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    PART 1:

    This wiki is jam packed with non fabricated receipts, consisting of screen shots, Instagram evidence she’s posted herself, direct communications with KHM and the many tea pourings from ex-colleagues, ex-school friends, her inner circle and Brands she’s pretended to work with.

    Katie Jayne Hayes
    -Festers in “only 3 bed semi” in Upton on the Wirral

    -30 years old, mental capacity of a 5 year old.

    -Infamously featured in the Liverpool Echo following Homophobic and Racist tweets on Twitter.

    -Had a “collection” full of spelling mistakes with Home Bargains.

    -Unemployed - Given herself the “Lifestyle blogger” title

    - Kate is no longer co-owner of Oh Darlin Liverpool but is still yet to address this online, only reference she’s made is that she took a step back.

    - Is in a relationship with Matt Delamere, the second man she’s referred too as “DIY Hunk/Daddy) - still yet to give Phil his tools back.

    - Has 1 child Oluuuv with Matty Delo

    ❌🟥Please read PART 2 when you have read all of the below >> https://tattle.life/wiki/katie-hayes-2/ ❌🟥

    Photoshop VS Reality Part 1






















    KHM made a statement via her IG stories that she was not going to edit herself anymore or use filters, this was on the 26th February 2021



    1. Promoting drinking in pregnancy... KHM found herself confiding in her insta viewers after discussing having a Red Wine (or was it Prosecco??) whilst pregnant.
    KHM struggled to remember what type of drink she drank, which says to her 150k(at the time) worth of followers that this possibly wasn’t an isolated incident and she’s drunk on numerous occasions. Most pregnant women would know exactly what alcohol they have drunk and when, if it was a one off.

    KHM went on to use the sentence “I was thinking, is the baby drinking this?” And she also stated that she “isn’t against drinking during pregnancy” which is a very odd thing to come out of the mouth of someone who suffered the heartbreak of a miscarriage.

    KHM also let us all know that she knew “loads of people who drink whilst pregnant and they are completely fine

    Unlike KHM, we suggest that you categorically DO NOT let a single drop of alcohol pass your lips if you are pregnant and happen to be reading this. Please read up on Foetal Alcohol Syndrome.

    KHM then went on to promote a bottle of “nonsecco” which she was gifted by Scaviray. When the inevitable backlash started flooding in from followers, she seemed to focus on fighting her battles by ranting and raving that she was promoting non alcoholic prosecco - so clearly didn’t understand the hate of her vocalising she’s ok with drinking whilst pregnant?

    ◾Click here and here to see the videos◾


    2. KHM is notorious for Editing photos of herself that much that she is unrecognisable in real life, creating a terrible example to her large following of young impressionable girls


    3. Khm used someone else’s scan photos (this was first mentioned in early threads - it was her cousin Hollies scan) so she could announce her Pregnancy earlier. The borrowed scan was dated 2016. She deleted the post with the year visible and uploaded a second version which had the date blocked out!




    4. Khm Flaunted all of lockdown rules (March Lockdown) and asking ridiculous questions about others in lockdown. Putting herself, baby and others at risk by stomping round unnecessarily to McD’s, B&Q, Nando’s, Builders Yards with Delo and touching everything within Liverpool 1 when she should have been SHIELDING


    5. According to ex clients, the service she provides in Oh Darlin is a shambles, she is rude, rushes clients, and multiple people have said they have heard her slag other people off in the work environment. Totally unprofessional and overpriced. One Tattler shared their bad experience at one of KHM’s “Masterclass” and another Tattler told their sister's story which turned out to be a truly terrible experience at Oh darlin whilst being a model for a make up masterclass attendee. This particular tattler’s sister was ridiculed about her skin by KHM which was nothing short of cruel. Please see the full post below:




    6. KHM loves nothing more than portraying a perfect family life - when daddy DIY allegedly runs out of the front door to go on a bender with his mates whenever he gets chance. It’s known that a pregnant KHM pulled Delo out of a house party in the Rockferry area creating a massive scene.


    7. KHM Offers advice on topics she is not qualified or even remotely in a position to, such as baby vaccinations, mental health, miscarriages etc. She also swears that @TheMindPT cured her of her Tattle obsession and went on to disgustingly try and charge £25 a session for mental health therapy throughout lockdown during a collaboration with him.


    8. Having her hair done during lockdown... restrictions had not been lifted and hairdressers had not been allowed to open. KHM had her hair done in cousin Hollie's hair salon Glam Girls during lockdown. We know this as Hollie posted about a neon sign being fitted just days reopening after lockdown. KHM posted the photo of her having her hair done the first day lockdown lifted.


    9. Having a pregnancy photoshoot at an unknown location in which she had her hair and makeup done, again prior to lockdown restrictions being lifted.



    10. KHM Deletes comments from her IG Grid posts anyone that disagrees with her. They are all TROLLS/MUM POLICE even if someone is giving genuine advice. KHM forgets that she once made an anonymous Tattle account and tried to slag off her ex’s current beautiful girlfriend and then likening Delo’s ex to a “Birkenhead bike” - leg it will ye Kate.




    11. In July 2020 KHM held a baby shower, said she only had 30 guests and that she had contacted the police to make sure it was ok! 👀🤣 but we have seen evidence she may have had more. She had a Gin Bar set up in her front garden (didn’t manage to move her wheely bins out the way sadly or the piles of bricks/rubble)

    Also in the front garden was a set of large angel wings. In the back garden there was a marquee with 2 long tables set up inside, a Teepee in the back garden, and a large grazing platter crawling with COVID-19. Unfortunately, she didn’t manage to clear all of the carrier bags full of rubble and old brambles that where scattered across the garden.






