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    Early Life & Background
    Rebecca Ellen Lamb is an "Influencer", Instagrammer and former YouTuber, born 16th September 1993 in or around Keighley, West Yorkshire.

    Her parents Jeff Lamb and Beverley Lamb, split sometime in Rebecca's early childhood and Jeff went on to marry another lady called Nicola, and had a further 2 children.

    Rebecca attended Bingley Grammar School where she was, by her own admission "one of the popular girls" who was named as "Prom Queen" the year she left school. It is not known how well Rebecca performed academically, but it is suspected that she didn't fare very well bar her drama GCSE for which she has confirmed she got an A Star.

    Following her departure from Bingley Grammar School, she went on to begin to study public services at Keighley College with the ambition of becoming a "police lady. " It is also believed she worked at Asda during this time.

    At some point in mid to late 2012 Rebecca began a relationship with Steven Walter Hobson. Steven was from a family who were considerably well off due to owning an engineering business in Bradford, which Steve had worked at since leaving school as a "general manager. "

    Steve was listed with companies house as a director of the family engineering business meaning he received a considerable salary due to being paid both salary and dividends.

    When they first met Rebecca was 18 and Steve was 27 or thereabouts.

    Less than a year after meeting Steven, Rebecca left her college course before completing it, and very shortly thereafter became pregnant in early 2013 with their son Alfie, who was born January 2014.

    Rebecca does not seem to have worked in a normal capacity since leaving her public services college course.

    Rebecca, Steven and Alfie lived in a beautiful home near Keighley, West Yorkshire with Rebecca becoming a stay at home mum.

    She began YouTube as a hobby around 2016.

    In Autumn 2017, Rebecca and Steve had a second son Woody.

    Around the time Woody was one, they made the decision to sell their home and move deep into the Yorkshire Dales, to the house now known as "the dungeon. "

    Despite Rebecca and Steve's claims this is their "forever home" the general consensus that this house is a clear downgrade from their former house.

    Following on from her failed audition on ‘Britain’s Got Talant’ (sic) Rebecca clearly felt that her ‘talant’ had been missed and subscribed to the StarNow website using a heavily filtered photo of her tits. (There’s not much call for a Michael Jackson lookalike nowadays.)



    Present Day
    Rebecca is living in the Yorkshire Dales with fiancé Steve and her two young sons, Alfie and Woody. Despite Steve being very adamant he didn’t want any more children..:


    Rebecca ‘unexpectedly’ fell pregnant and their daughter Roma was born in September 2022.

    She is also a Nu Skin representative apparently on Diamond Director levels. How much she ears from this is unknown; posters speculated she was earning around £6.5k. Rebecca implies that she is earning enough from Nu Skin to own a Porsche, a Range Rover, as well as going on a trip to Mauritius.

    Shortly after purchasing the dungeon and in Rebecca's words "putting everything they had (their savings) into it" Steve's dads company was sold and Steve’s job there finished.

    Steve seems to have - on the whole - not worked since his fathers business was sold, bar setting up a teeth whitening business, “Gryn” which only turned over £2000 at the last submission of accounts, but can often be seen from his Instagram Stories to be out and about driving through the Yorkshire Dales, leading to suspicion that he does have another job of some kind, or may be back working for his dad in some capacity.

    Despite their claims for 3 years that the dungeon was the Hobson family's "forever home" they have now decided, following the UKs exit from the EU that they now want to move to Spain "in a few months."

    The Rebecca Lamb thread uses many different nicknames for Rebecca, Steve and Rebecca’s family:

    Rebeggar, Beggy, Begga,: used for Rebecca as she takes all the freebies she can get, such as her friend’s jam, without even offering to pay.
    Dingle: Rebecca lives in a dilapidated old shack in the middle of nowhere (the dungeon) much like the dingle house on soap opera Emmerdale.
    Beggy Bogtrotter/Bogtrotter': Despite claiming repeatedly she eats supah helllfeehh to maintain the size 10 figure visible only in her head and the magic mirror, Beggy is partial to several cakes or an entire packet of biscuits in one sitting , much like the character Bruce Bogtrotter from the film Matilda. These calorific snacks can only be eaten by Rebecca (and Steve at a push) if Alfie or Woody would like one, the biscuit has been forcefully removed from them in the past or their hands slapped away.

