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  • Lydia Elise Millen-Gordon

    Lydia was born Lydia Elize (sic) Millen on 14th April 1988, near Watford, England, to Harvey Hamilton Millen (April 1961), a Special Projects Director at Edwin Millen Estates Ltd and Edwin Millen Build Ltd in Northampton, UK, and Anna (aka Sophia Emma) Sammut (or Sahhut) a former Beauty Consultant turned Sales Assistant at Tesco Waterfields. Harvey Millen later divorced and married Iranian Taraneh Farahi, a former Nail Technician and Beauty Therapist.​

    Lydia Millen is one of three siblings; an older brother, Vincent Miles Millen, and a younger step-sister, Alice Millen (b approx 2005). Vincent Millen is the Development Manager and Owner of Millen Homes Ltd, a company that specialises in luxury residential sustainable property development across London & the home counties. Vincent is married to Lucy Ann Millen, the Company Secretary.​

    Lydia was raised by her mother and grew up in Croxley Green (Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire WD3).​

    She claimed to be homeless at one stage and lived with her grandmother.
    She moved in with Ali and his family, which was when she had her breast augmentation.

    She married Alistair Keith Gordon (known to everyone as Ali) on December 19, 2017, on the 6th anniversary of their engagement.​


    Early Life

    Lydia achieved 3 GCSEs at school (her own admission). At 21 years old she enrolled as a mature student (without conventional qualifications) at the University of Northampton in 2009 to earn a BA in Retail Marketing. It is believed that she lived at home during this time.​
    Lydia spent her summers working in Ibiza night clubs. According to Millen, "Well my first year in Ibiza I believe it was 2008 and I worked as a barmaid in Plastik with a little bit of promotional modelling here and there. According to Millen, "In 2009 I worked for Taboo Lap dancing club selling laughing gas and earning an absolute MINT along side working for the Night SWANKYS @ Boho... We then went back in 2010 and I worked back at Taboo for the first half of the summer however laughing gas was then made illegal I was then asked to work for Eden Megaclub as one of their Parade girls which was by far the best job ever I basically got dressed up in fancy costumes and got drunk with an amazing group of girls and we were all really good friends, basically we were paid to party."​


    "I then did this again in 2011 although I was effectively assistant manager, i.e. when the boss had a heavy night and couldn’t come to work I took charge, in this year I also modeled for Ibiza Faces and Deva Models on jobs for the likes of HedKandi and Nike and also worked as a sales assistant in the Ibiza Rocks shop at the hotel. I went home with a fair bit of wedge that year."​


    The Young Years

    Lydia Millen has variously described herself as being homeless/living with her grandmother. The latter introduced her to skin care at an early age. She has also said she grew up with expensive cars, baby grand pianos, holidays in Florida andcskiing. The truth is bent to suit the narrative! It is clear she was affected by her parents' divorce, birth of her sister and living with her (poor) mother rather than her (rich) father.​

    She trained briefly to be a Beauty Therapist (likely inspired by her Iranian step-mother (4), a former beauty therapist) and later found a retail job at THE END Watford, an independent fashion store in the UK.(1) In October 2012, Millen started working as a Social Media & eCommerce Manager at UCLA clothing store, after working at the UCLA store in Watford Town Center.​

    She started blogging in 2012 while studying at the University of Northampton, in her 3rd year while doing her dissertation. She now conducts blogging services under the company name LEM ONLINE LTD (Company number 10147738) – incorporated on 26 April 2016.​

    In 2016, an advert for breast augmentation surgery featuring blogger Lydia Millen (and others) was banned after it was deemed irresponsible. The TV advertisement for various cosmetic surgery procedures was removed after the UK's advertising watchdog ruled that the advertisement was irresponsible because it directly appealed to young women and teenage girls.​

    In June 2021 Lydia announced she was chosen to be a Godmother to an undisclosed child. The outfit and ceremony were not captured for Tattlers.

    In 2020, after two years of developement, Lydia launched her Gló by Lydia Elise Millen (short: Globy) brand. The first and so far only product available is the so-called Gló Kit. The luxurious poor quality kit contains bespoke tanning equipment consisting of four items.​

    1 x tanning mitt
    1 x double ended applicator
    1 x double ended exfoliator
    1 x plastic vegan leather carry case

    The first 50 Gló Kits also included a bottle of St Tropez facial tanning mist.

    The launch on 25th June, 2020 was a fail. People didn't know what was actually in the kit (they were led to believe it included a tanning product) they were also shocked at the pricing (£50.00 GBP). The online shop's website was of no help in regards to answering questions about the contents of the kit, and it showed the price without the added VAT. This resulted in people being over-charged due to VAT, along with delivery charge errors and customer service was non existent.​

    Reviews of the products were devastating.​

    After the launch, Lydia hardly mentioned her product ever again. Around the time of the launch, she went to hairdresser Nicky Lazou (see paragraph VIII. #hairgate) and supposedly lost her temper.​

    Globy stock "sold out", according to Lidl, in March of 2021.​

    October 2022​
    Globy stock was spotted in the window of a shop in a Leeds shopping centre at the bargain price of £10 (Rrp £50). There were at least 35 units. Since then they have been spotted in outlets at Cheshire Oaks, Wembley etc.​


    Lydia - Lover Of The Arts
    As if the year 2020 wasn't already very busy for Lydia, she also launched an art collection, with local artist, Tony Thornton. The collection consists of three sets. One larger piece with a black frame, a medium sized piece with a sympathetic gold frame, and last but not least, two small pieces with a gilded frame for each other. Lydia has been so content with her collection, she totally forgot to promote it after the initial launch. For each set 100 issues were available - however, around Christmastime 2020, every set had still over 50 pieces in stock. The collection was so successful that Tony had to restock them in February of 2021, and no, there is no mistake in tempus or missing information. The collection never sold out, but had to be "restocked".​


    Body stats & Cosmetic procedures

    • Height:
      • Lydia's official version: 5'6'' (Google) to 5'7''
      • observed: 5'3'' to 5'6''
      • estimated: 5'3" #thepolldoesntlie
    • Waist: 23 inches (and cinching!)
    • Hair: dark brown (with red undertones); light brown (Google)
    • Eyes: blue (enhanced with an App); grey (Google)
    • Dress Size: UK 4/6 but constantly complains that items are too big and retailers don't go down to her size.
    • Weight: 56kg (Google) eats one meal a day where she is clearly ravenous.
    • Surgical procedures
      • over muscle breast implant 'bolt ons'
    • Cosmetic procedures
      • 3 point non surgical rhinoplasty by Dr Ayad Harb 'The Nose Guy', also known for balancing the face with chin fillers
      • botox
      • fillers (chin, cheeks, lips)
      • Some believe she's had a chin implant.

    The poll of truth

    Comparision to other beggars of the industry, Claire Chanelle states she is 5'6'' (she wears shorter heels than Lydia in this pic), Patrica Bright is officially 5'3'', Amelia Liana said she is 5'4'' (LOL). Suzie Bonaldi is 5'2''.​

    Elle Belle's Show and Tell - Is Lydia Bullshitting About Her Height?
    Yes, yes she is!

    1. I have the same Ulla Johnson and Zimmerman dresses as Lydia had, and they hit in a similar place above the knee. I'm 5ft 5" with a v. similar body shape to Lydia, hence why I was an avid follower. I've never had to have any of my dresses altered. If she was genuinely 5ft 7" as she's previously proclaimed, then I would have had to. Bullshit Land of the Giants, is where Lydia resides. In her head. Her stoopy head.

    2. She's way too evasive regarding her height, particularly since it's been questioned on here. In her recent KM shoot she stated she's '5ft something'. In the UK the average female height is 5ft 4", so if she's genuinely 5ft 7" this would be classed as taller. Comparably, Kate Moss and Cara Delevingne, both UK supermodels, are respectively 5ft 7" and 5ft 8". So why does she always appear to downplay her height?!

    3. She's, in the main, a fashion influencer. Ok was, the hell you say. We all know how she constantly hollas about being size 6 or smaller, so why not articulate her height?! This is basic information a customer would need to know in deciphering whether to purchase a piece or not (or whether to opt for a petite or taller version). On most websites, from Farfetch to Missguided, they state the model's full measurements, height included. Make it make sense Lydia.

    4. The constant need to stand on her tippy-toes and being shot from the ground upwards. Frontin' being taller. Even in doing so, she still appears like a dumpy ass gnome.

    5. Even when she's wearing heels, Ali appears to be an inch or so taller in all photos. In the one below for example, she's wearing 105mm Manolos.

    5ft 7" (Lydia's self-reported height) + 4" (heels) + 1" (height difference between Lydia and Ali) = 6ft.

    Ali "needle dick" Gordon 6ft???!!!!! LOL!