    It was all hush hush the weekend that the baby shower was taking place, but KHM’s close friends and family treated us to Instagram story after Instagram story that it felt like we were all there. Once the hype had all died down, the companies who supplied food/decoration on the day started to come out of the woodwork. They received a back lash due to there being a pandemic and large parties were not allowed. Professionally, they decided to just block and delete any comment from their business social medias!


    12. Had makeup done again (twice in a week) against gov guidelines. See above for the hairdresser who not only broke lockdown rules but also seemed to double up as KHM’s dentist, supplying the toothbrush to scrub KHM’s teeth, once and for all. Just to add to a long list of KHM’s rancid disgusting breath proof.


    13. Had over 20 vendors set up the dreamy babyshower, none of whom seemed to be wearing any PPE. She also named her cousin Hollie the “Baby of Honour”, whatever that means!? 🥴


    14. She uploaded a SHOCKING Dior makeup “learn your own face” IGTV. She was visibly very erratic and sloppy with the make up. She knew a girl who worked on the Dior counter in Liverpool but made out that Dior had contacted her to work with them 🤣... She also used a terrible editing filter on the makeup video so you couldn’t actually see the makepup she was “being paid to promote”


    15. Posted a photo on her Instagram of the nursery - a dummy clip in a drawer with the name OLIVE on it (which was screenshotted and shared on here) was seen - KHM swiftly deleted it and uploaded a scribbled out version. This was when she was maintaining the “I'M KEEPING HER NAME A SECRET ITS SO UNIQUE” theory 🤣...It is common knowledge amongst close friends of KHM that she picked the baby name Olive when she was in a relationship with PLF



    16. Allegedly misplaced £4000 from the tills of Savers In Heswall whilst working there in her younger years. Her bespoke dreamy Uncle (Hollie's Dad) had to pay it for her to avoid legal proceedings!


    17. We have at least 6 different Tattle accounts now confirming she has/had BOG Breath whilst coming within close proximity to her as KHM painted their faces. We think it is possibly the massive square veneers she has.


    18. Matt has allegedly dabbled in coke and escort parties all whilst being in a relationship with Kate. He was repaid for his loyalty with a hair transplant


    19. Kate and Cheryl (other half of Oh Darlin) charged their staff who work in the salon rent throughout lockdown!
    This was despite trading through lockdown with their various online courses and selling products (Cheryl's lash brand), and reopening when Boris allowed us to, and claiming government grants!!

    They applied to dissolve Oh Darlin (called Our Darlin on Companies House) in October 2020, despite only being allowed to dissolve a company if it has not traded for at least 3 months. The pair of them have continuously traded during this time, even now in 2022 they are still trading under that name. Information from Companies House and insta account is proof.


    20. KHM took OHD swimming for the first time and treated us to a list of everything she took. This included Googles (goggles) and a Small Matt (a smaller version of Delo exists??)


    21. Not paying her own mum during lockdown (who works as cleaner/reception at Oh Darlin) and she had to resort to doing odd cleaning jobs here and there to get by. Kate made sure we all knew that she had paid for her mum's food shopping one week.


    22. Has been known to advertise her friend's hair extension brand “Hairchoice”, but openly tells people they are 'shit' and wears other brands secretly.


    23. Posts about “trolls” purely to gain followers, usually at prime time on a Sunday. She will wear big comedy glasses and a hoody for her “poor me” IGTVs


    24. Had her living room ripped out and replaced with a walk in wardrobe full of “bespoke furnishings” from Delamere Group. Delo doesn’t just offer panelling and sheds... going through a divorce? Email Delamere Group.. Looking into retirement? Call Delamere Group today! #POGBA #FCBARCELONA


    25. A company that Kate was receiving gifted items from, the “Mum and Me” app, received an Instagram complaint from a girl called Aimee. The Mum and Me app owner sent Aimee's details over to Kate.



    This lead to a pregnant Kate stomping up to Aimee's house and confronting Aimee's Mother, as Aimee wasn’t home. Aimee was threatened to put an apology on her Insta Stories apologising to KHM. KHM received quite a lot of bad comments via Insta regarding the doxxing.

    A ringing door bell recording screen shot was posted by a Tattler, which shows KHM and Delo stood at Aimee's front door.





    26. Posted a “body confident” Instagram grid post of herself as a child and a highly edited photo shoot shot, completely missing whatever point she was trying to make!!



    27. During an “AD” for Voduz Hair, KHM claimed that the infared features (not sure if this is scientifically proven?) stop you from losing as much hair and makes it grow. Her followers watched on in horror as she ragged a wide vented brush through her hair erratically, exposing a brush full of hair.


    28. KHM was gifted a £1200 ELECTRIC (wtf) Cybex pram which she said she had only just opened the day she posted the IGTV, even though she said earlier that week that she and Matt had built the pram and forgot to take photos because they were lost in the gorgeous dreamy moment


    29. Claims to have donated LOADS of stuff to her midwife?? and posted on her grid a giveaway of all her unwanted gifted stuff - “tag mums who need help” How patronising!? We never found out who won all the free tat


    30. Filmed herself moaning about trolls once again, but in a moving vehicle with NO SEATBELT ON!!



    32. Olive finally exited the bespoke dreamy womb on 6th August. It was a planned C-section, however KHM tried to put a birth story video up about her contractions and “emergency”, section but took it down after a lot of calling out from followers about it being inconsistent.



    33. KHM & Cheryl finally met their match with Deena (Oh Darlin ex-booty lift girl) over painting her walls back to plain white in the to she rented in Oh Darlin after she leaves. Deena paid for an artist to paint her business logo for her booty lift business “Contour Club” In Oh Darlin and DIDN'T want anyone else using, it in case someone thought it was Deena still working there. See the texts below




    Boss babe KHM went into Arrow Park maternity ward whilst this was unfolding, and Cheryl fled to Ibiza for a holiday, avoiding any further drama with Deena. Cheryl did not isolate after returning.