    Steven Walter Hobson "Steve"
    Steve is the rich older man who Rebecca set her sights on when she was a teen and he was in his late twenties. He is Alfie and Woody's father. His nicknames have came about as follows.
    Beaver/Steaver - despite the fact Steve owns a teeth whitening company his own teeth are not the greatest advertising, in some ways resembling a beavers teeth.
    2 sausage Steven/2ss - Rebecca is not known for dishing out generous portions at meal times (this is more reserved for snack time when Alfie and Woody have gone to bed. During this time Rebecca can put away as much as a full bottle of Malibu, several twirls and a multi pack of donuts) Steve was served 2 small sausages as part of his sausage and mash supper. It was remarked that this was more akin to a child's portion and thus Steve's most enduring pet name "2 Sausage Steve" was born.


    Beverley Lamb
    Rebecca's Mother. Government name Beverley Lamb.
    Big Bad Bev - Beverley earned the nickname Big Bad Bev when it was noticed she had created a post on her Instagram calling out Tattle. A few erstwhile tattlers headed over there to explain their side of the story and their genuine reasons for not quite sharing Beverly's viewpoint that Rebecca was the most inspirational and lovely person to ever walk the earth. Beverley was not receptive to an open discussion on the topic, and was seen to be "giving it large" to anyone who had a suggestion as to how Rebecca could perhaps endear herself to the public a little more, famously telling one such person to "do one saddo".🤭

    Beaver Senior Beaver Senior is Steven Walters father. He is the only hard worker in the sorry mess that is Rebecca and Steve's life. He built up and ran an engineering business which employed (likely vastly under qualified) Steve from the time he left school with few GCSE's at 16. The Kildwick house and the never ending stream of cars in Rebecca's early vlogs wouldn't have been possible without Beaver Senior.

    Rebecca's Faux Pas & Scandals
    Rebecca’s Instagram and vlogging career is rocky; she has been caught out time and time again, here are some of the issues that have come to light over the years.

    - Tweets:
    Tattle discovered tweets posted by Steve in 2012, exposing Steve as a misogynistic racist pig. There are many more tweets of his, they are all still available on Twitter to view and also in a Tattle post.



    - PornHub:
    Rebecca was featured on PornHub; a fitness try-on video she uploaded where you could see the outline of her genitals was taken and uploaded in a ‘camel toe compilation’ on the pornographic website. When this was discussed on Tattle initially the video was removed only to be reuploaded. This was brought to the attention of Steve who did not care and said it was no worse than what you saw on the beach. The original fitness video where the images of Rebecca’s genitals were taken from was deleted. Some Tattlers have speculated that it was Rebecca and Steve themselves uploading this video to PH however this hasn’t been proven outright.



    - COVID denial:
    During the early stages of the 2019 Coronavirus pandemic and national lockdown Rebecca posted an Instagram story where she called Coronavirus ‘...a load of crap that the media were hyping up’. She has also shown herself to be breaking lockdown travel rules. Despite this Rebecca has had her COVID jab.

    - Treatment of her Animals/Pets:
    Rebecca has over the years had many animals, the two dogs Lola and Oscar, Tiger the kitten, and ‘the guuuurls’ aka the chickens, Suzie Peppa and Candy. Lola has now passed away. However Rebecca does not treat her animals correctly or with love. Both Lola and Oscar were left locked in the utility room, not allowed to roam the house and rarely seen on her Instagram - although she now shows Oscar on her Instagram stories it seems it took Lola’s passing for her to do so. She got Mabel as a replacement dog very soon after Lola passed away, in December of 2019.

