 'Barney NEEDS to go to Disney'... Yes they EVEN used their baby son to try and get a free trip to Disney.... despite no one in the UK currently being able to travel to the USA due to Covid restrictions. However, a UK deal was recently released and comments appeared such as 'just book it then'. However, it was clear these two were just trying to get a free trip. They did, later on, reply to a comment alluding to the fact that 'something might be booked'. But who knows.

    They desperately try to cling on to any other Disney content creator and have met several fellow you tubers but never appear to actually remain friends with them. Jade and Matt, Knappily, Charlotte Ruff, Brogan, L&R dreaming to name but a few.....

    Soaf and Dave made an announcement in July 2021 that they had booked 2 weeks at WDW for Feb 2022, staying at Colorado Springs. Many comments on the video were ignored such as 'how does two people who don't work full time afford WDW??'. Once again, it's expected these two will scam people will another pin sale to pay for their trip.

    @Disneylifeonly made the following EXCELLENT prediction of just how their next trip is likely to go...

    ''Picture it

    Its 2022 and the travel day vlog has been released of s and d and b going to Disney

    We start with the pair of them checking out their hotel room for the night before, dave complains as he has had to sleep on the sofa and let Barney sleep in the bed because they forgot to let the hotel know they needed a cot and didn't pack a travel cot.

    They waddle to check in, Barney in a sleepsuit, dave in sproutfit and sliders and soaf in a floral dress that she is trying very hard to not get dirty to try and get away with returning it as soon as they're back from their holiday.

    Upon checking into the flight they realise they forgot to book somewhere for Barney to sit, and because soaf is such a Rockstat, dave says Barney will sit on his knee during the flight so soaf can get some much deserved sleep on the flight.

    They hunt down frankie and bennys in the airport and notice they only have an hour and a half until their flight, plenty of time for breakfast and snacks. Soaf orders eggs benedict, whilst dave merely orders toast and a fulll English for Barney, which dave states he will help Barney with.

    Their gate gets called, still time for snacks though! Fast forward and were in the queue at wh Smith with dave buying a mere 4 cans of monster for the flights, whilst not getting any snacks for his toddler or anything for him to play with on the plane.

    A tannoy goes off stating that Mr and Mrs brown must report to the gate now or the flight will leave, soaf and dave frantically run to the gate, daves moobs bouncing like an extra from Baywatch.
    They get on the plane and the flight attendant points out to dave that he must pay for an extra seat and he cannot fit properly into one and it would be unsafe for Barney to travel squished against the seat in front, dave complains saying the plane just isn't equipped to handle body builders and blames his muscular thighs.
    Cut to soaf and dave complaining that the flight attendants and other passengers were complaining that they held up the flight, saying how could they expect them to fly without snacks.
    Meanwhile soaf is sleeping, dave is watching brokeback mountain on the plane with a feeling of envy, and in their distracted States, Barney has wandered all around the plane, with flight attendants desperately trying to find what parents he belongs to.
    Dave finally realises and laughs and straps Barney into his seat, wondering if there would be a way to have Barney in a flat laying pram on the flight.

    Finally they arrive in Orlando, and soaf and save realise they have left their pushchair back at the airport in London.

    They go for the magical express only to find out that this perk has in fact been cancelled as a freebie for hotel guests, dave wanders around trying to find a taxi rank and his phone dies, just like in wallmart.

    Finally they get a taxi to animal kingdom lodge, and realise upon arrival and unpacking that neither of them have packed any clothes for Barney the entire trip.
    "Its fine" says Sophie "he can just go out in that sleepsuit"

    The end.''

    The competition with her sister Jess Ratbags
    Soaf has an older and much, much wealthier sister called Jess. Jess infamously broke covid rules to throw a party for her son Wilf. Jess has an Instagram called The Cheshire Home and often brags about her latest major purchase (such as a £5,000 play equipment for her children) or to brag about her perfect home birth with her hired and very expensive Doula. Jess is known as Ratbags as infamously for Wilfs 3rd birthday, Soaf gave Wilf a bag of toy rats and a monkey piñata for his birthday. Wow. Great gifts Soaf. Jess gave Soaf equally as bizarre birthday gifts which was a giant chocolate bar which said Sophie Sloth on it and some skincare which we think she got for free.

    Soaf and Jess appear to constantly one up each other. From breastfeeding, to their labours, to raising their children and currently Jess has just given birth to a beautiful brown haired baby girl. It's partly why we think Soaf is slowly unravelling.

    Soaf will occasionally talk about Jess but the fake smiles speak for themselves. She still hasn't shown any gifts etc for her new niece at all.

    A current list of their false promises
    - Mummy Monday's
    - Chloe Ting challenge
    - Walking for an hour a day
    - Waking up at 6am
    - The Sophie Belle channel videos
    - Soaf doing workouts as per her exercise mat photo on IG
    - Sunday tradition of writing her goals for for week (lasted one week)
    - Dave's 75 day diet challenge thing (last 2/3 days)
    - Uploading at 6pm Mon-Fri
    - Baby led weaning
    - 30 day push up challenge
    - Eating dinner at the table together as a family
    - Disney Friday's
    - Soph's breakfast smoothies with expensive collagen powder
    - Dave learning to drive (has been saying this since the vlogs started in 2017)
    - Musclefood plan
    - Sing to me Dave
    - Promising to upload every other day. Failed.
    - Promised good Legoland / Windsor content - failed.
    - Promised to reply to every comment (that Soaf and Dave begged for the flamily to leave) on this video - they even made an Instagram promising to reply to each comment. They liked a few comments, replied to about 2 and gave up. Another failure from these two.

    Who is Worse? Sophie or Dave?
    In June 2021 we had a poll to see who is more unlikeable. This is and continues to be a hot topic, as it is really difficult to choose who is a more detestable human being on the SAD Channel. In the end, Sophie won with 185 votes and Dave had 148.
    (10) Sophie and Dave #29 Champagne lifestyle, Irn Bru wages. | Tattle Life

    🎶 it's all for's all for's all for you....we did it all for you🎶🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