    6. As @Lola Faith has stated Lydia bullshits about everything. EVERYTHING!

    7. The poll does not lie, as @Miscanthus kindly reverts us back too. Democracy, fuck yeah! 5ft 7" get the fuck outta here Lydia.

    Silverstone July 2021, photos posted of Lidl with celebrities whose height is known inc Ronan Keating and Jake Humphrey. At this time it's suspected Ali wears lifts in his shoes.

    Lazy Lydia's Career Lowlights: the receipts


    1. Verbally abusing a nine-month pregnant hairdresser
    2. Launching an overpriced tanning mitt
    3. Placing a gifted PR Dior product under her Christmas tree as she considered it a present for herself
    4. Forgot to open and attend the Tod's bag launch
    5. ever expiring discount codes
    6. feeding guests potatoes jackets (maybe this is a personal lowlights)
    7. attending a GHD sponsored event with dirty hair
    8. uploading reels weeks after every other influencers have already uploaded. Carolina Herrera lipsticks is prime example
    9. vlogmas was novembermas/earlymas--filmed many weeks in advance
    10. the nonedible flower lynx
    11. Not doing proper swatches of beauty products. She just goes straight to her usual shades and the rest get shoved into clutters. Cawwweeee and deeee take free stuff from her dump piles. These products were sent to be shown to viewers and potential buyers, not for regifting to friends and family. Especially during this pandemic, we need to see the product in “real life” rather than seeing it on website.
    12. Depop—everything gets resold. The husband and dog need it more than her products.
    13. Not doing research on the products in advance. She doesn’t even know what she’s selling. She loves to talk, but only about herself while staring herself in the camera. If only she pretends the rest of the world is a camera, she might be a nice person.
    14. Boho yoga —> PT sessions. We only see the initiation of each of these “activities”. There’s no “after” product. She gave up halfway…
    15. Unable to pronounce the brand names and doesn't bother to learn....
    16. Does something so badly she never gets asked to do it again.. e.g. laundry and cooking
    17. Half heartedly trying something then calling in the 'experts' e.g. interior decoration and planting flower beds
    18. Announcing she doesn't like flowering plants because she's too lazy to look after all plants flower!
    19. Invisilign dental work failed as she was too lazy to keep up with the trays and fell 10 behind.
    20. Buying preloved Hermés bags but passing them off as new from store
    21. Ordering room service burger and chips instead of eating in restaurants.
    22. Advertising guns for Purdey
    23. Savoygate
    24. The booky wook "Evergreen"

    Notable people/pets in Lydia’s life

    The most important person in Lydia's life by far is Lydia. Also known as Lidl (after the cheap supermarket- see Ali), Silly moo moo, Pippiehead, Moley mole

    = Lydia
    She was referred to as Lydia Elsie Millen in a YouTube video and the nickname stuck.

    =Lydia as in the budget supermarket

    “My husband”
    Alistair Keith Gordon, born on 10th April 1989 (known to everyone as Ali) hardly ever referred to by his birth name. Affectionately named and sometimes referred to as the 'House Elf' and 'Aldi' after the cut price supermarket - see Lydia) by Tattlers

    = Ali as in the budget supermarket

    Carrie Grayson, born on 4th December 1989.
    Lydia’s best friend and self employed COO, she left ASOS to become Lydia’s right hand woman (and enabler). Advised Lidl to do the 'victim' video. Official Best Friend whose mantra is 'let it go'.

    “Mya Ssistant Dee”
    AKA “Depop Dee” as we lovingly refer to her. Dee joined Lydia’s team as PA to 'Lydia Millen herself' in 2020, main job is to post items on Depop and generally kiss Lydia’s arse. Currently on maternity leave Nov 2021. Never came back!

    Lydia’s long suffering handyman, but really, the last laugh is on him, he’s made a fortune repainting and decorating the Bunga! It's like the Forth Bridge....never finished!

    Cal Macbeth
    Worked for Lydia as a videographer after Ali became too busy/couldn't stand the stress. Never been mentioned again. Cawwie now edits the videos. 2021 he wished her happy birthday on Insta...she ignored it.

    Gorgeous George
    Took over when Cal left. A friend of Ali's. Didn't last long. Has his own instagram and clearly loves himself.

    Naked PR man (photo in Media)
    Christopher Charnley of Charnley Communications, Lydia's former PR company. Posed at Soho Farmhouse in the nude and posted it on SM. Sacked.

    Aka SSRP =
    Sage Sausage Roll Porter, the miniature black and tan dachshund. As usual, late to the party Lydia jumped on the dachshund bandwagon some time after every other influencer got one. Porter was 6 months on May 5th 2021. We believe she collected him from the breeder between Christmas and New Year 2020 ie at 7/8 weeks.

    Bengal cat with serious attitude. Aka Lummi/Lummi Bear. The original cat and definitely ALI'S cat. Seriously ill in 2020 due to poisonous plants in garden and being fed with coconut oil by Lydia.

    Bengal cat RIP, allegedly shot by a farmer.

    Gorgeous British Blue cat 'rehomed' for a less than a week by Lydia but sent back to its owners (a friend of hers) when it became clear that Lumi was upset.

    Lauren Caisley
    Owner of interior design company of the same name. Known as Lauren Costly by Tattlers because what started as small tweaks have become additional redesign. As of April 2021 heavily 8.5 months? pregnant but shopping with Lidl for antiques. Shortly afterwards seems to have closed/ gone into receivership. As of 2023 back in business.

    Lydia's mother
    Lydia has a strained relationship with her mother who works in a supermarket. She seems to blame her for not providing Lydia with the trappings of wealth.

    Lydia assisted fellow influencer Frow in finding a house to buy in a neighbouring village outside Milton Keynes. Lydia bought a dachshund after seeing how popular Frow's dachshund was with viewers. Last seen together* at Frow's Edge of Ember launch party in 2021 where Lydis was gifted jewellery that was never seen again. Frow's career (after a dodgy period when she left her agency on, we think, Lidl's advice) is going from strength to strength. * may have been a dog walk since

    Amelia Liana
    Lydia bitched to fellow influencer AL about her hair/Nicky Lazou on the phone for an hour and boasted about it. AL was part of the What's App group (see #hairgate). AL came out of it unscathed and is picking up brands and post lockdown PR trips, unlike Lidl.

    Fellow influencer Josie lives in the Cotswold Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in an historic grade II listed house. Fashion Mumblr Josie and Lydia are 'friends' when it is mutually beneficial. Dachshund owner Josie is now cultivating Frow and AL. Update 2023: the friendship seems to have waned.

    A recent addition to the LEM empire, Erika was revealed in July 2021 as the 'finance whizz'. She will be adding up the Depop sales income then!

    Jacqueline Hurst
    Life coach who worked with (and was paid by) Lidl in 2021. Appeared in video with Lidl merching her book. Possibly using Lidl!
    Not to be confused with Ali's mate who was training to be a life coach and used Lidl as a case study in 2020.

    Cawwie's sister, called in to assist after Dee went on maternity leave,

    Second dachshund puppy, bought from unregistered breeder. Colouring possibly Isabella, which is prone to skin conditions. Revealed mid Jan 2022. Name is taken from the Berkeley Hotel, Knightsbridge, London, which they visited when Christmas shopping. Pronounced 'barklee' it's a play on a dog's bark. It's also cockney rhyming slang. Berkeley Hunt = c*nt.
    The pup was immediately allowed out on a walk despite being unvaccinated.

    Make up artist, single mother and friend. Lidl consistently accuses her of stealing and poor choices in men. She adopts a joke tone to disguise the vile things she says to Alex.

    Lauren Arvelle, The l.a. way.
    Lidl's new best friend. Ex model and Monaco resident. Has own clothing line. Nose job and lip fillers.