    In an Instagram story she was once shown to be teasing Oscar - who was frightened of the sound of the hoover - by chasing him with it while it was turned on and jamming the hoover on his paws. Rebecca found this funny and laughed while doing so; she was called out for it but insisted it wasn’t animal abuse as she ’loves her dogs’.
    On 16th August 2020 both dogs ran away— this is because Rebecca lets both dogs roam free. The night before the dogs went missing Rebecca was out on a date night and so does not know when exactly the dogs went missing. Both Oscar and Mabel were found that same day.

    ‘The guuuurls’ AKA Suzie Peppa and Candy were an impulse purchase. In May 2020 Rebecca insisted she wanted chickens despite Steve refusing and a few days later the chickens arrived. She keeps her chickens in a tiny Pets at Home style coop, nowhere near big enough for them to roam, with a flimsy piece of chicken wire keeping them separate from the dogs (despite it being easy for the chickens to escape and the dogs to terrorise them). Although Rebecca shows us the white, suspiciously-Aldi-like eggs from ‘the gurls’ we have not seen the chickens in months or seen her collecting the eggs from the coop.
    During late 2020, early 2021 Defra banned domestic birds (including chickens) from being allowed outside because of an avian flu pandemic.
    Rebecca did not address this on any of her platforms until late on in the ban when she suggested they were now kept in the barn. She must have forgot she said this because a few weeks later she posted a picture of one of the chickens on her outside kitchen window ledge, thus breaking the Defra ban.

    Tiger the kitten is according to Rebecca a feral kitten, found by the stream and subsequently taken in by Rebecca in October of 2020. Tattlers questioned whether the kitten was feral as within a matter of days the kitten was using its litter tray, eating and sleeping well, and comfortably climbing all over Rebecca in the video she posted introducing Tiger to her viewers. Feral kittens tend not to cuddle up to humans as quickly as this kitten has as they are often terrified and often need some socialisation and coaxing before they feel comfortable around humans, so it seems Rebecca has either lied about Tiger's feral kitten status or inadvertently stolen a family pet.
    Less than a year after finding a ‘feral’ kitten and turning it into a Pet, Rebecca irresponsibility let her unspayed kitten out, only on the odd occasion though but enough for the poor kitten to get pregnant and Rebecca didn’t notice until the cat only had 2 weeks left.

    RIP Tiger: It took Beggy 10 weeks to announce that they had ‘lost’ Tiger, saying that a farmer found Tiger in his field. Ambiguous use of phrases left us all wondering if Tiger had been taken for a long drive as her disappearance would have coincided with MA’s (Roma) birth.


    Caught scrolling tattle
    Steve posted a photo of begs as 'revenge' where she is clearly scrolling a very familiar looking website

    - Treatment of her Kids:
    Rebecca allows Woody and Alfie to sleep on their mattresses on the floor. After being gifted a bed frame but not the slats did not buy the slats - to this day the boys still sleep on the floor.

    It has been speculated by Tattlers that Alfie has a developmental delay, this is not proven and is not a reflection of Rebecca as a parent, however what is proven is that Rebecca does not prioritise her children’s education and this IS a reflection of her parenting. When Alfie’s school wanted to chat to Rebecca about Alfie possibly needing speech therapy she refused to indulge it and implied they were fussing over nothing.
    Then, during the COVID-19 pandemic when Alfie should have been getting work set for him, she either did not homeschool him or set him the same (too easy) tasks as his younger brother.

    In a vlog uploaded to Rebecca’s YouTube channel documenting a family holiday (before Woody was born), there was a clear shot of a naked Alfie, private parts on show. This video was still available on YouTube as of 2020.

    luckily the boys have finally been bought proper beds, and no longer sleep on the floor but below is a photo of when Woody didn’t even a duvet 😩


    Here is also a photo from October 2019 of Rebecca holding the boys bedroom door shut as Woody who was 2 years old at the time kept getting up


    On 23rd February 2022 Rebecca added a story to her Instagram account posing in a mirror with what looks like an air rifle underneath her bed. If it is one it should, by law, be locked away when not in use.