    34. KHM Claims the reason she left Peaches & Cream in Liverpool to work on her own was down to “bullying” - Nic & Big Kate from P&C are the loveliest girls so no one who hears this nonsense believes Truff’s pathetic allegation!


    35. Has the most dreamy content baby ever born, everything is perfect and it’s like she’s the only mum in the world. BORING. Us Tattlers did have a giggle though when she used a “handheldthermometer and placed it in little OHD’s hand to take her own temperature. Completely missing the point that it was her who was meant to hold it, not the baby.



    36. Uploaded a photo of herself holding Olive in a field. Someone commented on her IG post asking where it was - she LIED about it being her best mate's garden when it was a local cafe called Strawberry Moon... see photo below 🤣



    37. KHM has insisted on showing her tyre tit juice daily since having OHD. Tried to keep on the breast feeding band wagon and was trying to protest she was doing it that much, it was obvious she was bottle feeding her. KHM also didn’t realise that you are meant to WASH baby bottles before putting them in the steriliser and tried to go on the beg for a better one.


    38. Promoting hair growth vitamins HAIRBERST and saying she's lost no hair post-pregnancy, when she has extensions in whilst filming the AD and the baby is 7 days old. IDIOT!


    39. Flaunting more gifted tat she doesn't and shouldn't receive. This included gifted jewellery that looked like it had come straight from St John's Market, and said it was her “Maldives” jewellery. Still waiting for her to go 🧐


    40. KHM once attended her cousin's wedding and had a dress made especially for the occasion and to upstage her Cousins poor bride. She gloated on her IG stories that everyone was either mistaking her for the bride or as a bridesmaid. Please see below for more fantastic photoshopping 🥴


    41. Naomi, Kate's long term hairdressing friend (who KHM never claps for when Naomi is doing well) held a garden party to celebrate her 30th birthday during lockdown in Summer. Delo and KHM decided to take OHD to the garden rave at 9 days old where everyone was clearly off their head, music was blaring, and allegedly drugs were rife. OHD was seen perched on 2 chairs in her car seat next to someone stood smoking. Evidence below.



    42. KHM farted on a live... the video started with her saying “morning guys” followed by a “💨” then her face changed. She looked dead at the camera when she realised she’d let a sneaky trump out.

    ◼◼ Click here to listen to the enormous fart ◼◼


    43. Pretended that she “worked” with Hello Fresh and said she’d been given a discount code by them, when it was just the standard code everyone gets in their first box. On the same group of stories from this particular night, she mentioned to her followers that her and Delo decided to make a vegetarian meal, which included bacon!


    44. KHM used to rent space in a Liverpool location called “The Secret Warehouse” to do makeup. KHM was once caught shagging a male, legs akimbo in the salon by one of her staff at the time. Later down the line there was a bust up with the Secret Warehouse owner, Debbie, due to KHM subletting rooms in the building when she wasn’t authorised to - KHM pocketed all the cash of course!

    KHM was asked to leave SW due to her bad attitude and subletting illegally. KHM legged it to a spare rent-free room at Hugh Baird college to carry on her job of shit makeup - before begging Chez to throw some money into starting up Oh Darlin. She never repaid the money she owed to Secret Warehouse, however, she did upload an apology in Jan 2020, see below:


    45. Her old make up range Secret Warehouse owned the copyrights and stock, so that’s why it just disappeared when she left Secret Warehouse as she never came to an agreement with the owner where she would pay what she owed to Secret Warehouse and they would sign the trademark over to her.


    46. KHM made an absolute show of her mum on a live makeup tutorial by drawing attention to her mum's “deep set wrinkles” every 5 minutes


    47. A VERY reliable source from KHM’s inner circle came on Tattle and disclosed that Kate's ex Phil (PLF) used to have endless arguments with KHM about her hygiene and being generally scruffy. This included the problem of her leaving big turds in the bog (commonly called “Brown Sharks” on her threads) VILE!


    48. Known to write letters to herself from “trolls” and is a self-proclaimed troll hunter who’s apparently uncovered 5 online troll accounts who have ALL told her they have terrible lives so she’s forgiven them 🥴


    49. Fled to Dubai just after Christmas when lockdown 3 was imminent. Delo was not seen for the first few days of the holiday. KHM uploaded videos of herself in standard class alone with OHD, but Delo a few days later uploaded to his IG that he was sat alone in business class (or bizo as he wrote on his post). He wasn’t in fact in business class, he had just jumped in for a picture then scuttled back to economy. A veteran Tattler provided the inside info on this from her friend who works for the airways.


    50. OHD’s legs looked worryingly burnt on photos in Dubai, a follower with a genuine IG profile commented about her legs and KHM shared her profile to her stories branding the girl a TROLL. This girl has given her side of the story on Tattle, found on thread 50.


    51. KHM announced that she had started running again to get rid of her Christmas chins AFTER flying home from Dubai in January, where she appeared to have the sharpest jaw known to man!


