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    JosieLDN - Josie Fear

    Birth name: Josephine Harriet Mary Fear​
    Born: 24th of November 1991​
    Height: 155 cm (just over 5'0")​
    Size (clothes): UK 6​
    Size (shoes): UK 3​

    FashionMumblr is a blogger/vlogger from the UK. She tries to depict the elevated lifestyle of some imaginary higher class. She is known for her bland colour choices, which consist mainly of beige and white, and a style that would suit a more mature audience. So, it's not surprising, when she told us, that a big part of her audience is Florida retiree women, who, perhaps, see her as the epitome of the "English rose" stereotype. Shoutout to Grammy Bear, a 69-year-old from Texas and her biggest supporter.🐼

    She reads her Tattle Life threads and Wiki constantly, as well as Lydia's, and adjusts accordingly in her vlogs.

    Early life

    Born to Peter Fear and Elaine Fear, she is the youngest child of her mother and was the only child of her father. From her mother's side, she has an older half-brother. Her father died in 2005, aged 66, shortly before Josie turned 14. He was the owner of Gwalia General Store and Gwalia Van Hire in Ross-on-Wye and left her an inheritance. After her father passed, her mom started a B&B at their family home, which has been sold in the meantime. Her beneficiary financial involvement in Josie's life seems quite obvious when you consider that Josie was able to buy herself a townhouse in Clapham, London at a very young age.​


    Her mother's nickname is Lala (from Lady Large). It's a reference to an incident during one of their holidays. The person handing out wetsuits, told Josie, that she was a size "Lady Small" while her mother was "Lady Large". Josie proceeded to tease her mother about this and then called her mother LL, which later turned into LaLa. Josie has said her mother taught Spanish lessons and lived in Spain for 18 years. After her father passed her mother turned their family home into the May Hill View B&B in Lower Ryelands, Ross-on-Wye.

    Her father Peter, was the son of a baker and a mining apprentice. He ran a pub before selling frozen food from a van which allowed him to build capital to start his own store, Gwalia General Store and Gwalia Van Hire. Both were successful businesses. He had an interest in motorsport and rallying.

    Josie has a half-brother called Jaime. He is thirteen years older than she is and lives in Gloucestershire. He is divorced and has five children. He is half Spanish. Josie had to give him her 'beloved' Mazda. When she bought the old Defender, we speculated, that her mom, again, gave her a financial heads up, but she had to give her Mazda to her brother, as a part of the deal. It seemed insensitive to mention the brother was being "given" her old car. She did not give him the car, the mother bought the car from her to give to the brother. Josie worked with Mazda. They drove a PR Mazda for months and then bought a Mazda, one assumes with a very good deal. It is likely that they still had an advertising commitment with Mazda, so to mention the brother to make a big fuss (clickbait title, some viewers thought someone had died) in what was probably a PR agreement was a low blow and unnecessary. When Josie talks about her brother, she seems dismissive.

    Fakery and lies

    • When the Russia/Ukraine war started, Josie pledged to donate her vlog AdSense on the condition people watch the vlogs to the end, something that would greatly benefit her on YT. She pocketed that money and we never saw a screenshot of the proof that a donation was made to a Ukrainian charity. Views of her videos went up significantly at the time. She cold-heartedly profited off the suffering of people at war.


    In her work, as a glorified salesperson/influencer/content creator, she never gets tired of mentioning her A-levels in "textiles". She has been critical of schools pushing mathematics as a subject and says no one ever uses maths after school.


    Haberdashers Monmouth School for Girls (2010)
    Her subjects: Textiles, English, Photography & Economics
    Studied at London College of Fashion, Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Fashion Management (2014)
    She initially enrolled at Royal Holloway University to study English. She didn't take to Shakespeare and Chaucer and only lasted two months.


    A look at her Linkedin page reveals, that she has been an "editor" (aka content creator) since 2013.​
    Before influencing became her main income route, she worked odd jobs here and there. Mainly in the area of fashion, sales and marketing. Started in sales one day a week at Topshop. She worked in the marketing department for Mulberry and a tech company. From there she was able to build connections with people in the business. Josie started her influencing career by doing hauls from Topshop.​
    All her videos are versions of an online shopping network camouflaged in “vlog” style packaging. Everything thing you see is a way to make you click on a link to buy stuff so she can get paid. Every vlog is a well-disguised advertorial. Nothing about her is spontaneous and genuine. There is an angle to everything she does and says in her vlogs and used as a segway to flog a product linked to an affiliate. She has no brand loyalty and is prepared to mention anything as long as she gets paid.