    This lovely piece of art, depicts husband Ali, escaping the terror of the bungalow, with his lovely animal pals, SSRP, Lumi, and the bees. (Copyright theredgossiper, our bespoke avatar tattle artist extra ordinaire, thank you so much for your effort <3)
    Alistair the animal saver.jpg

    Conditions/illnesses suffered by Lydia (mostly self diagnosed)

    • Narcissism
    • Gluten intolerance
    • Lactose intolerance
    • Veganism (not an illness!)
    • PMDD
    • Diabetes
    • Terminal acne
    • Being too selfless
    • Brain damage caused by too much thinking
    • Dyslexia that excuses spelling, grammar and punctuation mistakes (but doesn't 'effect' (sic) her ability to 'devour' a book in 48 hours
    • Weak wrists that prevent physical exertion (has been spotted wearing a #gifted wrist brace)
    • Knee condition that prevents her dropping to the floor
    • Dermatitis
    • Cibophobia (fear of food poisoning)
    • Emetophobia (fear of being sick)
    • Neophobia (reluctance to eat)
    • Chronic migraines brought on by Globy and bullying stress
    • Pseudobulbar affect (uncontrolable nervous laugh)
    • particular the inability to recall bullying a pregnant hairdresser
    • Herpes (cold sores on lips) or is it filler injection sites?
    • Personality dysmorphia
    • Mental health...Lydia admitted she was in therapy for 5 years (when?) but there was 'too much talking'. In 2020 she saw life coach, Mark Whittle, who was a friend of Ali's and offered coaching for free as part of qualifying. She switched to life coach and ex junkie Jaqueline Hurst and "graduated" (her word), after 4/6 months. Released a video on 20th ?July with the two of them chatting and hair flicking to promote J's book.
    • Pericoronitis (infected impacted wisdom tooth that she refuses to have extracted).
    • Hypnotherapy for fear of spiders (in Dec 2021 she stated she will be having it)
    • Eczema on eyelids
    • Social anxiety compensated for with obnoxious attention seeking behaviour
    • Daddy issues
    • Dermatillomania (eating dry skin inc from scalp)
    • Covid (August 2022)
    • Long Covid (2 weeks later) Long Covid is defined as symptoms lasting longer than 6 weeks.
    • Allergy to eyeshadow (2022)
    • Misophonia (mentioned when Ali was ill in Nov 2022) aversion to bodily noises. Seems she has had it all her life.
    • Folliculitis (Nov 2022). Do not Google!
    • 2023:
    • Scalp psoriasis (self cured) = poss dandruff alleviated by Head and Shoulders shampoo
    • Glandular Fever (UK)...(known as Mono elsewhere?) Lasted one weekend in February, during which her neighbour delivered daffodils.


    Sold all handbags other than Hermes
    Bought vintage 1977 Rouge H Hermes Kelly Sellier 32cm
    Bought from store Gold mini Kelly

    Lydiot's urban dictionary of dreams

    Bespoke - used for everything she owns
    Bespoke made - er, ok Lidl!
    Curated - she touched it before the photo
    Entryway hall
    Powder room - loo
    Boot room - back passage
    Obviously - you are thick, try to keep up
    The dream - when you have run out of adjectives
    Have been doing something 'for ever' - thought of it last week
    Actually - you are wrong, I am right
    Silhouette - see cinch
    Cinch - see silhouette
    Vignette - staged to within an inch of its life
    Oh my goodness- see Josie Fashion Mumblr
    Terrace - patio
    Crumbs - the posh version of 'fuck'
    In situ
    Piece de resistance

    The 'bunga' aka Lydia's 'home'

    Looks like a bungalow from front and back but has a basement and attic rooms. Twenty rooms in all:

    Ground floor:
    1. Main bedroom
    2. En suite
    3. Guest bedroom 1
    4. En suite
    5. Guest bedroom 2
    6. En suite
    7. Living room
    8. Kitchen
    9. Utility room
    10. Powder room
    11. Gentleman's study

    Roof space:
    1. Dressing room (Lidl)
    2. Shower room (used by Lidl)
    3. Dressing room (Ali)

    1. Gym
    2. Cinema room (now known as the 'Club room' Dec 2021)
    3. Staff office - opening onto gloomy, damp light well with water feature and lemon trees
    4. Bathroom off gym - not working and might become wine cellar
    5. Store room
    6. Plant room (heating etc)
    NB The hall also counts as an additional room for the purposes of bragging.


    HISTORY OF REDECORATING (work in progress, just like the decorating!)

    Upon moving in
    • Stairs repainted, dressing rooms created in attic bedrooms with fittingscftom the Heritage Wardrobe Company
    • Room in basement turned over to staff office with desk, built in shelving and seating area
    • Fake panelling erected everywhere
    • Laminate flooring in hall
    • Living room painted navy
    • Living room then painted black
    • Dining room finished with circular marble topped table and blue velvet chairs
    • Sitting area in kitchen removed to create dining room with wooden table; dining room dismantled, marble table sold
    • Study created in former dining room/ whisky room/dumping ground
    • Wooden table sanded down to remove food stains by the company that #gifted it in first place

    Late 2020 calls in local design company

    Jan 2021 - March 2021 Lauren Caisley Interiors

    Phase 1
    • Kitchen clad in tongue and groove and painted F&B Hardwick White, cupboards and island repainted, knobs replaced, floor replaced (ceramic tiles replaced with tumbled limestone), new (old) stools, wicker chairs, new table of very old wood
    • Hall floor replaced (but not utility) due to change in level caused by kitchen floor
    • Doors all shaved to fit new floor height, new knobs ('interior door furniture')
    • Walls repainted inc skirting boards in same sludge colour
    • Black Crown paint in living room repainted in F&B black, cream carpet replaced by sludge carpet but cream curtains retained. New linen covers for Ikea sofas and chairs.
    • Can't afford to change shiny s/s sockets!
    • 'Antique' 'sourcing trip with Lauren Costly as soon as post Lockdown 3 shops opened
    • Powder room repainted burgundy, re wall papered with pheasant wallpaper of dreams. After it was pointed out on Tattle that the pheasants were not centred on the taps and their heads were cut off by the mirror it was announced that if would be redone, due to 'issues' (July 2021 still the same).
    • En suite..marble replaced with marble, green paint, double Porter vanity, copper bath, antique milking stool. As of the May 'reveal' the bath had not arrived. July, bath 'insitu'.
    • Master bedroom repainted, new bed from USA but mattress now 10 inches too small in width. Bespoke mattress successfully begged.
    • Entryway aka hall has 4th console table...this time reclaimed/second hand/rustic.
    • .? 2021 Big reveal 1. Kitchen which had a rug under the new rustic a.f. table (rug now removed due to puppy); tablescrape (sic)
    • May 2021 Big reveal 2. En suite (not finished...waiting for bath..see above), utility (repainted), powder room (see above), master bedroom (see above).
    • July 2021 The 'terrace' was revealed (incomplete as usual). Two 2 seater solid oak sofas with too small cushions, a fire pit that covers everybody in smoke, olive trees pots imported from ' Tuscany', the table and chairs already seen, 'old' sunbeds. All mismatched and nothing like the mood board.

    Phase 2 (due to start April 2022 but long delay. Lauren Caisley posted around that time then appears to have been dropped).)
    • February 2022 Lydia has a design meeting with LC. There is sage.
    • we believe this phase will include:
    • Basement
    • Bedrooms 2 and 3
    • Raised beds replaced
    • Oak shed
    • Oak fire escape
    • Oak posts around fire escapes
    • Bannisters French polished
    • Outdoor kitchen?
    • Carport, room above?
    • Beams in dressing room
    Phase 2 (actual)
    Garden redesign by Oxfordshire-based Nicholsons who did Josie's garden.
    New 'terrace'. Additional lower 'terrace', outdoor kitchen with brick pizza oven. Paths, wildflower 'boarders' (sic) and lighting on chunky oak posts.
    Patio has brick inserts as well as inserts for topiary 'birch' trees (they are beech) and a 'canopy' crab apple tree which will shed apples all over the patio.
    New flooring in both dressing rooms, supposedly paid for by Ali. The Amtico tiles were taken up and donated to family, even though they were 'peeling' and didn't have the correct sound proof underlay according to Lidl. The new engineered Jack Evie wood floors are not the same as the sample, which was lighter, and look as if they have been burnt. Lidl says they will add warmth!
    Ali's dressing room is repainted and has open hanging rails which Lidl is copying.
    NB there was talk of them moving and making dressing room into a bedroom for a potential sale.
    Guest bedrooms. Tweed features, of course.
    Basement, now to be known as the Billiards Room. Tweed again.
    New shed of solid oak with a porch.
    New entrance to the Bunga and new gates.
    Lidl wants Ali to paint the beehives green and white (still).
    Nothing has been said about the faulty plumbing, the modern glass and chrome around the lightwell etc etc
    Lauren Caisley goes out of business in April. Coincidentally when baby due.


    Nicholsons continued work in garden
    New oak shed/ woodstore / barn finished by Ali

    Garden outdoor kitchen finished July 2023 with begged for work surface
    Guest bedrooms and utility planned decoration not started.....but promised July 2023
    Basement not started.
    Garden finished by Nicholsons
    Lauren Caisley is back in business.


    In February 2021 Lydia published a video that referred back to a hairdressing incident with hairdresser Nicky Lazou in 2020. Here is a timeline for the events leading up to and after that video. Note this is a work in progress and will be updated regularly.