    52.Gigantic uncle Fester blazers are one of the staple pieces in KHM’s wardrobe. She likes to think of herself as a “FALCON icon”



    53. Plans to move to their forever dream home after completely messing with the layout of her current 3 bed semi that she bought when with PLF.
    KHM ripped her old living room out and made it into a walk-in wardrobe 🤣, and then gutted the weirdly panelled garage into a tiny living room


    54. Whilst holidaying in Dubai, KHM & Delo let a local restauranteur who goes by the name of “Salt Bae” (you may have seen him on YouTube getting a hard on over dead animals arseholes before he cooks them and bouncing salt off his forearm) video and photograph OHD on his personal phone. He then shared her on his IG profile which has over 33 million followers. CREEP


    55. Bespoke AliExpress Burberry outfits were worn on a boating trip in Dubai. KHM was done up to the nines everywhere they went, hoping that a surprise engagement would be on the cards. Unfortunately, to KHM’s dismay - Delo fucked the idea of an engagement off


    56. Delo owns the building company “Delamere Group” with his brother, and they provide bespoke panelling as one of their services


    57. During the first lockdown in March 2020, Kate was having a terrible time finding herself reading her own threads on Tattle, 12 hours a day. She reached out to The Only Way is Essex Star Bobbie Norris who had started a series of Instagram lives, where he would interview people during lockdown about various topics. He accepted Kate’s offer to appear on his Instagram and she made her own poster for the event, which was widely misinterpreted for a “local psychic night” advert. During this live IGTV, Kate broke down into tears and shouted over the top of Bobbie that a Tattle troll had written that they had seen her smoking whilst pregnant. Kate lied through her teeth to Bobbie, making out that she “WAS EATING A TWEEERRRL BOB”


    58. Delo’s wardrobe is quite versatile. He is partial to a Footlocker uniform and even pulls off a silk scarf, making every female Tattler's fanny slam shut like a Venus flytrap.


    59. Kate's relationship with PLF came crashing down not long after opening Oh Darlin in September 2018. The bedsheets were still warm when Delo was slipping his little legs into them in October 2018. Grid posts on Kate's IG confirm she was in Delo’s residence in Essex in October 2018, which he once shared with his ex Danielle. The romance was evident from the very beginning as KHM and Delo apparently met and had their first date at the gym.
    Following their break up, KHM was taken to court by PLF over the 3-bed semi she now lives in, as he was never on the mortgage but contributed to bills. KHM notoriously posted frequently during their relationship how much PLF worked his long fingers to the bone on their home. She was ordered to pay him £10,000 as the judge was in his favour. Delo then picked up PLF’s tools and took over the role of house doer upper.


    60. During lockdown 1 in March 2020, Kate infamously announced on her IG stories that she would offer a free makeup course to a McDonald's worker in exchange for a free burger, to save her from sitting in the hour-long queues at the drive-through.


    61.We have had plenty of real life encounters confirmed on these threads so far, but the favourite and most frequent with KHM can be seen below, regarding KHM stomping up to an innocent woman merely speaking on her phone, who KHM accused of filming 🤣


    62. A Tattler once famously mistook the abbreviation SW (Secret Warehouse) for Slimming World, and they posted that they were absolutely shocked that KHM was found shagging the group leader, which had the rest of us absolutely screaming🤣🤣!


    63. During the weird tier system times shortly after Lockdown 2, Kate took it upon herself to help a local food bank called Charlottes Brightside, for an hour at a time. She would notoriously stomp around the building fingering all the food packs and film it for her IG, shouting over the top of the rest of the volunteers, and then leave.


    64. Went through a phase of constantly posting about taking a bath, usually treating us to a lovely IG story of her bath which would have tan tide marks all around it.


    65. KHM is known to be a scruffy individual. She does not iron any of her clothes, and once paid a local cleaning company to clean 4 year old tan marks out of her manky cream carpets. If you look closely when she next films “glam”, her makeup brushes are usually caked in months-old foundation and her mirrors are absolutely drenched in dust.


    66. During the global pandemic, KHM joined the long list of panic buyers. However, she wasn’t clambering over OAPs for toilet roll to cover her brown sharks. Oh no, she was rushing around unnecessarily trying to fill up her bespoke plastic pantry tubs with cereal, skips, and koka noodles


    67. Another real life encounter regarding buying an item of clothing from KHM via Depop was brought to light. It arrived and stunk of chip fat. The girl messaged KHM asking for a refund - KHM told her it wasn’t the clothes that stunk, it was the packaging. She did not give a refund and blocked the girl 😭 The buyer threw the stinky clothing away.


    68. Kate claims to have signature timeless designer pieces in her wardrobe, but NEVER tags the designer in her posts.
    Is that Burberry or DHGate, Kate?



    69. KHM had gastric band/balloon surgery at some point in 2018, causing her to drop to a size 8. She was once in good physical shape with no need to edit her body. She publicly thanked her PT on the below Instagram post, surprisingly failing to mention the weight loss surgery. However, shortly after losing all the weight and dropping her PT she was obsessively editing herself and gaining more and more weight. KHM has always sworn down that “my legs have always been thin



    70. Kate claims to have been visiting Dubai for the past 14 years. 14 years ago there was nothing to do but look at rubble and glance at a local Arab passing on a heavy camel.


    71. Delo has unfortunately been catfished by KHM. It has been known his mates have ripped the back out of him for dating someone who looks nothing like their photos. KHM has been referred too as “Catfish Kate” by colleagues and both her and Delo’s close friends.


    72. During a recent lockdown, KHM did a Superdrug haul wearing her mask on her chin, and fingering every product she could. When called out, she claimed she only touched things as she was nervous, and did the haul out of the goodness of her heart.


    73. We saw KHM take a shopping trip to John Lewis during lockdown with Delo, and was again fingering all the products on the shelves. Kate gave Instagram and her followers the finger when called out for not wearing a mask in the lift; she claimed her partner was exempt from wearing a mask even though he had been photographed wearing one before on a weekend away to the Cotswolds. Delo was then seen wearing a mask in Dubai later in the year.


    74. Repeatedly claims that she no longer edits her pictures and hasn’t done since before being pregnant. Yet IG grid posts from KHM posted days apart show she must have lost 14 stone in a day between her trip to Delamere forest with newborn OHD and the following post where she was at home.