    December 2022 and here’s Beggy in her £76 trainers (one pair of many she owns).


    And here are the boys’ in trainers that are falling apart and jeans that are too small.


    And poor Woody in shoes that were obviously far too big for his feet.


    - Matalan/Channel Mum Departure:
    In October 2020, Rebecca took on an instagram advert for Matalan. The premise of the advert was that the influencers kids "took over" the shopping trip and chose their parents outfits as well as their own. To film this advert, this involved taking the boys on a 70 mile, 2 hour round trip to the Nelson store in Lancashire, in October half term.

    It was pretty clear the boys were being directed what to do, and had been given a script and thus spending their half term working as unpaid actors.

    This was exacerbated for several reasons:

    • Woody had turned three several weeks earlier meaning that he now qualified for some free hours at a nursery. Despite any stimulation and development opportunities this would have provided for Woody, Rebecca said she wasn't going to take him as there "wasn't a nursery near enough to their house". It was then seen as rather hypocritical to be happy to take Woody on a 2 hour drive to line her own pockets but not happy to drive him 20 minutes to the nursery in Leyburn a couple of times a week.
    • Rebecca had made a "wishlist" of things she wanted to do in half term for/with the boys, from memory, the only thing that was done was a visit to a local tourist attraction called Forbidden Corner and the list was largely forgotten with the boys being left to fend for themselves and be babysat by a Casper halloween DVD for the majority of the holiday.
    Matalan had been inclusive and used families from this campaign from various different backgrounds. Upon the ad going live, several of Britains finest gammons commented on the advert that they were "happy to see a white family being used." This led to people commenting on the post across Matalans social media channels asking why they were using a family, where the head of the household had been proven to make racist comments in the past.




    Men also commented on a post on Matalan's facebook page, tagging their mates to ask if it was "that bird from PornHub" (see earlier in the thread to understand this reference)


    As these were Matalans social media channels, and not Rebecca's, she was unable to do her usual routine of block and delete when difficult questions were asked.

    Shortly after these comments started appearing, the matalan ad disappeared from both Matalans instagram grid and Rebecca's.

    What happened next is not exactly clear, but shortly after this, the Channel Mum e-mail address disappeared from Rebecca's instagram bio. Someone commented on her instagram asking if Channel Mum were still representing her and her response was "no I arent with Channel Mum no more" 😂 🤦‍♀️ 😫

    Until July 2021, the circumstances of Rebecca's departure from Channel Mum have never been discussed, the timing has led to the belief that the reason stemmed from the failure of, and controversy surrounding the Matalan ad.

    Rebecca posted to her IG grid the following post on 14th July 2021.

    The post basically alleged that Channel Mum had said she was "unsellable" due to the "level of trolling" she receives. It was thought that this was very unlikely to be true as in an age where Cyber Bullying is a hot topic, that a management company would have been happy with the exposure and earning potential that being involved in cyber bullying would bring.

    "In a world where you can be anything BE KIND" :sick: :sick: :sick: :sick:

    Rebecca is a big advocate for the "Be Kind" (or to be more accurate - don't point out where I've done something wrong or immoral) brigade which is popular amongst certain influencers.

    Despite Caroline Flacks family pleading with outsiders not to speculate - and confirming in a Channel 4 documentary that she had a lifelong history of similar behaviour upon relationship breakdowns, the paparazzi was hounding her and the CPS was making an example of her- according to Rebecca, she does in fact know better than anyone who personally knew Caroline Flack and has asserted to her followers on many occasions that Carolines tragic decision to take her own life was solely due to "online trolling." Rebecca likes to use this notion to emotionally blackmail people into not voicing a genuine opinion and to stifle free speech.