    Her many faux pas

    (new section, info to be added)

    Favourite places to be

    - she never tires to tell of her country life since her big move.
    Soho Farmhouse - also known as Hoho Farmhouse. When she first moved to the Cotswolds, she and Charlie were literally there every day, for breakfast and to work. She flaunted the rules of no filming and photography shamelessly. It is where she first bumped into Ben and Robin. She worked that connection fast and hard and couldn't stop gushing about the couple. She also had high hopes of bumping into David and Victoria Beckham. Alas, she had no luck with that. She openly said she would sneakily film or get a photograph with the Beckhams and that she is not against breaking rules. Some contacted Soho House and complained that an influencer intended to film and harass the celebrities at Soho Farmhouse.
    Daylesford - all roads lead to Daylesford which has taken over from the Soho obsession. We are unsure if there is an understanding between Josie and Daylesford or if this is just her usual begging for freebies and sponsorship, which she is not disclosing.
    Ibiza - her happy place with her sun obsession, she is the happiest roasting away in the sun and secretly yearns for those clubbing days before she started portraying she was suddenly to the manor born.
    Maldives - Backdrop to many vacations, she met Charlie there, and they also had proposed there.

    Josie's favourite words

    hello, my dahlings - her standard greeting. Some may find this endearing, but many find the constant "darlings" patronising.
    oh my goodness - when she gushes about yet another freebie she is flogging.
    makes my mouth water - her mouth waters in every vlog. Any mention of stodge and sweets and we have to hear about her saliva.
    mate (what Josie calls Charlie) - It is often noted that there seems to be little chemistry from her side to Charlie. Calling your partner "mate" (and plonker) all the time can not help in the romance department. Appears to have stopped this and is trying hard to appear nice to Charlie. She reads here religiously.
    cost per wear - on the week she is not promoting Amazon fast fashion, she will promote more luxury designer wear by justifying the high prices she wants viewers to pay, by talking about the "cost per wear."
    invest/investment - when she wants you to part with your money, you need to "invest" in your clothes and your clothing is an "investment" but the next day she is pushing Amazon again.
    epic - so many epic things and also game-changing (this is also Charlie's favourite word).
    brassiere - a normal person refers to a bra, Josie talks about her "brassiere." This irked many people and lately, she appears to have stopped doing this but is amusing to listen to her pretentious pronunciation of the word.
    luncheon - Josie was very taken with Bridgerton and started to pretentiously talk about lunch as having "luncheon" whether it be lunch at home or meeting a friend for a quick lunch.
    boudoir - regularly referred to her room after the move as her "boudoir."
    mac and cheese - her favourite food consumed almost daily. They were sent a beautiful free meal during the lockdown. Josie supplemented the meal with mac 'n cheese because the meal wasn't big enough/filling enough. She criticised a company that provided an expensive free meal because she would have to still cook the dessert but did not mind making mac 'n cheese.
    favourite - we have come to realise that every new PR freebie with an affiliate link, is her new "favourite". Hard to believe that one person can have quite so many favourites on a daily basis.
    Aga - a type of stove used in the UK that stays on all the time and also heats the kitchen. She never stops mentioning the Aga. At the time of writing this, she seems to be on the beg for someone to change the colour of the Aga, a pricey process.
    Cotswolds AONB - we have not stopped hearing about the Cotswolds ever since the move to the country. There are 46 AONBs in the UK. Josie is not the only person to live in an area of outstanding natural beauty.
    Daylesford - we hear about Daylesford in every vlog. We wonder if she has a sponsorship arrangement that is not disclosed with Daylesford or if she constantly mentions Daylesford in order to get a sponsorship. She didn't seem to get a sponsorship out of Daylesford so lately has been tagging Bamford in everything.
    Nicholsons - never stops talking about Nicholsons so we assume there must be many PR discounts and freebies involved. An entire hedge of trees which were planted died. Nicholsons replaced the hedge. She also made Nicholsons dismantle their own display pergola so she would not have to wait several months for her own order to be completed.
    pamper, pampering, pamper session - throughout the pandemic, there was Josie the Fashion Mumblr onscreen telling us how she was "pampering" herself with the latest free product sent to her that she expected viewers to buy. Some were aghast that she could be so tone-deaf to speak about pampering herself all day long when so many people were suffering.
    I'm not gonna lie - funny because she has been caught out for being dishonest and lying many times.
    I decided to "treat myself" - said to justify buying yet another unnecessary or pricey item.
    esque - She loves to use "-esque" as a suffix. We had an entire video where she self-importantly walked around London and Selfridges telling us this was so Zimmermannesque and that was Dioresque. Every 2nd word was something with an -esque added.
    blooms - all flowers are now blooms. When doing a flower arrangement she said she placed the bloom last. Will she say bloom arrangements next? Her pretentiousness knows no bounds.