    Lydia has known (or known of) Nicky Lazou since 2015. Nicky is a renowned hairdresser in the UK, with a small following on instagram, but most of all with a career she has built over the last 17 Years. She does not do FREE hair appointments. During a pandemic, at the end of July 2020 Nicky was due to give birth to a baby boy, but she was still working when she was allowed to with the Covid rules 19. Her salon is in her house in Sutton Coldfield, which is 90 mins approx drive from Lydia.​


    • April 18 2019: Get your Hair cut with Me video upload : Lydia has appt at Daniel Galvin salon in London. Complains about her hair on a video afterwards.
    • November 25 2019 : the morning after the 'Sleeping Rough' experience, Lydia goes to Nicky for the first time for a colour correction. Despina (hairdresser to Lidl at the time) couldn't take Lidl in anymore because she went back to Greece...or she could no longer offer freebies at her new salon.
    • December 1 2019: Sleeping Rough video launch. Lydia is delighted with her hair.
    • December 2-8 2019: Lydia used heat on hair every day


    • Jan 6 2020: What I got for Christmas video launch (filmed on Dec 20th???) showing Carrie and Lydia having a high time at the salon and loving their hair 0:00 to 5:50
    • May 4 2020: Revealing my Brand video.
    • June 25 2020: Glo by Lydia (aka Globy) launches its first product under the brand name after repeated delays. After two years of development it comprises a tanning kit consisting of exfoliating mitts and tan applicators, all presented in a faux leather case.....with no tanning product... all of this for £50 price tag. Lots of backlash for overpricing, VAT errors and delivery overcharging and trying to market as luxurious items what was probably bought off of AliExpress and rebranded. Customer service was non existent. She was called out on her social media for bad customer service, causing her to shut down all comment sections and break down, and pretend it didn't happen.
    • June 30 2020: New appointment at Nicky's (salons were able to open if they could prove they were Covid compliant (but main opening date is July 4). Lidl and her manager/employee/friend Carrie go together for a balayage treatment, which is Nicky's speciality. Nicky gives her clients advice and guidelines on how to maintain the color. Both leave the appointment with amazing hair (photos shown from that day by Nicky in her IGTV Videos). Nicky's mother and at least one other customer is there and witness this.
    • June 30 2020: Nicky posts a rear photo of Lydia and Carrie's hair. Beautiful.
    • Lydia complains about her hair to Nicky
    • July 4 (?) Or 12 (?) 2020 (latter is a Sunday): Nicky agrees to see her (four days before her due date), time unknown, complaining, telling Nicky she's an awful hairdresser and doesn't know what she's doing, telling her to fetch better mirrors from upstairs, going outside so Lidl can see her hair in natural light. Lidl tells Nicky her hair is black and red and she needs to leave 'happy and comfortable'. She refuses to allow Nicky to youch her scalp. Lidl rings Cawwie and asks her to come over but doesn't tell Nicky. Carrie arrives sometime before 8pm. By this stage Nicky is distressed, outnumbered, crying and texts her friends and sister, begging somebody to come. Rita, Nicky's sister arrives and tries to defend her from renewed accusations. Nicky ending up telling them to get the F out of her house (all of that explained in Nicky's IGTV videos).
    • On Nicky's due date Lydia is still messaging her demanding an apology.
    • Lidl sets up a group chat to bad mouth N. Speculation as to who is on that group. Lidl is still messaging N before the baby arrives (it was late and had to be induced). Nicky reveals she has cctv of the episode.
    • July 21 2020 Nicky has baby boy...overdue and induced. Has to have an emergency c-section.
    • July 23 2020 The Final Reveal video upload 20:40 to 21:47 Lydia says she has had her hair coloured 4 times in a couple of days.
    • August 10 2020 Shopping At Chanel video upload. 1:15 and 15:45. Lydia is complaining about breakage and has appt with a male London hairdresser (poss Daniel Galvin, although she complained about her hair after she saw him a year ago, see above)
    • Mid August 2020 - four weeks after birth Nicky is alerted to Lydia's behaviour by her friends who were keeping it from her.
    • August 12 2020 Nicky posts that she had a "bad time with an influencer" in retaliation (no names).
    • August 12 2020 Lydia posts an image of herself crying that was taken for Carrie's benefit but shared with the world.
    • August 12 2020 Lydia and Ali are on a spa break but there is a meeting during the weekend with Nicky, naked PR man etc while Ali is playing golf. Lydia complains that her weekend was ruined and she was left shaking. They demand Nicky takes down her post which she agrees to as long as Lydia stops talking about hair problems. ..................................................this does not happen! At some stage here Lydia says she had permanent over semi permanent colour.
    • August 13 2020 We finally Get The News video upload :44 Lidl boasts of hour long phone call with Amelia Liana (another influencer and customer) moaning about hair and Nicky.....34:15 mentions visiting third salon.
    • August 17 2020 Our First Luxury Holiday After Lockdown Lydia posts video about weekend with the caveat "Sorry if I am not myself in this video. I was having a bit of a rough time." She does not mention the hair or meeting but blames everything on Lynx, the missing presumed, dead cat.
    • August 21 2020 I Did Not Enjoy .... video upload. 1:15. Sees a different local hairdresser.
    • August ??? 2020 Life, Hair, Home video upload Lydia mentions third salon is 'work in progress'
    • October 8 2020 Thursday evening FROW Edge of Ember launch party at her house. Last time they were seen together. Kaushal was at the party. We think she was the one who alerted N to the group chat badmouthing her. Screenshots show that Kaushal and Lydia followed each other before February 2021 #hairgate gained momentum and after Kaushal has publicly supported Nicky, they (Lydia/Kaushal) no longer follow each other.
    • ..? Lydia starts taking Roaccutane for acne. Hair colouring is not advised while on this medication.
    • October 26 2020 Autumn Online Shopping video upload...31:20 hair mentioned


    • February 8 2021 Opening Up About the Last 9 Months video upload: t Carrie's suggestion Lydia again addresses the hair fiasco, saying it was one of the biggest punches of 2020, pretty much in her whole life, because after that she found herself at her lowest point. She said she found herself in a position that she didn't know was a vulnerable position, in a house alone, and that she was gaslit to be made believe that she had done something that she hadn't, and that Nicky had something to hold against her.
    • February 9 2021 Nicky responds in a two part igtv video to everything Lydia alluded to in that last video. She reveals that Lydia created a Whats App group with other fellow influencers in it, in order to get them to cancel appointments with Nicky and basically badmouthing her and her business. When someone in that group messaged Nicky about it, Nicky decided to put up a post on instagram saying how she had to deal with a difficult influencer 4 days before due date. At this point, Lidl had already put up videos where she alluded to hair fiasco (see above), Nicky had said nothing cause a) she's above it and b)she was giving birth to her son. However, when she heard that Lydia was not only alluding to it in videos, but also actively trying to get the business down, Nicky decided to take it to Instagram.
    • February 9 2021 That same evening Lydia calls Nicky on a private number, to summon her to take her videos down. Nicky refuses.
    • February 11 2021 Nicky feels pressured by trolling to release proof of texts / whatsapp messsages she sent to friends and family during the incident at her house. The texts reveal the timescale of 17:17 to 20:47 during which time Lydia was on the premises and Nicky was texting for support...
    • February 2021 Josie (Fashion Mumblr) and husband Charlie openly support Lydia's behavior by saying there are two sides to every story
    • February 18 2021 The brand Espa advertises a promotion featuring Lydia. They remove images and link after comments pointing out Lydia's behaviour
    • Ditto with other brands inc Lily & Bean (see below).
    • July 2021 Lidl publishes video with her life coach, ex druggy Jennifer ?. She proclaims that J told her that one day she would write to thank x ' for the situation she was put in'. We think she's referring to Nicky.
    • July 2021 Nicky celebrates Zion's first birthday.
    • Passive aggressive comments from Lydia continue throughout 2021
    • Claire Chanelle had a playdate with Nicky and their boys
    • Autumn 2021 Nicky split from her sister and had to vacate her house
    • Christmas/New Year 2021/22 Nicky spent a month in the Maldives with her little boy then flew to Dubai for work in 2022

    Despina is back in the UK and working from the xx salon in London.
    Feb 2022 Amelia Liana had a 7 hour appointment with Despina.
    A lot of shade is being thrown around directed to Nicky who retaliates.
    Feb 2022 Lydia announced she was on a hair journey with Despina and would have 3 appointments to correct her hair. She had two, the second of which was 9 hours and other peoples' appointments were cancelled because of this.
    Nicky and Kaushel are clearly close.


    February - Lidl's hair is broken but she's been hiding it from us *cough*. We noticed!
    She says it's because of the colour correction after Nicky did her hair..... ffs, it's heat damage and bad treatment by you Lidl.
    She has some cut off.