    Despite Rebecca taking such a strong stance on the "Be Kind" topic, it appears that Rebecca only believes that people must "be kind" to people such as herself who have chosen to make themselves a public business by becoming "influencers."

    There have been several instances through Rebecca's vlogging career which show her being very very unkind to totally innocent people, who haven't chosen to live out their days on social media, and are simply going about their lives when Rebecca chose to mock them to tens of thousands of her "flowers".

    To give just one example, Rebecca (who has largely never worked) saw fit during a 2018 visit to Spehhhhnn to mock an elderley lady with mobility difficulties. It is clear from the video that there was no pavement on that particular road, and cars were parked along the roadside so the poor lady had no option but to walk slightly in the centre. Rebecca was on holiday, she wasn't rushing to work and running late so for someone such as Rebecca who's alledgedly so concerned with "being kind" to broadcast a rant like this is rather shocking and seemingly gives an insight into what could be Rebecca's true personality.

    On a day where a popular reality tv star sadly had to announce that her healthy newborn baby had passed away, Rebecca being oblivious to the world outside of her own bubble, posted a photo of herself & bump yet again. A follower commented on her photo telling Rebecca to enjoy every moment and shared that sadly her own daughter had lost her baby boy just recently at the same number of weeks pregnant that Rebecca is & to make matters worse, it happened while they were holidaying in Greece. Rebecca’s response was ‘really sorry to hear that, but to be honest it’s not really something a pregnant lady wants to hear…’. Absolutely no sympathy for the poor woman or her daughter (screenshot of this exchange is below).

    Here she is again, showing her true Regina George colours complaining that people who were daring to enjoy a christmas market in her local town were "strange" and "weird."

    - Edited photos

    It’s pretty obvious Rebecca has a magic mirror or a gold membership on a Funtime app, she recently accidentally posted a reel of her unedited body which was ofcourse quickly deleted and then she uploaded the edited version, we see you hun we see you. #bodypositivity

    :sick: 😭 😭 😭 😭
    More recent insta vs reality posted by key Tattle contributor, Steve Hobson:​
    In Feb 2023 she treated everyone to this poor attempt at convincing herself she had lost weight. She had definitely lost her marbles and a whole ankle, but acquired warped wardrobe doors instead. 🙄
    Following on from this she did a rant about Tattle calling her out and claiming that trolls edit her images to make her look “fat”. No hun, that’s just you. You do that all by yourself. Nobody calls you ‘fat’ either.​

    Fast forward one week later and a genuine unedited photo appears during their trip to Tenerife.


    These photos were shared on her own stories literally one day apart. The mirror photo with her crop top & snatched waist included a caption about how proud she is of herself & how good she feels with the exercise she has been doing to get in shape. To clarify, this exercise was ONE PT session a week for just 4 weeks, all the while eating cakes, kebabs and all her usual fatty foods constantly.



    Most selfish parent award goes to...
    Another day being dragged around the shops for Alfie and Woody, whilst most of the nation was enjoying the hottest day of the year the poor boys were taken on the train to Leeds whilst once again wearing lost property clothes 😔 even poor woody had a JUMPER ON 🤯🤯🤯
    No surprise Rebecca showed off spending over £200 on herself and Steve but the poor boys were treat to ONE T-SHIRT again 🥲 when is this bitch gonna start putting her kids first?​

    August 2021: Rebecca responded to someone who suggested that she should get her children some shoes that fit them properly, instead of the oversized items that they are normally sporting. She replied with a torrent of abuse, outing the person's name to all her followers, so they could inbox the person with abuse on her behalf. She made fun of the fact that the person "only had 23 followers" and boasted that she herself had so many more.