    Josie's professional relationships

    This section lists people or brands/businesses, she can gain something from in any shape or way. Either paid or non-paid.

    People employed by them in some capacity

    - virtual assistant
    Lucy - the local assistant, arrives at 09:30, uncertain of how many days but soon going on maternity leave
    Jac - a woman who lives nearby who does the real work in the garden
    Kasha - the cleaner
    Jake - shoots the video footage
    Kat - does the photoshoots when Charlie is not doing the snaps
    Lewis - chiropractor/masseuse, Josie is very enamoured with him and always gushes about all the things he "splains" to her

    Friendships (or frenemies?)

    Josie is a specialist at cross-promoting and loves to attach herself to more successful bloggers or those in a particularly influential or monied sphere. She constantly tags these influencers and the brands they work with and is quick to be first in their comments to make sure she is noticed to use them to piggyback. She never features smaller influencers, who could possibly be competition for her, in her vlogs. She only features those who are more successful.

    Freddy - shares her love for pink, white & gold, she turns into an irritating giggling 14-year-old when with Freddy
    Lydia - shares her love for rosé, country green, old Defenders, Josie installed the same dressing room from the same company, and has also completely copied Lydia's green obsession
    Robin - not seen lately but she loved to use Robin to name drop, couldn't stop gushing after meeting the monied couple
    Victoria - goals for Josie, Vic has all deals Josie is gagging to get
    Em - lived in their Chiswick flat for a while
    Emily - Em's friend, we don't see much of her anymore
    two non-influencer friends - miss v nebs, who works for Tom Ford & Hannah - who works for Elemis


    Summer Agency
    Influencer Matchmaker


    Brands she works with or has worked with.
    Astrid & Miyu, Elizbeth Arden, Elemis, Amazon, Sweaty Betty, Adanola, Mejuri, Dyson, River Island, Beauty Pie, L'Occitane, Topshop, Monica Vinader, &Other Stories, Skin+Me, Caudalie, Clé de Peau, ByTerry, Charlotte Tilbury, Far Fetch, Net-A-Porter, Tom Ford Beauty (friends with their influencer PR lady)
    She promotes anything and mentions anything from Amazon to Net-A-Porter (she buys with vouchers), fashion, household, flowers, food, vitamins, and anything with an affiliate link.

    Personal life

    The most outstanding people in Josie's life are her mom with whom she has a close relationship (the mother is her best friend), followed by fiancé Charles "Charlie" Irons, who she 'lovingly' calls "Mate" and "plonker". Josie told us how when she, Charlie and her mother went on a skiing trip, Charlie was the odd one out. One wonders how healthy this dynamic is for Josie and Charlie's relationship. Her vlogs often feature their two dachshunds, Dexter and Dickens. Her move to the Old Rectory in the Cotswolds caused a major shift in content. She went from her pink and gold interiors and white/beige attire to wanting everything gold (change all chrome in their bathroom with gold) and heritage green as JosieLDN became country Josie, overnight. This has changed again to the current dreadfully staid floral frocks.​

    The house builds the backdrop to her ramblings, occasional cooking (mostly Mac 'n Cheese), "fashion" hauls and odd interior choices. We never see or hear much of Josie's other family members besides her half-brother's children whom she likes to use for content. She often references Charlie's family members and shows them in her videos.​

    Facts info about Josie

    - She has keenly taken to non-surgical cosmetic procedures, botox and fillers in her face including lips, tear trough and chin.
    - Her favourite viewing is YouTube videos, Love Island and Selling Sunset.
    - Has described herself as always being the typical teacher's pet.
    - She is an atheist. She keeps this very quiet from her American viewers in their 50s and 60s.