    #BEANGATE (May 2021)

    Lydia posed in her dressing room in front of whicker/leather handbags that looked like Kellys.
    Debate ensued about whether they were real or fake and the potential cost of the former and the fact she hadn't shown them before.
    Eagle-eyed sleuths tracked the bags down to Lily & Bean, a company selling knock off handbags. Low and behold L&B were using Lidl to promote the bags.
    When the brand was contacted (DMs and on their Instagram from Tattlers and public) to point out Lidl's character and behaviour towards pregnant hairdresser Nicky Lazou (see #hairgate) they were met with comments (example tc) 1. Lidl does work for charity 2. The person was pregnant and LEM had only been nice to her 3. That sort of comment causes people to end their life 4. They had spoken to Nicky
    As the brand continued to receive comments they went into firefighting mode, deleting....

    Jenna Tyrwhitt-Drake, the owner of L&B, then completely backtracked, after actually speaking to Nicky.
    1. Responded to DM saying she wasn't aware of the situation
    2. Blamed a pregnant employee
    3. Advertised for a social media person (which implies the person was sacked)
    4. Removed Lydia's image
    5. Used images of a pregnant influencer and of herself (Jenna is also pregnant)
    6. Lydia removed her L&B post
    7. Then asked for pictures of herself that she shared to be removed.


    Lydia posted a reel where she was clearly using a blurring tool to make out that the product reduced pores. This was brought to Rodial's attention. Lydia had a meeting in London at the end of 2021 with the senior person at Rodial. Unfortunately they still seem to be working with her.

    Other questions answered

    • Banana?: in Nicky's two parts igtv videos she explained how she tried to calm Lydia by offering her a banana and tea. The banana was seized on as a supportive icon for Nicky, with her blessing
    • Claire feud: Miss Copycat aka. Lydia copies Claire's round marble table. Lydia accuses Claire of copying the paneling in the Bunga in Claire's house. Not the case.
    • Tamara feud: No feud, but they don't like each other. If they are on the same event, they ignore each other.
    • FROW moved to an area near Lidl at Lidl's suggestion but they no longer appear to be friends. The last time they were seen together was at FROW's Edge of Ember #1 launch party. Update they were seen dog walking together in June 2021 but Lidl was not at July 2021 Edge of Ember launch #2 at Daylesford, yet Josie was.
    For more info, scroll down until the end.


    Countdown of Lydia legendary fails of far (May 10 2021) (Thanks to @Elle Belle )

    10. Stomping on farmers' crop fields and picking village cherry blossom. Just because. She can. And she will. Stupidity is not a crime though, so you're free to go. Preferably by the public footpath.

    9. Espa live. 34 watchers. No more. No less. Most from Tattle. No comments...well because these were deleted faster than Lydia hits 'add to basket'. She did not come here to play. When I say 'awkward' you say 'silence'. Awkward.

    8. Manifesting a cottage in the Cotswolds. To add to her property portfolio. The non-existent property portfolio. Or does she just mean the scrapbook of the one that got a away. Just needs to get her ducks in a row. If it smells like bullshit and it looks like bullshit. Then it's bullshit. Know who has got a cottage though?! JOSIE. Jealousy is a disease. Get well soon.

    7. From NastyGal to Erdem. Whatever kind of look you were going for Lydia. You missed. My thoughts and prayers go out to all those who have purchased the items after you've tried them on.

    6. Refusing to buy her husband a shed. It was only ever a pipe dream Ali. And if it did materialise by some miraculous miracle Caweee sending no less than 87 begging emails to shed companies, Lydia would have inhabited seven eighths of said shed. At least. Marriage is based on equality and respect. I guess she'll always be there when she needs you though Ali.

    5. Assumptions about me - 'do your worst'. Community Guidelines take two. Imma say it with my chest. Well to put're an asshole. When will we see them? Next vlog. Next leap year. Next time Globy is a sellout. So this constant lying thing. Do you do it to everyone? Or are we just special? JK. We're not special. Things Lydia hates most about her followers. 1, Followers.

    4. The underwhelming launch of her webshite. Broke the internet. You ok hun? I look at people sometimes and think 'For real?! That's the sperm that won?' Then lisping to her followers 'you can wait' 'the one thing I've learnt in life is that good things come to those who wait.' I'm sorry that I have a hard time believing you due to your track record of being a lying liar who constantly lies out of your lying liar hole. She continues. She's done the website for her, not you. This is who she is. May as well just have said Lydia 'I hate you all. Hope that clears that up'.

    3. Getting a puppy for the gram. 'I'm so glad you all knew that Dachshunds are my absolute favourite'. Not because both Frow and Josie had just got one. Definitely not. Trying to be a copycat is the sincerest form of flattery, only if the copycat wasn't batshit crazy. Then locking Porter in the kitchen all day. Fanging to Mr Millen-Gordon as soon as he walks through the door that she's not been able to vlog because...wait for it...the puppy barks. You're a selfish stupid fuck. There. I said it.

    2. The Covid-19 crisis in India. Who can be unaware of this?! Who who lives their life on social media can be unaware of this?! Lydia, that's who. But apparently 'we've had our fair share'. Not to take away the suffering in the UK, but it hits differently in India (and other developing countries). Their governments do not have the same funds or resources. There's no 'stay at home' or 'furlough'. For many Indian citizens it's a choice of going out to work and risk contracting COVID-19 or not going out to work and their families perishing from starvation. Pull your brain up Lydia. You're ignorance is showing.

    1. Hitting the top spot. Hairgate take 2. Alluding to being a victim of abuse...when all in all it came down to her roots being slightly too dark for her likening...despite the nine month pregnant hairdresser advising her these would fade after a couple of washes. That hair dye must have really fried your two brain cells though Lydia...'imma know what imma gonna do, whilst I'm a vulnerable moo moo all alone'. Leave. No. Have a banana. No. Scream like an emotionally unstable, selfish, psychotic, asshole with daddy issues, who's just accidentally mistaken seaweed touching her leg for a great white. Yes. Call your best friend, who lives over an hour away, just a quick spin, for back up...'breathe chicken breathe'. Yes again. Remember the Little Boy Who Cried Wolf. Newsflash: Nobody cared and his sheep died. And you're sort of in this category now too.


    27 July 2023 Lidl announced her book deal for Evergreen. Unfortunately Tattlers had already seen it on Amazon for preorder the previous day! October 12 in UK, March 2924 in US.

    Brands that worked/work with her

    BRANDS LYDIA WORKS WITH 2020 (thanks to @shiroyagisan)

    Karen Millen (2021 edit) now owned by Boo hoo
    Lily Silk (fashion)
    My Theresa
    Holland & Cooper
    Nasty Gal
    Pretty Little Thing
    All of Bicester Village, somehow
    Jimmy Choo
    Arabella London
    The Outnet
    Manolo Blahnik
    Salvatore Ferragamo
    Santinni (faux fur coat)
    Truly (loungewear)
    Louboutin (only beauty, no shoes) and Harrods?
    ESPA (2021 did event)
    Function of Beauty
    Jo Malone
    La Mer
    By Terry
    Clé de Peau
    Carolina Herrera
    Spotlight (dental)
    Laura Mercier
    Elizabeth Arden
    Dior (skincare)
    Rodial Beauty
    Armani Beauty
    The White Company (crockery)
    Farrow & Ball (paint)
    Kinfill (cleaning products)
    Miehle (laundry appliances)
    Vorwerk (incl. Thermomix)
    No 5 Blooms (bouquets and wreaths)
    Maison de Fleurs (wedding flowers)
    LG (speakers)
    Toni Thornton (Art)
    Neptune (crockery, table & general interiors)
    Robert Walker (that painter from Woburn Mosaic)
    Pro Cook (the colanders and whatever else)
    Chalk Pink Linen (bedding)
    Haddonstone (coping stones)*
    Capietra (flooring)
    Arighi Bianchi (carpet)
    Paloma Living (cushions)
    Philips (Hue)
    Harrod Horticulture (2020 raised beds)
    Tiffany & Co
    Astrid & Miyu
    Monica Vinader
    Amazon (2021 seeds)
    Virgin Wines
    Farmer's Hamper
    Halo Top
    The Good Cookie Co
    Nice Cream London (gifted silk scrunchies)
    That Cake/That Pantry
    44 Degrees North (gin)
    Dachs & Co (tweed dog collars, leads, and blanket)
    Lords & Labradors (dog blanket embroidered with name)
    Ideal of Sweden (phone cases)
    Lalique (crystal, press trip)
    Malmaison (sponsored Sunday roast)
    Hotel du Vin (sponsored Sunday roast)

    BRANDS LYDIA WORKED WITH 2021 (thanks to @shiroyagisan)