    75. In May 2020 we had an ex friend/Oh Darlin colleague under the Tattle handle @Whotheheckisjenks spill some hot tea about KHM, confirming speculations and giving inside information from Oh Darlin. See screen shots below:






    76. KHM once treated us to a baby hospital bag IGTV, which explained in depth how much unnecessary shit she had packed. This included brand new fluffy WHITE towels, a CANDLE, and silky white PJs. The following day, IG followers noticed a possible rift between Delo and KHM. KHM was filming Delo bring her over a glass of orange juice; she held her hand out to take it from him, and Delo slammed it down on the kitchen side and walked off.


    77. KHM went through a phase of making sure she let her IG followers know that she had a private investor (investigator) on all of the trolls cases and was apparently in regular contact with the police. The police did visit her on one occasion, after an anonymous tip off to the police that she was breaking lockdown rules. This resulted in her uploading another crying video.


    78. A recent real life encounter saw a Tattler join the website to tell the tale of her Dad's encounter with KHM. She was out in the Wirral walking with Delo, OHD in the car seat on the pram, and Max. The Tattler's Dad noticed KHM did not pick up Max’s poo, so he politely asked whether could they clear up the mess like good citizens. KHM apparently was rude, abrupt, and said she would set her “legal team” on the poor bloke.


    79. The Delamere Group Instagram posted a before/during post of the ex-living room, soon to be “Kate's walk in wardrobe”, and weirdly described it as a bedroom. Even Delo must know how nuts it would sound confessing he’d ripped out his own living room to house his girlfriend's creased clobber. See below for the living room before.



    80. KHM had us all on the edge of our seats when she kept announcing a big life-changing, career skyrocketing project she’d been working on. This of course turned out to be a collaboration with “GIFDBOX”, an unknown company who had lashed all of KHM’s favourite products into a box and slapped a whopping £119.99 price tag on it.
    KHM tried to flog the boxes as best she could via erratic Instagram stories, but got herself in a pickle when she couldn’t even work out whether it was cheaper to buy the contents individually with her discount codes, and how much you would save by buying from GIFDBOX. An exclusive 100 boxes were put for sale live which “sold out”, although you could still add 70 to your basket via the website. Poor old KHM was back again saying due to popular demand they had some more stock and that they were selling out/limited stock etc etc... but on the last day of the exclusive box of tat, there were still 62/100 left.

    81. KHM teamed up with @Socialista for a one-off masterclass in how to start a career in SOCIAL MEDIA and be an influencer. Followers were offered the masterclass for a fee, and all watched in horror on a private IG as the pair - who were from different households - did not maintain the 2-metre social distancing rule, and drank together whilst chatting pure shit. There was some slight back lash when it ended, as Anna Socialista gave out the bad advice to most of the young girls watching to always USE FILTERS.
    A local girl called Becky posted on her Instagram that she was against encouraging young girls to filter themselves, Anna saw her arse and attacked the girl via an insta story by mocking Becky for having fake boobs. Becky reached out to KHM nd got the below response:



    82. KHM or someone in her camp seemed to create a new account “iseeutrolls” and delete the Wiki page of herself/KHM. Very unusual behaviour for someone who doesn’t read this website after being cured by The Mind PT.


    83. We have seen OHD spend the majority of her life so far in the car seat. Despite being gifted an expensive pram with a bassinet, KHM continues to curl OHD up in the baby seat.


    84. Took a trip around Sofology. Delo wasn’t exempt from wearing a mask in the sofa shop for some reason, and wore a mask over his mouth only. KHM stomped about touching every piece of fabric she could. She wore a giant black blazer and thin extensions. KHM posted on her interior page later that day about making sure she keeps us all in the loop with her “sofa journey” - whatever the fuck that means.


    85. Cleaning the dishwasher with washing machine cleaner, and cleaning a nappy bin with fabric softener


    86.KHM nearly subjected us to a full frontal from Delo while she was filming herself chat shit for her IG content

    87. At one point, KHM was gifted that much shite that she wrongly tagged a company a IG story claiming they sent her a fake GUCCI hat. The real company who sent it posted a photo of KHM wearing their product which forced KHM to re upload the photo with the correct gifter


    88.KHM was gifted Pampers nappies for “Miss Olive” to try, posted the AD on her IG grid and turned the comments off to avoid a backlash. Pampers had given KHM a script to copy and paste onto the post which preached about how sensitive a baby’s skin is. Ironic that she let OHD fry in the Dubai sun.

    89. KHM went through a phase of mentioning that Cheryl was middle-aged whenever she was talking about Chez. Phrases like “who is 40 by the way” were always added in between sentences.


    90. KHM yet again was hot on the heels of @lustlivingHalloween display” on Instagram. KHM isn’t a stranger to copying ideas from this account, and recreated her own at her front door. Using a range of squashed, coloured pumpkins she scattered them at the doorway, blocking part of it.


    91. KHM kindly uploaded a mashup of “mum glam” stories (all uploaded in random order) one morning, which pushed one lurking Tattler over the edge to create an account and share an encounter.


    The same Tattler shared how KHM could be a better MUA, highlighting the mistakes she made and the techniques she didn’t use.


    92. Delo made an absolute tit out of himself by posting another panelling company’s work @thewoodveneerclub claiming it was Delo group's “new feature wall”.
    He was deleting comments from followers faster than the speed of light, which questioned why he had used someone else’s photo. @thewoodveneerhub were notified via IG DM,r and Delo ended up altering the caption of the post to add them in. What a dickhead! KHM replied to some comments via her “interior page”





    93. Delo was caught out for a second time within 12 hours for putting work up on his Delamere Group business page that wasn’t his work. See below!