    Birthday: 26 July 1990
    Attended St George's College in Weybridge, Surrey (2003-2008)
    Business, Geography, English
    University of Exeter, Business Economics (2008-2010)
    Charlie met Josie in Thudufushi, Maldives while on vacation with his family in March 2012. Josie was there with her mother. Charlie's dad was the first one to speak to Josie and asked if she was English. In December 2017 they returned to the same spot in the Maldives where Charlie proposed.​​

    Charlie comes from a close-knit family and has a brother and a sister. He is close to his parents and grandparents. He struggled with alcohol abuse and he made the decision to quit drinking any alcohol. He sometimes advertises non-alcoholic beverage alternatives, like beers, for example. While Josie benefits from this, she complained in the past about Charlie's drinking and denigrated him in vlogs to her viewers, you never see her openly support him by trying to control her own excessive alcohol intake when he is around. He has posted on social media about how much better he thinks his life is since he quit drinking.​

    As a man of multiple interests, Charles never gets tired to tell everyone how the world works. Which could be an endearing character trait but also very annoying and not at all appreciated by many viewers. If you know Josie (who often appears very dense), you could perhaps understand his need to explain (mansplaining). It has been said by a fellow Tattler that Charlie comes from a very well-connected family. Josie was quick to buy Charlie the title of a Lord as a Christmas gift after their 'great' move to the country. Charlie appeared embarrassed by this. One assumes it was a joke, but the way Josie spoke she took "the title" very seriously. She didn't understand that the title she bought online was a joke, and certainly not a peerage. She was very disappointed that there would be no access to the House of Lords.​

    Much is speculated about what Charlie does for a living. He is also an influencer in what is said to be the more lucrative area of male influencing. He runs the home and rental accounts and advertising/sponsorships and is a director of Fashion Mumblr as of 2021. He used to work for a marketing company but was persuaded by Josie to start blogging. She bought his blog domain and nagged him for more than a year to join her in blogging.​

    The dogs

    They have two Dachshunds. Dexter, is a long-haired miniature Dachshund who joined the family in August 2015. Josie asked for the name of the breeder from Fleur, a YouTuber who also has a Dachshund. In May 2017 Dexter was joined by Dickens, an 'accidental" double dapple long-haired miniature Dachshund. Double dapples are not meant to be bred and are prone to health risks. Dickens can be a bit odd at times. Josie was seen researching on the computer and decided that she thinks the dog is autistic. More likely just a little inbred...

    The dogs ride in whatever PR loan car Josie and Charlie get to flog for a weekend, be it Bentley, Audi or Mazda. Dexter is prone to getting carsick but still rides in the car, including the PR cars. They have no qualms about letting the dogs loose with their nails on a leather seat of a PR loan car. The two dogs were not house trained properly and accidents often still happen.

    Viewers on occasion, are quite put off by the displays of affection Josie shows to the dogs, calling her face in their tummy area inappropriate and bordering on 'sexual harassment.' Both, she and Charlie never tire of talking to the dogs. Josie uses a silly pretentious voice attempting to imitate The Queen. The insufferable dog-speak voice is like nails on a chalkboard. The dogs are often used to beg for freebies and also used for promotion. She clearly favours Dickens but has made this less obvious once people commented about this.​

    Below is the disdain they show to viewers who commented on the dogs used for endless filler footage. The snarky reply with the childish photo did them no favours with viewers. Post pandemic the dogs are not walked daily for exercise. Now, we see mostly her setting up her camera first in order to film herself giving them attention.

    Properties and move to the Cotswolds

    An overview of their former and recent properties.

    Townhouse London

    Josie, with the help of her mother and the inheritance from her father, received upon her turning 21, purchased a three-bedroom terraced flat jointly with her mother in November 2012 for £650,000 at Mandeville Mews, London. Josie and her mother appeared to have equal shares in the property and in the documents for the homeowners' body corporate company. When they renovated the flat, it was Josie's mother who arranged and oversaw the major renovations (bathroom, painting, carpets) while Josie and Charlie were away travelling. She likely paid towards this as well. Josie used to let out a room in the flat to cover costs. Charlie was still working in advertising and paid towards living expenses, including covering the costs of Josie's private gym coach at the time. The property was sold in 2020 for £920,000.​

    Flat London

    In 2019 a one-bedroom flat was purchased in Chiswick for £480,000. The flat was supposed to be an office away from home for Josie and Charlie. The flat is currently being let. The registered owner is in the name of the company.