    FashionSellier Knightsbridge
    Karen Millen
    Nasty gal
    Lily & Bean
    Bicester Village
    Hermès Birkin bag
    Collections designed 'with'
    Video sponsorship
    SkincareFunction of Beauty
    PetLords & LabradorsCrate set
    HomeLittle Ladder Company
    Ladder & step stool (personalised)
    PetButternut BoxDog food
    PetThe Basket CompanyDog bed basket
    PetLola The Sausage DoggDog toy
    PetRibbon EnglandDog collar with bowtie
    FragranceCarolina Herrera
    Fragrance sponsorship
    Jewellery?Manufactured diamonds
    BeautyLaura Mercier
    Code 8
    Elizabeth Arden

    PR event


    • Dior tea
    • TWO NARS events
    • GHD event and festival
    • the other Dior lunch
    • Pandora
    • Givenchy beauty
    • London Fashion week
    • Paris and Milan fashion week (Sept)
    • Code 8 (Sept)
    • Bare Minerals (Sept)


    Holland Cooper
    Code 8
    Lilly and bean (picked up again 2023)

    BRANDS THAT LYDIA IS WORKING WITH 2022 (thanks to @MissMidnight)

    VAHA Fitness Mirror
    Hairburst Chewable Vitamins
    Dualit Kitchen Appliances

    Dior Beauty (PR foundation)
    Rodial (but she wasn't invited to the dinner in London Feb 2022)
    Dior Beauty (PR perfume)
    By Terry
    Aerin Beauty
    Milla (Ukrainian fashion company)
    Karen Millen
    Carton House (Fairmont Hotel Group)
    St Tropez (PR)
    Laura Mercier (PR)
    Estée Lauder (PR)
    Beeswax Wrap Co (PR)



    @Teacups has personal knowledge:

    "I had the misfortune of knowing her for many years. Truly one of the vilest people I have ever met. I don't think I could look at her blog without cringing, she's a spoilt Daddy's girl who thinks extremely highly of herself and has little respect for anyone who currently isn't in favour with her.

    Even though she looked like a model, I don't remember her being thought "pretty" (she was always a bit hairy looking) or her ever receiving any attention from boys - infact some called her "Chlamydia" on realising how toxic she was. She would be very nice and sweet to anyone she wanted to be friends with, but they would stay best of friends for a few weeks or months then never speak to each other again. Generally she was very full of herself, thought she was better than everyone else, and had no time for anyone who didn't worship her or wasn't worthy. She would manipulate the more clever students into helping her with her work, but bully and humiliate them when she no longer had any use for them. I was never at the receiving end of any of this, I'd worked her out early on and steered clear, but we had mutual friends and she stole things from me on a couple of occasions.

    Obviously this was years ago now, she may have grown up and be a much more genuine person - but from viewing her blog, she does still seem like she loves herself a bit and expects people to worship her. I should think a lot of these clothes are still bought with Daddy's money."

    Lydia responded:

    "It makes me so sad to know that other bloggers know about their threads but just accept it. I for one am not really one to accept this kind of slander, especially when someone from my childhood is here contributing.
    Unfortunately the cringey and hairy comments are pretty much spot on, I can't even argue with them I am nothing short of a massive cringe fest and I'm almost certainly descended from Yeti's somewhere along the line.
    The comments about my looks are not really of much interest to me either, I look in the mirror and am pretty happy with what I see but I think that comes with age...much like maturity. I'm certainly not going to sit here and tear a fellow woman to shreds on how she looks though because I may be happy but I'm not perfect, whether I look like Kat Slater, Megan Fox, or your mate Dave from the local pub really shouldn't be of yours or anyone's concern.

    What does bother me however, are the comments involving my past and personal life. Teacups you claim to have known me (I apologise I can see this has really caused you great distress over the years, to the point that you have to anonymously put me down online) maybe you should try coming to talk to me and we can discuss this further, I mean you know me right? Therefore you know I'm not aggressive or violent so I'm astonished that You wouldn't take the matter up with me in person. Maybe then your knowledge of me might be more substantial. Have you ever heard of the phrase "Everyone is fighting their own battle" as a child and as a 26 year old woman, I fight my own battles as I'm sure you do too. However I am not your punch bag and I feel it is time for you to let go of whatever issues you hold against me from over a decade ago now because they are clearly eating you up inside and that isn't healthy for either of us.

    You also make some pretty bold statements such as me using the clever kids to help me with my work at school, are you sure on how clever these kids were because I left school with a grand total of 3 GCSE's, maybe I should choose more wisely in future.
    I also must touch on the contradictions which your information is riddled with, you claim to know me yet steered clear after realising how toxic I was? So basically what you're saying is you judged me before getting to know me and decided to share your assumptions 10years later online? another point I'd like to understand more is how did I steel from you if you steered clear of me? and what did I steel? surely daddy could have bought it for me? I'm really starting to question the reliability of your information now, So I do hope you manage to shed some light on this.

    But the piece de resistance has got to be this little addition


    "Obviously this was years ago now, she may have grown up and be a much more genuine person - but from viewing her blog, she does still seem like she loves herself a bit and expects people to worship her. I should think a lot of these clothes are still bought with Daddy's money."


    So you say your self, this was years ago and she may have grown up to be a more genuine person...You don't know that she hasn't but from her blog....which is what she allows the world to see of her life you have made Assumptions. Judgements and accusations without any substance what-so-ever. Sorry teacup but I think that all that we have managed to get from your little mini bio of me is that you struggle to let go of the past, judge people before getting to know them and then lie about them over the internet, anonymously of course, because god forbid you should actually stand by what you say.

    In closing however, I do 100% love myself that is a given and I'm over the moon that it comes across via my blog. In an age where we are programmed to loath our very existance I am proud to be able to say that I love myself, I love my dad, I love my friend Alex, I love my life and I love you for giving me a much needed distraction from work for the last 15minutes...the remainder of the day will now be spent googling myself, thanks for the heads up with that one "Sadlonelycatlady" :) :love2:"


    @sprinkletits has insider industry information:

    Thank you for such a warm welcome. I had lots of messages asking to spill the #Moet on Lydia and some other info you wanted so I thought I would put it over here on the new thread. Not sure if longs posts are a thing, if not just let me know if it's unacceptable.

    If you think I know a lot, it's my job. We follow all bloggers or research them when a client put forwards who we are working with. For those asking Lydia is 5,6 and I would estimate Ali is 5,7 - 5,8. (Edited by @Miscanthus to say this would be in shoes). Not sure why she feels the need to lie about this.

    The agency I work for looks after campaigns with athletes, musicians, Hollywood royalty and influencers. Some of the nicest people I have met have been the A list stars; Samuel L. Jackson, Will Smith, Billie Eilish and Serena Williams to name a few of the big hitters. Then we have our influencers. Regardless of whether people consider it a 'proper job' they do have their place. A well-position product with the right person can see sales skyrocket almost instantly. My personal opinion of influencers such as Lydia is that they become victims of their own success, delusions of grandeur follow, before becoming unrecognisable from 'the girl next door' that they were and why people chose to follow them in the first place. Think Alfie pointless blog when he did his video living off a pound for a day, driving to the gym for a private personal training session in his brand new Range Rover) just completely loses touch. With actors, musicians and athletes, they have a talent, the one thing influencers lack, the epitome of 'famousish for being famousish'. With Lydia, it is luck, timing, sheer perseverance and a shit-load of bot buying has got her unbelievably, in my opinion, where she is today. She should be waking up every morning and pinching herself because lady luck and a lot of lying have played a huge part in her unwarranted huge following.

    Lydia got into the blogging game nearly ten years ago when it wasn't even a thing. Probably was read by her mum and a handful of friends. She was working for a designer shop as a sales assistant, she used to shoot the clothes then tag them/blog about them and put them back on the sales floor, she told me this story herself. Slowly, small brands started to send her free clothes and she started getting invited on press trips, this is all it takes for the momentum to start to build. Add in the bot-buying, back when brands just looked at numbers and not engagement, it looks from the outset like she was doing really well and she started to get more partnerships and paid posts. Her target audience, '23-year-old Stacey who works in accounts and likes to get dressed up and go 'out out' at the weekend. The sort of girl that goes into town on a Saturday to buy herself a 'nice top' for a night on the tiles at Sankeys, before kicking her shoes off, grabbing a kebab then throwing up in a back of cab' before going home and ripping out her synthetic extensions.' As the bot-buying grew, so did her audience. A known industry trick, in the beginning, is to pretend that bigger brands are sending freebies. So auspicious posts with 'thanks for gift' 'look what arrived today' giving the allusion they have been sent. Other brands see this and jump on the bandwagon and it is a perpetual cycle. Lydia isn't special, she had the right amount of vanity in the first instant to believe people were interested in what she had to say, followed by luck and timing.