    Tenerife 2021

    off they went to paradise, Alfie was taken out of school because who needs an education when you can learn to swim in a shallow pool and learn to count to 10 on Spainish (it’s Spanish Rebecca) 🥴 for 10 nights, they hired begged a buggy for their 4 and 7 year old, in a nutshell the holiday looked shit, the boys were continuously dressed in the same clothes as the day/evening before whilst Rebecca and Steve had fresh outfits on every day. Most evening they went to bar to drink cocktails whilst the boys were babysat by the iPad, not a kids disco in sight 😭 Rebecca done a lot of photoshopping and filtered on her tan.

    Steve posted a photo of him and saggy tits, with a lady who was topless on her private balcony on. As you can see in the post he pointed it out 🤢 many people reported it and the post was removed and he put a cropped version up with some sarcastic scummy comment about the ‘stunner’ the photo was reported to the hotel and the local police who apparently (aren’t) taking the matter seriously 😩😂




    Baby Number 3

    On February 1st Rebecca released a video revealing she was pregnant with baby no3, it is openly known that Steve didn’t want a third (should have put something on the end of it) and recently Rebecca said she had made peace with not having anymore children and was content with her boys however sometime last year Rebecca came off her contraception and started using natural cycles 🤥 and what ya know here we are we a “surprise” Pregnancy


    a picture of her photoshopped ‘12 week bump’


    Timeline of her pregnancy (so far)

    Expected due date before scan is 10th September 2022

    Jan 1st/2nd - tested
    Feb 2nd - around 9 weeks and said had midwife next week.
    8th Feb - 10 weeks
    13th Feb - 11 weeks
    17th Feb - said she was due 10th September which made her 10w+5days
    21st Feb - midwife app (2 weeks later than she originally said)
    22nd Feb - said around 12 weeks
    1st March - still around 12 weeks
    5th March - 12 week bump still

    Post pregnancy snap back

    Our begs posted a photo where she appeared to 'snap back' to the size 8 she never was, then a few days later trolled herself by posting her actual size in an undeclared ad


    And Christmas 2022 didn’t disappoint either.



    Rebecca has resorted to doing a number of Q&As to try and keep her engagement levels up although it is suspected she asks herself most of the questions.


    School Attendence

    Rebecca and Steve have a blatant disregard for their children's education and take them out of school numerous times during the academic year. Despite claiming to earn 'many thousands' and be 'very comfortable' they are still too cheap to fork out for trips during the school holidays.

    Rebecca claims that they learn so much more from their package holidays to Tenerife than they do in school. They learn to count to ten in 'Spainish' for example.

    She has admitted that the council fine her each time she takes them out of school but the fine is less than the saving she makes on the off peak travel.

    Running tally of days missed due to holidays for academic year 2022/2023:

    7 November 2022 - 11 November 2022

    10 sessions missed per child.

    2 December 2022 and 5 December 2022

    4 sessions missed per child.

    9 February 2022 and 10 February 2022

    4 sessions missed per child.

    Running total - 9 school days/18 sessions missed per child

    Culinary Disasters

    Rebecca considers herself a bit of a whizz in the kitchen but sadly she is less Nigella and more Salmonella because her cooking ‘skills’ leave a lot to be desired.



    Most of the food she ‘cooks’ looks anaemic, like it has been heated over a candle for five days. As to the portion sizes, it explains why they are forever snacking on crap food (she loves a daily mince pie with cream). She is still in the mindset of it being just her and Steve and has never increased the amount since having the children. The food is nearly always lacking in nutrients, balance, and flavour, and her general go-to is anything boiled in a slow cooker with gravy granules added towards the end.

    Her Christmas ‘spreads’ are legendary. (Never turn up to their house hungry!)

    Christmas 2022 she treated us to her attempt at baking. (The reindeers should have two antlers but two is one more than Rebecca can count.) 🥴

    How could anyone resist such beige, dry delicacies? 🎄


    Corned beef ‘hash’ apparently. (Hash being the operative word.)

    Beef stroganothanks










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