    The Old Rectory

    Aka Ye Olde Rectum aka the Golden Rectory, aka the Golden Rectum (on account of Josie's need for everything to be gold when they first moved in).
    In 2020 the Old Rectory with an original asking price of £2 million was purchased for £1,860,000. The house is attached to the church but no mention of this is ever made of this. The registered owner of the house is in Josie's name with a mortgage on the property.​

    It is listed for 15th/16th and 17th-century origins, has a wood-panelled drawing-room, a very green pond (she had the resident newts poisoned), complete with a duck house, but no ducks. The house functions as a five-bedroom house as rooms were needed for a study, Josie's dressing room, and one tiny room was destroyed to be used as a ''snug'' and has never been seen again. We assume it is used as a storage room.​

    They moved to this property from Clapham after the legal lockdown measures already came into force in the UK on 26 March 2020. The property includes a modern built three-bedroom house in which her mother lives. It is unknown if Josie's mother contributed to the deposit for the house. The mother had sold her property and likely was the one the fronted the deposit on the property, The mother likely also paid for the house renovations herself. She moved into the house once the renovations were complete.​

    Some parts of the old house have good spatial flow but other areas appear higgledy-piggledy as the house was extended and added to over many years. Upstairs areas appear to have many little steps up and down on the plan and an odd-shaped passage area. The house is also attached to part of the old church and has a stairway that leads to nowhere because of this. They never mention that the aerial view is not all their property but is in fact also part of the church, making the property look double its actual size. It is ironic that Josie who does not believe that a god exists now lives in a house attached to a church. The view/field which they constantly show is not their property. We have heard from neighbours that villagers were less than pleased with their move to the village and that they have caused disruptions, noise and blocking off of the narrow lanes with their neverending delivery vans and working vans which block the roads for fellow villagers preventing access to their homes. This forms a stark contrast to how Josie and Charlie like to portray their life as part of Lower Brailes. we've also heard via neighbours that they don't seem that happy there and that living there is not quite what they expected it to be.​

    Layout - Ground Floor
    • Entrance hall
    • Parcel room/freebie collection centre (behind the entrance hall), home of the boxes of PR deliveries (this awkward small area adjoins the church property and has the stairway to nowhere)
    • Drawing room (most charming room in the house) was thankfully restored by the previous owner or it would likely have had gold panelling by Josie
    • Dining room (seldomly used because of leaks and is attached to the church so she sets up the table in the drawing-room for the benefit of 'the gram")
    • Sitting room (adjoins the kitchen)
    • Kitchen and scullery
    • Guest WC with basin
    Layout - First Floor
    • Main bedroom, ensuite bathroom and dressing room for Charlie
    • The green study
    • Small WC with basin
    • The pink bedroom with ensuite
    • The gold bedroom with ensuite (not really gold, has their old white Clapham bed, but the name stuck because Josie initially was obsessed with gold, and many things were painted gold in the bathroom)
    Layout - The Loft
    • Josie's dressing room (the biggest room in the house and the same style as Lydia's) ensuite with, the bathroom she destroyed to make a floral "powder room" with a WC and two basins, never seen or used. She stupidly and erroneously bragged that she will have the biggest wardrobe.
    • That small dark blue SNUG (TV room), which we never saw again
    • Small loft bedroom with the green art deco Soho Home bed
    • Small bedroom with the iron bed
    • A small shower room
    • WC with basin

    Strawtop Cottages

    First Strawtop Cottage
    This is a two-bedroomed cottage with one bathroom and was purchased in March 2021 for £315,000, to be marketed as a Cotswolds holiday rental property. The village is not in the Cotswolds AONB as Josie falsely claims, but is within driving distance. The registered owner of the property is in the name of the company. It is unknown if Lala invested silently as well. If Lala did invest under Josie's name it could be a way to circumvent the steep inheritance tax in the UK. They started a separate company to manage the rental business. Both Charlie and Josie have shares in this business.​

    The cottage was renovated with a new kitchen, bathroom and carpets. Many deals were made with suppliers and most of the furnishings, decor, as well as building materials, were all gifted (freebies my dahlings) for advertising. Strawtop Cottage is a giant freebie magnet. Charlie did the project management and sourcing of furniture.​