    94. OHD proved she really is a bespoke dreamy baby after all, as this week she figured out how to use her Instagram account that KHM kindly created for her, at the ripe old age of 5 months old. OHD even stumbled across her dad’s ex-gf! What a clever sausage!


    95. KHM unveiled her New York gnashers, or in her words “Pealy whites”, but forgot to just quickly wax her top lip before Dr Liam snapped a shot of her massive gob.




    96. After uploading videos of her prodding/cooking a Sunday roast to her IG stories, KHM kept referring to parsnips as “turnips”. This caused a genuine follower of KHM (and also a close friend of our very own @Icantspell) to send a direct message to KHM to simply let her know they weren’t turnips. This lead to KHM calling the girl a troll and blocking her. KHM then shared what she thought was a comment from TOWIE's Danielle Armstrong (just a randomer with the same name) saying the same, but didn't cry troll, and subsequently shared it to her story.



    97. KHM treated us to a toe-curling embarrassing IG LIVE with @theprofessionalMa and the boring talk was all about colic, Olive, courgettes, Olive, Olive, poo, and Olive. A few risky truths where posted which caused KHM’s eyeballs to turn inside out and dart across the room like a hungry cat at 3am. The comments were turned off when one follower commented on Professional Ma’s worm-like brows.




    98. KHM treated OHD to another stroll around Delamere forest (it’s so special to her and Delo, oh and it was special to her and PLF too). We last saw the pair strolling round 5 days after giving birth and she was heavily photoshopped. Today she stood awkwardly for the snap with her wide slab back in full glory. It looked like she was stood so widely so that she could let all her trapped wind out, but It was just to make it far easier for her to skim them legs down on Facetune in the car journey home before posting it.

    99. KHM sported a new questionable hairdo which resembled Irish dancing tiny ringlet wigs. She was absolutely astounded that she wanded and frazzled all of her hair one day and woke up the next with it all still curly!🙄

    100. A non-Tattle user messaged KHM via Instagram when KHM was stomping around Dubai, about being careful in letting Salt Bae handle OHD in the current pandemic we are in. This was roughly the beginning of January. KHM swiftly blocked the instagram user, but over a month later, decided to unblock the user at 23:18 and send a very weird message. The user happened to send her friend the message screenshot who shared it on Tattle. Please see below:


    101.KHM posted on Friday the chisled jaw selfie, and visited her nan at her care home the day after, and seemed to have a completely different face shape. But she doesn’t photoshop her photos does she? 🙄


    102. KHM still cannot grasp the “bubble” system we’ve all been adhering to for nearly a year now. She obnoxiously uploaded a video of herself playing with her hair, explaining that her cousin Hollie (who did her hair during lockdown last year) is in her bubble and she might ask her to do her roots. She also said previously her mum is in her bubble. See DM exchange below:



    103. KHM and Delo had an absolute ball on Valentine's day, enjoying gifted food and cocktails from suffering businesses. They were both drinking heavily from 4pm whilst caring for OHD. Khm uploaded a video of Delo disgustingly chewing his food with his mouth wide open. She also added that he was “rimming” the glasses.



    104. The morning after their Valentine's piss up, KHM was apparently up and about and back from a 5k run by 6am. She posted a very questionable outfit (no falcon icon here) whilst in Diddy Delo’s walk-in wardrobe. Tattlers wondered whether she had decided to wear some of Delo’s clobber to “run” in as it appeared she was wearing a hoody that didn’t cover her gut


    105. A photo of KHM’s old matt black Range Rover and DIY Daddys work van were uploaded by a disgruntled passer-by to a Facebook group about bad parking in Upton.



    106. KHM treated us to a lovely makeup tutorial on how to look scruffy, smelly and dirty. After she had been for a “5k run” she decided to skip a shower and washing her hair to put one of her massive blazers on, slapped her greasy post-run hair back, which was full of dead skin cells, and then proceeded to sloppily apply makeup extremely fucking erratically.






    107. On the 17th February our very own @Scouseymoo suggested that KHM should create some more inventive content such as a expensive vs cheap, to appear more relatable. On the 25th February KHM posted a reel doing exactly that, proving once more that she still reads her own threads religiously on here. Hi Jenko🙋🏽‍♀️



    108. KHM apparently received a cruel DM from a “troll account” (many think KHM sent this to herself to gain followers ahead of a big “revel”) which contained truly awful comments regarding OHD's appearance, comments which have never been said on this website. Days went by before KHM shared this with all 172k followers. She gained over 2k more after repeatedly sharing on her stories the awful comments, and resharing her followers sharing the awful comments on their stories. *We are not going to put a photo of the cruel DM on here because it was horrible and weird*

    109. KHM spent the best part of a day trying to justify why she uses FILTERS on herself when she’s promoting a product and on her baby. She agreed with comments that she shouldn’t filter over makeup when promoting the makeup, but continued to say she would do whatever she wanted anyway, completely missing the point that trying to get followers to buy collection2000 foundation with an affiliate code when they can’t actually see it under the filter is misleading for the consumer.


    110. More proof of constant lies from KHM’s massive mouth. She is still trying to make out that OHD sleeps through the night when at 8pm last night she said she could hear Delo and OHD chatting downstairs while she had been forced to take a bath by Delo due to her poor personal hygiene.
    Her Instagram stories the following morning said that OHD was actually asleep at 7pm, an hour prior to the bath.
    *If you are reading this and your baby doesn’t sleep through, it is normal and healthy you are not doing anything wrong / you are not a bad Mum*


    111. During Summer 2020, KHM’s mum Mez appeared on the TV show “First Dates” and won the hearts of every single Tattle user on her daughter's threads. KHM never mentioned it or made a big fuss of her mum's two minutes of fame, until it was mentioned by a Tattler that they had recognised Mez on the programme. It’s safe to say that Mez is the total opposite of her repulsive daughter.


    112. KHM treated us to a reel of her dancing like a walrus, shrugging her massive shoulders and showing us a weird face twitch. The video was titled “Vicky Pollard to Glam KHM” and was doing the WhatsApp group rounds amongst her “friends” within seconds of her posting. We have never cringed as much as we did watching it.



    113. The above reel then lead to a fellow Tattler posting a video (you will find this on Thread 60 - page 11) of KHM dancing atrociously from 2017 when she was abroad with her friends, wearing something that resembles an adult nappy.. click here to see the video.



    114. In September 2017 KHM was featured in a local magazine's beauty section where she was interviewed and spoke of horse riding in her spare time, and recently buying her house with PLF. She went on to call her family dysfunctional (poor Mez) and didn’t bother to name Peaches and Cream that she’s been riding off ever since leaving. KHM announced at the time she would be beauty editor for the magazine Wirral Life but it seemed to be just the one interview.




    115. KHM “revelled” a collab (well, a cardboard sleeve printed with her name) with BPerfect (who has also approached other MUAs to do the same at the same time) which was a £50 cardboard box full of ordinary BPerfect products. KHM couldn’t pronounce a lot of the products, poorly described each product, and went on to tell us that she uses the tan rraser as a primer before applying the tan, which makes zero sense.


    116. KHM posted on her Insta grid that she had started to take ice showers (although we witnessed Delo making her take baths all week) and this then levelled up to her diving into the Mersey (minus Delo’s fake Burberry Dubai diving shorts unfortunately)


    117. Actual footage shows her star-fishing in 2 inches of water. Next to her best mate's dad. Not sure if this is the bast mate who owns the field or is this one the owner of the sea.


    118. KHM took the opportunity to give us a lengthy self-absorbed essay (with no punctuation) on IG which was all about herself, to celebrate 'International woman’s Day. This included the famous Beyoncé lyric but with a Truff twist “Who run the world? GIRL” She also posted the worst possible photos she could find of herself.


    119. KHM went live on Instagram whilst carrying out her “mum glam”, and viewers noticed her incrediblygreasy hair, confirming her hygiene is indeed still very poor.


    120. Real life sighting of KHM on a run with Max being pulled down the road. See below:


    121. Zoom in to see KHM’s winged eyeliner. Imagine walking down the aisle after KHM doing your eyes like this 🥴


    122. A new member shared an exchange with KHM after KHM shared a quote that stated that there is “no easy way to lose weight”, even though she had undertaken weight loss surgery in the past. She then went on to accuse the new member's business page of being fake and using other company’s images, exactly as Delo infamously did on his Delamere Group page.


    123. KHM treated us to a reel of her curling her hair with the new Voduz curling tong and seemed to spray 3 cans worth of dry shampoo onto her hair that still hasn’t been washed since she flopped into the Mersey


    124. Sticking to her extremely unhygienic ways and overall very poor personal hygiene, KHM used the usual absolutely disgusting spot-inducing makeup brushes for her latest reel.


    125. KHM continues to post terribly edited IG “reels”, especially the one she posted about Mother’s Day where she is seen dragging a comb through her matted hair and then pretended to hand OHD to Delo; you can see in the reflection of the photo on the back wall that he isn’t stood there. Absolutely cringeworthy for her.


    126. KHM promoted “Just Fab” shoe website on her IG stories in which she was “styling” her dusty shit-stained librarian skirt, and then her fake designer scarf with some other random St John's market shoes they’d sent her. She tried very hard to get people to sign up to the £35 a month subscription of shoes. Most viewers were scratching their heads wondering if the black pumps were the same pair Sallie Axl was forced to wear in Dubai upon entering a nightclub. She later had to re-upload all of the stories of the disgusting shoes as she tagged the wrong Instagram account



    127. KHM obviously set up her own Mother's Day display as we all expected (she sets up her own Valentine's / birthday displays too every year) and claims that Delo set it up


    128. KHM shared with her 174K+ followers that she would be spending the day drinking and dancing, visiting her mum during the pandemic. Instead of deleting the post, she uploaded another story saying she was meant to share it on her personal IG 🥴



    129. KHM openly shared with us that Matt lets his balls hang out when he’s changing OHD.


    130. KHM posted a story on her IG showing Olive's hair flat and straight as she lay in bed. Hours later she posted the below photo of her with curled hair. No one should put heat near a child’s head/face for vanity.


    131. A veteran member shared a photo that was from a WhatsApp group (which involves KHM’s “friends”) and another member shared the below statement about KHM’s “agentleaking stuff on this website to create engagement on her Instagram.


    132. KHM removes “Owner @ Oh Snarlin” out of her Instagram bio for the 3rd time over the last few months, sparking more speculation that Oh Snarlin has either been signed over to Chez or is indeed dissolved as per Companies House.


    133.KHM shared a reel where she was jumping up and down in the garage/living room showcasing her outfits which had everyone in bulk.


    134. KHM treated us to a reel on IG which featured her “spring summer make up look” which was gigantic bogies up her nose, half stuck-on eyelashes and shockingly drawn on freckles.



    135. KHM shared a Hairburst related post gushing/lying about how much the secret pill has helped her to “grow my bottom lashes”, when it was quite apparent the difference is just some clumpy mascara. Viewers noticed that Hairburst also changed the shape/size of her nose in the before and after shots.


    136. KHM asked for her followers' opinions via IG stories regarding sending OHD to nursery. KHM made out that she didn’t feel comfortable discussing the reason she doesn’t want to send OHD to nursery. In the next breath she said that enrolling a child into nursery is a choice for mums. A follower replied to this stating that it isn’t a choice for some parents who have to send their children to nursery to go to work to pay the bills. KHM swiftly sent this passive aggressive reply to this particular follower and posted it on her story.


    137. KHM landed a podcast interview with Wayne Lineker. We suspect Delo’s sister who is good friends with Wayne’s daughter-in-law put a word in to arrange it. She travelled down to London with OHD during the ongoing lockdown to speak about how OHD has been trolled.


    138. PLT gifted KHM a bag of clothes after whinging on her stories days prior that she has lost weight and nothing fit her.


    139. KHM dressed like David Bowie from The Labyrinth for the “carefully social distanced” podcast.


    140. When the podcast was filmed, KHM was seen in the background selfishly passing OHD around to strangers/people not in her bubble, putting her at risk of the virus that’s killing thousands.


    141. After the podcast, an after-party seemed to break out and OHD was nowhere to be seen. The poster of this Instagram story swiftly deleted any evidence of the piss-up.

    142. KHM deemed the world “too cruel” and decided from Olive's birth (August) to post photos of OHD with her face blurred out. It was known at the time that Delo’s immediate family were against KHM posting photos of OHD publicly to her 170k Instagram followers. This only lasted until November when KHM realised that the gifted baby stuff wasn't coming in easily so revealed OHD at prime time 7pm on a Sunday for maximum likes. She has been pimping her own child out for free shite ever since.


    143. KHM decided to drag Delo and OHD out for a “family day” to someone’s house. She mentioned frequently that her mum who lives in a bed sit is in her bubble but this looks like someone else’s Home. OHD was spotted with an enormous bruise on her head following her trip down to London with KHM


    144. KHM proves once again that she does not understand the definition of a troll with this rant at Sunday prime time for maximum new followers/engagement


    145. KHM proves once again that she doesn’t understand the lockdown RULES that are in place, she thinks it’s a choice with the “it’s up to you” attitude.


    146. KHM revealed that she plans to get OHD christened and following this was on the beg for a christening outfit via her Insta stories

    147. KHM’s “my trolls” got a mention for the reason that she had decided against a YouTube channel, but then in the next breath changed her mind and said she would be doing one anyway ahead of her big revel.

    148. KHM went on a 100 story long, rambling Instagram rant about how she was bullied in school and was called fake for wearing fake nails and false tan, and having ratty extensions. She didn’t make much sense throughout the manic rant and no one knew what point she was trying to make.

    149. KHM shared a fucking hilarious reel on Wed 31st March wearing matching pyjamas and then matching outfit but did that much of a shit job the supplier of the gifted outfits had to do their own Instagram post.

    Tattle nicknames/meanings and general terminology used on these threads:


    Truffle Hog Momma



    Kate Hayes Makeup

    Matt’s nickname after djing on the washing machine

    Daddy DIY
    Kates nickname for Matt used regularly


    Cheryl Taylor (business owner of Oh Snarlin)

    Oh Snarlin
    Oh Darlin (the business owned by THM & Pepperami)

    a word that is used after most sentences in a patronising tone

    KHM’s Mum

    Olive Haze Delamere

    Kates cousin

    PLF - Philly Long Fingers (KHM edited her photos that much she stretched Phils fingers)

    SW - Secret Warehouse - NOT SLIMMING WORLD

    Brands that have “worked” with Kate
    #AD #gifted #BA

    Kate only works with selected brands and never promotes products without testing them out first.
    Avishag Arbel Maternity
    B perfect cosmetics
    Baby Bjorn
    Bare minerals
    Barry M Cosmetics
    Beaba uk
    Benefit Cosmetics
    Bo Bangles
    Beauty Bay
    By Bon Homie
    Capture the moment Cheshire
    Caramella uk
    Clark and Beau
    Dear bump
    Doll beauty
    Elle Belle Bespoke
    Freya Lillie
    Fresh Thinking Co
    Gabrielles Little Bakery
    Hair burst
    Hair choice extensions
    Health Wealth Uk
    Huda beauty
    Iconicc Boutique
    Just fab online
    Just Olive
    Kate Mciver Skin
    Kirsty Doyle
    Little Dot to Dot
    LMD cosmetics
    Look fantastic
    Mark Hill
    Marks and Spencer’s Food
    Maternita Grace
    Mi Loves
    Mimmo baby
    Mini Kings and Queens
    Morphe Brushes
    Mrs Glam by Michelle
    Mummy and Max

    Oasis fashion
    Oh my glam official
    Olivia Graze
    Paper crown kids uk
    Petit Masion kids
    Polished London
    Pretty little thing
    Prime video uk

    Sass and me
    Scrummy tummies
    Sensorium Beauty
    Silk Fred
    Sonny’s uk
    Stacey Marie MUA
    Tanyalee Boutique
    Teddy one nursery
    The beauty crop
    Tippi Childrenswear
    Too faced

    Vital baby
    Voduz hair
    Wander Doll
    With love Eva

    10 second tan

    Frequent Spelling Errors:


    KHM misses words out of sentences often,
    for example a normal person would say:
    “I am a make up artist”

    KHM version would be:
    “I am make up artist”


    = film



    = fashion icon


    release endorphins

    = reveal

    = Swipe

    = virtual

    = manual

    = night gown



    = burger

    = muslin cloth

    = polar

    = angle

    = absolutely

    pampas grass


    = olive

    she means genuinely

    = ignore

    = Father (parent)

    loft conversion

    = Salmon

    = investigators

    chicken mince

    chicken bowl

    = private

    = granola



    = you're












































    Part 2 - https://tattle.life/wiki/katie-hayes-2/