    (Press samples/free gifts - I want to add a little bit in here about PR products/samples/free gifts for those that don't get the mechanics of it. Even though a Louboutin mascara retails for £80, the cost to them is pence, at most a few pounds. Sending out free clothes is the same. A sweater might retail for £800 but in reality, the garment costs peanuts. Press products are all costed into the marketing budget, so yes although it is lovely for the influencer to receive, the retail value is unimportant. Then there are press loans or samples, where they are loaned the items and they have to be sent back. So the extravagant dresses and bags are loaned on the condition that once they are snapped they are sent back to be passed onto other influencers/bloggers. Then there is influencer discount, normally 35%-60%. The same with what looks like elaborate press trips, it all comes out of the marketing budget. Flights (Easyjet/Ryanair) hotels (Normally do a discount as the hotel gets promoted) and same with the restaurants. The advertising budgets that were once used for TV, radio and print have now switched over. So you will find some micro-influencers, that although they look like they are living the champagne lifestyle they are living on a 'bitter' budget. Meaning its all free, but no actual income. Free protein shakes do not pay the bills. I know of several influencers that have 100-700k followings that are absolutely broke. It really is all smoke and mirrors.

    As Lydia's audience grew and she began to be gifted more and more luxury items, it was at this point that I believe she gave up her job and earned enough to become a full-time blogger. Estimated earnings at that time would be similar to an average job, probably earning enough to pay bills and a few fake bags and belts from Camden market. Carrie has been friends with Lydia for a long time and helped grow her brand from the beginning and was not paid to do so for a long while. Say what you want about Lydia, but she is smart. She has always known with very little effort and a lot of begging she would be 'paid to post' or sent the free goods she wanted. As Insta started to take off, she and Carrie did a great job of publicising her as a 'new wave' of influencers taking the internet by storm. Awards and turning up to the opening of an envelope followed and her star began to rise.

    Then she met Ali the electrician on insta. You can imagine her eyes lighting up when she met him. Simple, but easy on the eye. Takes a good picture, works out, model-type material and easily manipulated. Lydia being the dominant force she is could see that coupling up with Ali would elevate her 'gram and give her audience a different reach. She pushed him to follow in her footsteps and voila! Ali the influencer was born. I want to add in here, that Ali is actually a very nice person, but not the smartest tool in the box but extremely hard working. From a commercial point of view, Ali puts a lot of hard work into his videos and as a brand, sending product to Ali, you would be confident that a lot of effort would go in on his part and would end up with some decent content. His vlogs are drivel, he has nothing interesting to say but his reels are on point and he takes a good picture. It might take a while, maybe years, but I am going to predict that Ali will end up eclipsing Lydia in terms of followers, partnerships and views. I also want to dispel any myth that Ali is unhappy. From the interactions I have witnessed first hand he is totally smitten by Lydia, she has changed his life from what would've been a mundane 9-5 to a charmed life in the bungalow of dreams (!) he absolutely dotes on her and what Lydia wants, Lydia gets. It was at this point she changed from shilling the 'basic bitch' look to gym bunny. An article in the Daily Mail followed:


    (you will see in the video how much her accent and demeanour has changed)

    This led to a substantial boost in followers and the press trips for the couple flowed and the partnerships came flooding in. She was a happy, excitable young woman who was grateful for the opportunities, gifts and lucrative deals that being a 'blogger/influencer' presented to her. Her videos were a joy to watch and most were generally rooting for this young woman and her genuine opinions on styles and clothes. At this point, they had purchased their first home together and were living in a modest two-bed in a non-descript estate when Lydia bought her dream car... A Mini! I can't put my finger on the exact turning point, but it was around this time Lydia started to change. Whispers amongst other bloggers flowed, she had been put on blacklists for press trips because of her difficult nature and it was starting to become known that she demanded to be paid unusually high amounts, with Carrie setting the bar 'because she's worth it'. The same time as she moved, Carrie gave up her job to go and work for her full time. The house is really the turning point for Lydia both personally and professionally. In her mind, she has gone from rags to riches, setting up a home account knowing brands will fawn over themselves, with only having to pay for contractors to renovate as per the freebies above. To the manor born! A real-life Hyacinth Bucket - Keeping Up Appearances eat your heart out! (for those not familiar - )

    Once settled into the bungalow, with a 'team' around her she really started to believe her own hype. The change has been slow but looking back to old videos, drastic. From happy, warm, excitable and grateful, she has quickly turned to uninterested, self-absorbed and stuck-up to beliving her own hype. Never seemingly venturing out the bungalow, and by her own admission, keeping her circle of friends tight, has led to completely losing touch on reality with just a team of 'yes' people around her who fawn at her every need. The baby voices and almost Diana-like, wide-eye, slightly lispy and being softly spoken is completely for show. I have first-hand heard her shouting down the phone and this is very much 'Lydia from Block'. What Lydia wants, Lydia gets. I have seen rude emails and text messages. She really does think she is all that and a bag of chips. It may look like there are plenty of brands working with her, but there are hundreds more that won't touch her as she is known to be difficult. Alongside the minimal effort that she puts in, she is also known to be lazy and late. It does not go unnoticed when bloggers copy other bloggers. We are always looking for the original, the trendsetter.

    The constant changing of her identity has a lot to do with this. From edgy, gym to adventurer (remember that one for five minutes) to country c$nt, she is running out of brands that want to work with her and she is desperately trying to find her niche. In 2018 it was health and detoxing and morning ginger juice (anyone remember that?) then it was batch cooking and baking, but nothing really came of that, then it was gardening and 'sproutlings' and now it's pets and ultra-high-end fashion copying #inthefrow. It just reeks of desperation. There is a wonderful saying "If you try to be somebody to everybody you'll end up being a nobody." Who really is Lydia Millen? For the most part, you have to hold account Carrie and Ali for allowing her to behave in this way and normalising her behaviour. She doesn't have anyone around her to tell her, advise and guide her in a frank and bullshit free way. It is no wonder that she is the way she is. Old school friends have since come to light that she was horrible and a bully. If I behaved the way she did at work or with my friends, or family they would tell me I was being an asshole.

    Globbygate. A great example of not having enough real people around her. You can imagine Carrie, 'Stick your name it, they will buy any old shit.' The first time I saw 'the kit' it looked like a fivers worth, the sort of thing you would pick up in Poundland. The whole video about 'not being ready for the launch'. Nothing to do with that Lydia, your product was shit and overpriced. At the agency, we have no idea where this idea even came from, it's not even something she is normally associated with. If she had partnered with a tanning company to sell these as part of a beauty box, not just the PR boxes that were sent out, to add some sort of value it maybe could have been rescued. As soon as she realised everyone thought it was cheap crap, she stopped promoting on her channels and let the badly named brand die. Glo By Lydia... GlobyLydia.. it appears there was not one brain cell between them that could work out how poorly named that was?

    Who remembers the breakdown video, after thousands of comments said Lydia was mean to Carrie and calling her a horrible person. The reason she got so upset over this and Carrie actually addressed it on her own instagram is because deep down, Lydia knows that she isn't a very nice person. Using POC for her own gain, passing off her best mates pet as her own and the incident shouting at a woman who is 9 months pregnant. She is generally not a nice person. Hence why we are all here, baffled as to how she continues to earn money despite being a horrible C$£t.

    So to the current day. You can see she is fragile. Anyone who gets that irate and upset over hair is not of mentally sound mind. Let's take at face value what she said. "I was put in a vulnerable and frightening position" If she genuinely did feel this, I don't believe for one minute she did, cue back to Lydia from the Block, what sort of mental state is she in to feel threatened by a woman who is 9 months pregnant? Did she think she was going to to be stabbed to death with hairdressing scissors? To ask Carrie to drive hours away at night to seemingly 'rescue' her also shows what a co-dependent relationship they have. Also, the fact she turned up speaks volumes. For two grown woman to bully a woman who is nine months pregnant they both should be utterly ashamed of themselves.

    So we have Lydia desperately copying #inthefrow and all she has mustered in the last 12 months is a collab with a failing 90's brand which is now owned by the sweatshop loving Boohoo. Her star is starting to lose its shine. Yes, there will be more partnerships I'm sure, but she is blacklisted on our agency and word on this will get round and her options will become fewer and fewer.

    My professional advice would be to take some time out, to work out who she is, find a meaningful charity or cause that she can champion with sincerity and be humble and also recognise that although she feels she might 'deserve' the success and that she 'helps' countless amounts of small businesses she needs to stay humble. There are superstars that behave more gracefully than a two-bit chav who posts on social media occasionally. It took ten years to build and can take just ten minutes to crumble.

    In summary, I truly believe Lydia has imposter syndrome - a psychological pattern in which an individual doubts their skills, talents or accomplishments and has a persistent internalized fear of being exposed as a "fraud".

    The tide is finally turning.

    A long post.

    It amazes me that brands want to work with someone who is quite possibly one of the worst human beings I have ever had the displeasure to come across in my professional capacity.

    I found this site after one of my colleagues directed me here after we worked with 'the monster'. Our office group chat has been on fire and it's nice to know her true colours are finally being shown.

    I have met Lydia on several occasions and she is just as unlikeable in real life as she is in videos. Fake sincerity, surrounded by yes people. Absolute delusions of massive f**king grandeur. The narrative she portrays changes like the wind, the best example of that is 'rich dad' V's 'being homeless' she chooses her background to suit what she is trying to achieve or what story she wants to tell or whatever suits what she is flogging that week. Homeless 'housing association' Ibiza slaggy shot girl to Faux Country C*nt. Never have I instantly disliked someone so much.

    I work in fashion PR and a while back I had the misfortune of working with Lydia and her assistant as part of a campaign. Carrie is Lydia's gatekeeper, lapdog and as Lydia recently described in her own words, 'punchbag'. Do not be mistaken, Carrie is her number one fan. She idolises her and is her enabler. Lydia only surrounds herself with people that kiss her ass, which is why she is so completely out of touch with reality. Horrifyingly, the baby voices and teenage giggling are not limited to the walls of the bungalow you silly little moo moos.

    Lydia was rude, demanding, entitled and downright displeasing. I think this stems from a severe lack of social interaction and never leaving her bungalow. She has no concept whatsoever of how she is perceived. Even when you can see she is trying to mask the bitch quips, she just comes across as self-absorbed. She is never off her multiple phones, she would probably argue that it's part of the job, but glued non-stop, scrolling and presumingly deleting. Personally, I don't care what you have going on, you look up from your phone and acknowledge people that talk to you and that are trying to help you. My colleagues are not part of your warped little set-up where you are Queen Bee and you believe you have a right to talk to people like shit. Not one person who worked on that campaign found her to be even remotely pleasant.

    The Video: I watched with disbelief yesterday as she tries to continually be 'the victim' saying she was fearful and using phases that insinuated she was about to be violently or sexually attacked, yet it turned out she's in a house with a pregnant woman who was just days from giving birth. What was the crime? She didn't like her hair and she wasn't going to leave until it was sorted. Sorry did I miss something? Seriously, girls, what are we missing? What are other people watching who are liking this utter nonsense? Are we the minority? Has the world finally lost the plot?
    Having worked with Lydia I can confirm that everything Nicky described, is one hundred percent exactly how she is. Horrible.

    The bullying/victim campaign: I respect that an Instagram page is an owners 'home' but you cannot put yourself on a public platform, lie, then not expect to get called out for it and call it bullying when people criticise you. If you're making money and using it as a platform to sell your shitty, poorly made Chinese products you cannot block customers for leaving bad reviews if your £50 Globby tat is totally whack and worth about a pound.

    Being called out for buying a handbag and being 'momentarily' happy after her grandfather died: No. You cannot use death to garner support. Everyone deals with death in their own way and everyone grieves differently, everyone understands that. Have a week off, don't post anything stop showing off. If nothing else it's disrespectful to your family. When you can see it is clearly for the sympathy vote and views it makes people sick to their stomachs.

    Lydia says that handbags and big houses won't make you happy: This is probably the only statement I have ever believed from Lydia. She seemingly has everything she probably could've only ever dreamed of when she was 'homeless' yet you can see the sadness in her eyes. She is perpetually unhappy. She is constantly searching for 'something' and searching in all the wrong places because she is looking for happiness by changing her house, her style, her friends, even her face and seeking validation from strangers off the internet. She believes, and is probably told by those close to her, that anyone who criticises her is jealous. Of course, most of us would agree we wouldn't say no to the odd freebie in return for a couple of #flogs, but it gives no purpose in life, which is why she is so desperately unhappy. if she used her platform for a worthwhile, long-term charity campaign or something she really believed in and stuck to it, and put the effort into something more meaningful she wouldn't feel the need to keep changing. She is only changing her style and her house because she is actually miserable to the core. No amount of #paidpartnership or #Hermeswish will change that.

    Getting her tits out: Lydia, darling, someone needs to tell you that no-one in the country with any class gets their breasts out if muddy chic is the look you are going for this month. Or is this 'Ibiza slaggy shot girl' now doing reels? The desperation in her eyes, the awkward walk and the exact copying of #intheFrow it is utterly pathetic to watch. Do something original, be you. We have yet to see it.

    Change: Before we started working with Lydia we had a quick skim through some old videos and photos, she seems to have changed so much. She used to look so happy, so fresh, always smiling and a real warm inviting aura around her. There was a video from her old house and she was a joy to watch; excitable, ambitious, humble. That has all but evaporated and the exterior shows that. Her face is hard, her eyes unhappy, unsure, her default mood is angry, she comes across as smug and also exceptionally ungrateful. I don't like to place importance on physical beauty but whatever she is currently doing to her face she is morphing into a cross between Lauren Goodger and Kryten from Red Dwarf.

    As a footnote, Ali is as simple as you would imagine him to be, and short.... like a little quiffed oompa loompa. Genuinely nice chap. Being mean to him would be the equivalent of kicking a puppy. He's as dull as dishwater and his vlogs are as exciting as watching #FarrowandBall paint dry, but fair play to the illiterate one, he's gone from fulltime electrician to posting pictures and words on the internet for a living and driving an Aston #Ad. Ali, like all influencers, is now at what we in the industry call the turning point, you can see it coming from a mile off, at first they're grateful and cannot believe their luck they get to do this for a living, lapping up all the free shit and turning up to an opening of an envelope ... to being an asshole, complaining how hard it is, the backlash, the negative feedback to finally taking some time out and having a 'much-needed break'. He has spent so much time with Lydia he has morphed into her. She not only wears the trousers, she picks the colour. He can't even fart without asking her.

    Thats my little ten pence worth

    If you really want to hit her where it hurts, then as a sign off I urge everyone on here to contact Kat who works for the press at Holland and Cooper and personally message the owner Jade or comment on her Instagram page as she takes her brand extremely seriously and would hope she will distance herself from this falling knife. She is also married to the billionaire SuperDry owner Julian Marc Dunkerton and is a heavy hitter within the influencing/partnership/branding world and a party guest favourite amongst the celebrity elite.

    [email protected] or @jadehollandcooper on Instagram.


    Hadassa Cordoba is the you tuber who did a video of Lydia and is planning another.



    Long time lurker here! I’ve been sitting on my experience with Lydia since last summer and quietly steaming over it but after watching last nights vlog I’m fuming! So I’ve decided to share with you, it may be a long one!

    I run my own small business making both knitted a dried flower wreaths. I received a message through my Etsy store from a lady asking if I could make 30 flower wreaths and have them delivered within 5 days, it’s a big order for a small business like mine so I checked I had enough stock and could get the extra I needed then agreed. I said I’d need payment before I sent them so she gave me her email address to send the invoice to. The email had at the end so I was very excited thinking I was sending them for a boohoo event and that it might mean I’d get a mention.
    During these few days my son became very poorly and was rushed to hospital (it was suspected meningitis but turned out to be covid) he was taken into hospital 3 times that week and I was beside myself with worry as any mum would be. Between hospital visits I stayed up and made each wreath, working till 4am. At this point I still hadn’t received payment but was told that this lady was waiting for funds to be transferred to the company credit card so she could pay me, I decided to send the wreaths because I’d spent all that time making them and as a well known company I felt safe that it would be paid.
    The next I received a tagged story from an influencer and it had my wreath in it along with an item from Karen Millen, I was confused. So I looked deeper and it turned out that my wreaths had been used as part of PR packages sent by Lydia! I looked on her stories numerous times that week and on one she’d shared my wreath but hadn’t tagged my business! She’d only tagged the “influencer” who’d shared it.
    At this point my invoice still hadn’t been paid, I sent numerous emails and messages to the lady who’d contacted me during that week and at first she made lots of excuses then towards the end of the week started completely ignoring me. I didn’t know what to do! So I emailed Lydia and explained what had happened. I got a response from Carrie saying she was sorry and would make sure it was sorted asap.
    Another week went by with no payment, I did get an email from the original lady saying she was sorry and would get it sorted straight away but it wasn’t. In total it took almost 4 weeks for the invoice to be paid. I emailed Carrie and told her how annoyed I was. I’d spent the nights my son was in hospital making these for Lydia whilst being so worried about him and not only could they not pay for what they’d had, Lydia never once gave me a mention in her stories. No thank you. Nothing! I was gutted and so angry!
    So last nights vlog has peed me off so much! Talking about how she wants to work with small brands and help them grow! That one business she’s shared now can afford private school! I’m now struggling for sales as many businesses are and she could have helped me! It’s just not fair 😭
    Sorry for the long post but I needed to get that off my chest. And if you’re reading Lydia, shame on you!


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