    It is now open for business to collect its steep rental. They have a 3 or 4-night stay minimum stay and also limited check-in/check-out days when it would be convenient for them. Josie said she is not prepared to change the sheets for a mere two-night stay. This is true to type for Josie as there was a complaint back in the day when her mom made her living with the B&B, that specifically mentioned the owner's unhelpful daughter. They have struggled to fill the bookings.​

    Josie has said that she wants the cottage so others can experience a bit of her lifestyle as well as the products/goods they use themselves. One has to pay a hefty price to use these products, which were all so kindly gifted to her. Currently, the website for the cottage gives an error message if you try to book. Perhaps they have a long-term tenant to help with finances. When we previously checked the website after she implied they were fully booked, we saw that there were bookings available and that they had not even opened the bookings past Jan 2022.​

    People who live close to Adderbury have reported that the village is not as picturesque as Josie portrays it and that there are areas that appear a little rundown and had vehicles with clamped wheels.

    Second Strawtop Cottage
    On 5 November 2021, the second adjacent two-bedroom Strawtop cottage was purchased for £305,000. The registered owner is in the name of a company. Both Josie and Charlie are shareholders in this company. They have kept this quiet while proceeding to procure the sponsored products which they will soon be featuring on their IG account and not disclose as sponsored freebies.

    Josie and controversies

    Any comments with the words: racist, Zimmermann, eBay, bots, etc are all filtered on Fashion Mumblr YouTube videos and your message will not be seen by others and cause you to be instantly blocked.

    Mirabeau nastiness

    After Josie was sent Mirabeau rosé, some subscribers contacted Mirabeau and asked why they would send her wine if her partner had a drinking problem and does not drink at all anymore. Mirabeau promptly provided all the names of the people who complained to Josie and she proceeded to name and shame a person who had contacted Mirabeau in one of her vlogs.

    Her Zimmermann scam with her mother

    Josie mentioned in a YT video that she had "stumbled" on an eBay seller who sold amazing Zimmermann dupes. In reality, it was Josie who bought dresses from AliExpress for £15 - £30 and had her mother sell them for £100 - £200 on eBay. Subscribers soon found out and bombarded her with messages, which she simply kept deleting. Josie never acknowledged or admitted to this scam. She took down that YT video under the pretence of needing to edit something in it, but never uploaded it again. It simply disappeared.​

    Filming at Soho farmhouse

    Filming and certain photography are strictly not allowed at Soho. We saw Josie repeatedly break these rules in her vlogs. She suddenly stopped filming in Soho and it is assumed that complaints were lodged.

    Daylesford debacle

    Josie ordered a takeaway meal from Daylesford during lockdown (allowed) but then posted herself seated and eating at the outdoor tables (not allowed at the time). This caused people to wrongfully accuse Daylesford of breaking the lockdown rules.

    Drunken display at Pandora event

    Josie got rather carried away at a press event in September 2021 by drinking too much rosé. Drunken dancing ensued and an unsavoury conversation in a taxi with Josie talking about pulling va-jay-jay hair. From comments on IG between influencers, we learned that she even spilt her drink over some people. Her drunken behaviour was shown in the vlogs of at least two other people who attended the event. Ordinarily, this would not be worth mentioning, but because of her unfortunate pretentiousness, people noticed this all the more. It is also poetic justice as she used personal information about Charlie, before he gave up drinking, to belittle him in her vlogs.


    Failing to disclose #ads

    Everything in her vlogs is used as a segway to disguise gifted or sponsored items, which she does not declare as an AD. Her vlogs are well-disguised advertorials with a long list of affiliates underneath. The items under "mentioned" are always gifted PR and not declared. This is deduced from other influencers who have the same items gifted, which they do declare as AD/gifted. If she decides to tidy her dressing room, it is to link whatever she is going to use while tidying. If she makes the bed, it is to flog the gifted sheets. If she cleanses her face, it is to flog the gifted freebie products. When she pretends to 'garden' it is to link the outfit and shoes she's wearing or sell garden items. She recently discussed the newsletter of a brand out of the blue. Underneath the vlog, you could find the name of the company via an affiliate link that delivered the freebie mulch to her.​

    Lying to and gaslighting her audience

    • Josie is very short and does not want to disclose this. Whenever asked by viewers how tall she is, she says she doesn't know and pretends that she is taller than she in fact is. She disclosed her height as 155cm, which makes her slightly over 5 feet, but has recently said she 'thinks' she's 5'3". She is not. Her job is to promote clothes. She should be open and honest about her height, as items that are a longer length on her will not look the same on a taller person.
    • Josie complained that Selfridges would not accept the return of a white Zimmermann dress because it had a makeup mark. She said she only tried it on very briefly. In reality, we saw her demonstrating how to use a pimple popper and doing makeup while wearing that very dress, tag and all. She was also seen wearing the dress on a trip to the US with Freddy. She proceeded to shame Selfridges on YT about this, even though she was clearly lying when she said she only quickly tried on the dress, as can be seen here in her IG stories.​
    • 3) Josie kept it very quiet that she has a gardener who maintains her vegetable garden, besides their regular garden services. After this lady was mentioned on TL, they suddenly mentioned her and gave her some exposure. Josie has been criticised for prancing about pretending to garden while wearing white dresses and designer shoes to link to affiliates. After the criticism, she said that gardening was only a hobby for her and that she liked to feel ''pretty'' while gardening. Most people garden as a hobby, but she gardens to change three times per day to link her clothes for the affiliates.
    • 4) When criticised that their dogs were running in the field without a leash, she straight out lied on IG and said the fields were their property. We have had confirmation from neighbours that NO fields belong to them. They are also surrounded by other houses but also never show this. The field seen from their windows belongs to a farmer who works that land.

    Tantrums and throwing people under the bus

    Josie likes to name and shame people on social media when she is dissatisfied with something, e.g. a hairdresser who didn't spend enough time on her, she publicly named agencies who she said hadn't paid her when the lockdown stress set in as a result of living above her means with a mortgage on a new property, threatened Peloton to ensure she gets her delivery earlier (jumped the queue) when they were so low on stock in lockdown, service at restaurants is often criticised, she was thrown out of a hotel in Palm Beach for filming around guests. Afterwards, she tried to shame the establishment on her social media. She was not a resident at the hotel, she asked to take quick photographs/film and then overstayed her welcome and disturbed paying guests. Such a long list of entitled behaviour.​

    Her greenhouse - She was livid in a vlog and attempted to strongarm the company to move up her installation date. She supposedly did not understand that she will only go on the waiting list once she had paid her deposit. According to her, she thought she was on the list when she accepted the design. No company works like this. Your lead time always starts once you have paid your deposit.

    Screenshots of Josie having a go at Peloton... no longer even used after lockdown. She is busy chasing contacts and connections by doing pilates at Bamford now. The Vaha provides classes for yoga and pilates. Followers who follow her Peloton profile say that she hardly registers any rides.

    peleton reply.jpg

    Here Josie is having a go at Instagram and brands that insist that their AD must be on IG...

    Here she is again shaming publicly when she realised she overextended herself financially during a pandemic.


    The following was then posted on TL regarding her post: ''For the record, my friend used to work at one of the agencies she mentioned and they had paid her almost immediately for her work - she didn't even notice for TWO years. They didn't get an apology and just decided not to work with her again.'' We saw no apology from Josie to companies after erroneously attacking them on social media.

    Dumb comments (being classist)

    She repeatedly made snide comments about builders, workers and delivery people at their house, whom she thought may have been ogling her. She was wearing leggings bordering on camel toe and did not mind rudely filming the workers' backsides but still felt entitled enough to degrade them. She was also scathing about immigrant workers. Interesting when you consider that she used those same immigrant workers to move during the first pandemic lockdown.

    Influencers who broke lockdown rules

    After some influencers like Molly-Mae were criticised on TV for failing to adhere to Covid restrictions by travelling to Dubai to pose for content, Josie immediately published a video to say that she will no longer be an influencer (the clickbait title ensured double her normal views), but will now be known as a 'content creator.' She felt that influencers were being judged unfairly as they provided a service for viewers during the lockdown. She appeared to think that providing content should mean they are exempt from rules. It seemed astoundingly arrogant of her to think that influencers were providing some kind of an 'essential service' to keep viewers entertained. They were also observed having visitors by neighbours and had Christmas guests in 2020 when people were dying alone in hospitals without their loved ones.​

    Priest hole incident

    There are whispers that an area in their house with a priest hole may have been covered and that this goes against the rules of a listed property. They had a wardrobe built over the priest hole. One needs permission to even cut down a tree on a Grade II listed property. It is unclear if rules were broken. Members of the village reported the wardrobe to the Heritage Trust. It is unknown what actions, if any, were taken. A section of highlights about the wardrobe disappeared off Instagram though.
    "Hiding places or ‘priest’s holes’ were built in these houses in case there was a raid... ...The priest hole was usually tiny, with no room to stand up or move around. During a raid the priest would have to stay as still and silent as possible, for days at a time if necessary. Food and drink would be scarce and sanitation non-existent. Sometimes a priest would die in a priest hole from starvation or from lack of oxygen."

    Sneaky eBay accounts to sell PR

    All her PR that Josie tells people she cannot live without quietly gets sold off on secret eBay accounts. Some viewers accidentally stumbled onto these accounts. Her mother's eBay has been made private and another eBay account shut but no doubt continues under different names. She was caught listing items on eBay while still promoting the very same items for the ad campaign.

    Here is a link to one of the accounts that she gets her mother to run [2]

    The mother also ran an eBay account called lliszbeth1 which she used to get her mother to illegally sell off Josie's free gifted Pr products. This account has disappeared.

    Below is the Samsung phone she so enthusiastically promoted before Christmas 2020. By Feb 2021, it was sold.

    Josie accused of racism

    Below are some examples of Josie's tweets, long since deleted. Also worth mentioning is that during the George Floyd incident she posted a black square on her grid as many influencers did at the time except she quickly deleted hers again from her grid. She refused to address her previous racism and when pushed to acknowledge the current racism situation, she plagiarised a well-written and sincere-sounding post from Goop about the issue and posted it on her grid as her own words. When called out for this and amended her post to tag Goop but never tagged the two authors of the post.​


    In June 2021 Josie did a Live with Hannah Martin from ByTerry and the comments had to be turned off within 2 minutes because Josie was called racist for bullying black people who pointed out her previous tweets. ByTerry still works with Josie and gives her PR as well and sponsors her videos.

    Below she is gaslighting people who called her out for racism. Her combative and (threatening defamation?) reply speaks volumes about her.
    inoring racist message.jpg

    Josie & The Secret

    Josie has often spoken about the book since a trip in which she 'manifested' seeing dolphins in the ocean.​

    While it is important to think positively and to have a positive mindset, it is concerning that Josie touts The Secret to get subscribers to spend their money, sometimes irresponsibly. Her attitude is fake it till you make it, i.e. keep buying everything that I sell you. People who don't know how she got started think that she 'manifested' her first property, at a very young age. In reality, she bought it with the help of her mother and the inheritance from her father received on her 21st birthday.​

    From there it's also much easier to 'manifest' a house in the country. It is believed her mother helped buy the house too as she lives on the property in a separate dwelling. Her finances ( inheritance and assistance from her mother) are never disclosed to subscribers. At the end of 2021, she told us she will manifest a new property in 2022. At the time she had already bought the property.​

    When Josie didn't reach any of her goals during the pandemic, she brushed it off in a vlog and said it was because she didn't 'do' the secret properly. She also regularly shares that she bought bracelets engraved with the date on which she was going to hit a certain number of subscribers. What she does not share, is that with her social media stats she gets predictions of which dates she's likely to reach a certain number.​

    Sources and media links

    Links to old YT videos showing how completely fake that accent has become and how she has changed to fit her narrative. Little miss Debretts etiquette didn't even know that holding your knife in your right hand was the correct way when she explained about being a right-handed person and in which hand she holds her knife.

    50 facts about me:

    Boyfriend tag Q&A:

    Christmas tag Q&A:

    Buzzfeed article critical of influencers mentions Josie - Why Won’t Social Media Stars Speak Out About The Murky Ethics Of Fashion They Promote?

    links to posts in TL

    These are links with further insights into Josie and more detail about scandals and controversies posted in threads by fellow Tattlers.

    Throwback Josie
    Leggings Josie


    Josie LDN Fashion Mumblr

    Pro tip: To watch her floggings, use this site, it lists websites, where you can watch YT, without generating any kind of interaction (views, ads): #
    For example
    2nd abandoned YT:


    Twitter: got himself banned, we don't know why

    The rectory


    The dogs



    Further information in her blog's about section:

    Secret eBay-accounts
    ChibbyNicholl, probably run by LaLa
    @Julia123 still has a bookmark on ChibbyNicholl:[/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE]