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    Photoshop Vs Reality Part 3

















    How this classic KHM spelling mistake got past us Tattlers for so long - we’ll never know.. see below:



    219. KHM’s birthday eve consisted of a £70 a night Hilton stay in Liverpool with Delo and OHD. The room was set up with bales of Hay and Delo kindly ordered a continental breakfast for her birthday morning - which consisted of her sharing birthday posts from her “friends


    220. KHM seemed pleased with herself that she was a Mum before 30 years of age and broadcasted her stupidity to her followers. It is perfectly fine if you are over 30 and not a mum yet.


    221. KHM felt the need to take to her stories to tell everyone that she was in a Zara size medium. Zara are notorious for very small sizing.



    222. KHM posted a very bizzare and scary reel fo her Instagram grid apparently taking part in a Dior Kylie Jenner trend which was basically KHM brushing pink Dior blush all over her face and adding eyelashes. The blush she used wasn’t even the same one used on Kylie.



    223. Cheryl finally gave Mez some Oh Snarlin uniform which she seemed made up with. It’s good to see that Mez stayed loyal to the Idol team after Chez ditching ex business partner Kate.


    224. Delo’s first Father’s Day came round and not one ounce of effort was made, in comparison to the displays that are put on by KHM for KHM. There was a box of gifted tat from B&M for Delo and a balloon (he apparently hates balloons so why buy him one?) that she couldn’t be arsed to inflate before OHD apparently bit through it.


    225. KHM went into her local Asda which is next to a low income housing estate and thought it was appropriate to absolutely ransack the shelf of baby clearance items which were feeding bowls at 45p. Although KHM was gifted many feeding items for OHD, she gloated greedily on her Instagram stories that she emptied the shelf.

    226. KHM proved she had been reading here again as she felt she had to post a photo of the gifted food from Father’s Day by the below brand new grazing company:



    227. Ahead of the latest series of Love Island starting, please see below some old abusive tweets written by the “be kind” preacher KHM herself:



    228. Since Chez booted KHM out of Oh Snarlin once and for all, she seems to have has a brain wave and decided to get a bar license and hold Hen Do’s at the Salon. All under one roof you can learn how to apply eyelashes, nails, take a first aid baby course..then once your done with that why not learn how to support a cake based on its mental health. Once your done with that, get pissed! She has named this business “Hen Do Liverpool” but on more than once occasion has had to stress that it’s not just Hen Do’s they do.


    229. Another Photoshop fail flash back -KHM and her Philly long fingers stood in someone’s kitchen and KHM appears to have stretched his torso adding 5 stone onto his mid drift alone.


    230. KHM posted a story of OHD who apparently “plays the guitar every day” .. We all know that OHD is intelligent, from the day she started stalking her Dad’s ex Danielle on Instagram via her own Insta page we realised she is in fact a clever poppet!


    231. KHM attempted to do an “ad” for a Tesco Mop and asked Mez to jump on camera to explain why the mop is fab. A few words in from Mez, KHM obnoxiously interupted her Ma to tell everyone that Max is doing a shit in the back garden.


    232. KHM boasted about a weekend away but was infact gifted just one nights stay at The Hollies Barn 30 mins away from the Wirral for a girly piss up. Naturally she took OHD for the drinkathon of course. She posted pissed up stories to her Instagram and deleted them when she woke up.


    233. KHM still swears blind she doesn’t photoshop .. But this photo she uploaded on her Instagram stories says otherwise, her finger is as skinny as Delo’s pencil dick.


    234a. KHM “revelled” that she will be flying out to IBIZA alone, ahead of Delo & OHD who are following her out there 3 days later. In KHM’s true controlling and narcissistic style and like a pathetic freak - she labelled everything from OHD’s Friday night outfit, pre made every single meal as Delo is clearly incapable of parenting and also labelled baby Bottles with the exact time that Delo needs to feed OHD.



    234b. Tattlers noticed that KHM’s handwriting was very similar to the handwriting in the birthday card “sent by a troll” earlier in the month. The explanation mark is identical, pointing to the theory that KHM did send it to herself for more engagement/likes




    🌴🌴🥥🥥The IBIZA Diaries🥥🥥🌴🌴

    1. KHM and the Hen’s set off for Ibiza to enjoy her cousin Hollies hen party. Absolutely no masks where worn on the flight.


    2. KHM spent the first night in Ibiza covering her stomach with her bag before going back to the villa for an early night. In the below photo taken from her Insta stories you can see the uncomfortable realisation that she will now be seen all weekend for her true size after over 6/7 years of editing herself 4 dress sizes smaller.


    3. Day 2 saw KHM and the “Bride Squad” take a boat over to another island for some food and drink. The group of Hens did a very good job of showing the real non edited version of KHM on Insta at the same time as KHM uploading her edited version:


    4. Meanwhile, back at home Delo took OHD out for a day at Blue Planet Aquarium. He filmed himself saying “Shark” really slow, over and over again.


    5. Day 3 saw KHM and “our” hens make their way over for a day at O Beach where KHM was determined to steal the limelight from cousin and bride to be Hollie. She wore a thrush inducing swimsuit (forgot to edit out her fat rolls) and happily let her name be held up on sign boards by staff.




    6. On Day 4 Delo & OHD joined KHM in Ibiza, they took OHD (in her car seat) to a very child unfriendly Restaurant on the beach where she was strapped down while they drank cocktails - and KHM seemed to photoshop Delo into the Hulk

    7. It turns out that KHM shown Delo & OHD “the world” for 2 whole days. They are now home, likes and engagement are low so she decided to get her gut out with a confusing no sense making post about editing:



    235. KHM, like the rest of us were absolutely outraged by the racism hurled at England players after missing penalties in the Euro’s. She took to Instagram to try and make England’s players being racially trolled back to being about her - as usual. Just a reminder below of one of KHMs racist slurs when she referred to white skin tone as “normal skin colour” when talking about light shaded make up 🙄

    236.KHM was looking grubbier than ever when she posted a “detailedvideo showing how to use Bperfect contour sticks


    237. KHM shared a reel and decided to show her real size this week, trying on hideous outfits that didn't suit her shape, as usual.


    238. It didn’t take long for KHM to beg small Instagram businesses for free stuff for Olives birthday. See below:


    239. Likes and comments were low since landing home after Delo and OHD’s 2 day stint in Ibiza, so it was time to get the gut out! KHM slapped the gut, jiggled it and seemingly confused her followers who saw her 3 stone lighter a mere month ago. In true KHM style, she has completely missed the point that you can be fully clothed/not get your gut out and be body positive. Put that swollen cat flap away girl.


    240. Struggling to keep your kids hair scraped back off it’s face during the hot weather? Why don’t you try KHM’s trick of slapping moisturiser into their hair? It’ll be sure to knot your bespokes hair and keep it in a Hannibal Lector bun all morning.


    241. So according to the packaging of KHM’s range with Home Bargains you can “follow Kate on Instagram for free makeup tutorials and tips” but unfortunately for all the 12 year olds who are buying it, they’ll just find themselves eyeballing OHD’s shit.


    242. Another massive fuck you from Cheryl to her ex business partner KHM, who by the way is still trying to save face and pretend she’s still part of Snarlin 🙄


    243. Want to feel grubby with 10 layers of heavy makeup on, on your wedding day?? Are you happy to part with close to £200 to have Home Bargains eyelashes fingered into your eyelids by baby shit infested nails?? Please DM no other than our very own KHM to book in now!!!!


    244. Please read below, a small business owner shared her encounter with KHM asking for £850 worth of free OHD party supplies.


    245. KHM tried to make out she had been invited to a beauty event when in reality she just decided to book a free meet and greet slot at Harvey Nics Liverpool that any fucker could book, to meet Maya Jama who was launching skin care. Khm (who’s products are in Home Bargains) wore yet another questionable outfit, a really unflattering old mans blazer and Guy Fawkes hat when it seemed everyone else there was really glammed up.



    246. Immediately after the Maya Jama meet and greet, KHM legged it over to Charlotte Dawson’s launch of a new product within her tanning brand, KHM was seen sat on her phone on her own not interacting with anyone. No photos with Charlotte, no mention of her being there by any reposts on socials. KHM was unsurprisingly home early and posted on her stories that she took 4 layers of slap off with just water and her home bargains range fleece flannel. Bork


    247. Kate rejoined the gym and was straight back up to Olympic standard. By the end of the first week she was running just under 5k in 18 minutes at a speed of 15kph. To be fair you could really see the difference in just a week, between the photos taken by some one else on Friday evening and the photo uploaded by Kate Sunday morning.

    248. OHD turns 1! KHM and Delo held a “festival” style party for OHD in the pouring rain which she (sorry my toes are curling up) hashtagged #Olivefest. Kates birthing day party featured:
    ▪A cake on a swing,
    ▪someone dressed as the Troll Poppy
    ▪A white bouncy castle with a dream catcher attached.
    ▪A live band - LOL.
    OHD looked completely unimpressed and shattered throughout the day, however Delo seemed overstimulated by the sight of Poppy






    249. More evidence that KHM does infact photoshop. She was seen at a party the day before Olivefest, busting out of some dungarees.

    250. It was in the news that Olympian Tom Daley had completed a 5k under 20 mins, a week previous to this, KHM shared on her stories that she had completed a 5k in under 20 minutes proving once again she continuously lies 🤣🤣🤣



    251. KHM embarrassingly admited to having FOUR weeks worth of laundry which sent us Tattlers west. What an Absolute sweat!

    252. It was soon KHM’s “Last Maid of Honour duties” which saw her throw another Hen party at Bride and Cousin Hollies’ family home, complete with a gigantic sweaty grazing table. Mez had an absolute ball and seemed to be dancing very fast to slow songs.



    253. It was time for KHM to get her 2nd vaccination, she told her followers that she had to get it because she’s going abroad soon (presumably for Hollies wedding in Mykonos).
    14 minutes later she then took to her Instagram stories to state that she’s only getting her vaccinations to protect her Nan. Which one is it you lying cane toad.



    254. We all know that Q&A’s are used to indirectly address Tattle and last night it was all about the photoshopping of the jawline. She claims she had filler but doesn’t anymore so that’s why she looks like a fermented meatball. Note all the make up on the Pearl clips, the bad scruff 🥴

    255. KHM went on another incoherent rant via her IG stories where she referred to (we are assuming..) flaming pitchfork’s as “fire sticks”.. surely she’s not that fucking dumb. Or where Trolls wanting Amazon electronics from her in 2020?


    256.The day of the big Home Bargins Launch 2.0 soon came around. KHM made out she was launching her new products in a presscase style conference. In reality it was a trade fair and she was next to the paxo. In her excitement to show off, she scanned past her new product - a repackaged ring light with Scarlett Moffats face on before saying she couldn’t possibly show us

    257. The clampits and their extended family jetted off to Mykonos for cousin Hollie’s wedding. KHM proudly shown off another gifted Pram at the airport, and then treated us to some disgusting Delo scenes, pulling his tongue like a knobhead and not being as pumped up as in Ibiza.


    258. Day one and Mez looked pissed off and like she had the weight of the world on her shoulders. You can see the realisation in her face that she’s only in Mykonos to basically be used as a babysitter for the whole trip.


    259. KHM continues to edit herself for our benefit and decided to use a location tagnot telling you” when the rest of the wedding party were openly saying which hotel they are all staying in.. which had us Tattlers in fucking bulk 🤣

    260. KHM (who doesn’t filter anymore guyyyysss) had the nerve to filter herself down to a similar size to cousin and bride Hollie whilst in Mykonos. In one grid pic her arms are the size of a pigs thigh, then if you swipe to the following pic it’s the size of a hotdog. Go figure.


    261. KHM took to Instagram to show off some gifted size XL (see very top left of photo) pyjamas the night before the big day. If you go onto the makers Instagram, XL = a size 18. Are the days of squeezing into a “zara size medium” days over or was she always lying? We’d say the latter.


    262. The wedding day came round and KHM’s Cousin and Mykonos Bride Hollie looked absolutely gorgeous, KHM looked her true size for a changethis non edited, hotel guests photo which the venue was tagged in


    263. Pumped up Ibiza Delo was no where to be seen on the holiday, no press ups for this Mykonos Donut


    264. KHM went live from Mykonos and everytime she put her hand up to her face the filter slipped off her face. Considering she is “filter free” after joining a campaign a while ago to ditch editing and filtering she still seems to be editing as much as before.


    265. One of the Mykonos wedding party guests was none other than Naomi’s husband Jack, the most camp fella you’ve ever heard. On one of KHM’s pissed Insta stories from one of the nights on holiday, Jack can be heard shouting “WATCH ME BROWWZZZ” dead loud. To watch the hilarious video head over to Thread 104 - page 1


    266. KHM shared a photo of OHD on the flight home in a piss stained baby grow, imagine sharing that image to 180k followers which basically screams “I’m too lazy to change my baby out of wet/soiled clothes”.. Absolute scruffy CUNT.

    267. The Clampits arrived back home, queue the over sharing of “how easy” it was to get through the airport/have Covid tests etc. The illiterate fucker will forget what she’s said in a month or so and will share that it was fucking manic, exactly like she did when they went to Dubai.


    268. Read the caption and tell us whether her diary is open or not because we are fucking confused.


    269. KHM shared on her stories that she buys shoes 10 times too big for OHD so that when the time finally fucking comes that petite poppet finally fits into them, no one else will be wearing the same. How fucking petty.


    270. KHM was off to “Pari” and bought her friend some Chocolate covered poo’s with an illiterate message on there for her best friends 30th. She went live under the Eiffel Tower pissed as a fart, telling everyone it was “lit up”. Note the super original beret 🙄




    271. The Krusty Doyle Tutu finally made its debut after KHM made a big deal posting a photo to her Insta stories in black and white to conceal the colour when she picked it up before flying to Pari.. KHM mustn’t have been that made up with it as she decided 70% of it was to be covered up by a hideous oversized blazer.


    272. KHM claims that everything written on Tattle is a pure lie, but see the below post from a regular user and then check out KHM’s latest story screenshots underneath and tell us it’s a lie. Overflowing bins full to the brim with nappies, crap everywhere, shopping bags from 6 hours prior. Her personal hygiene has been discussed for over 2 years so it isn’t a shock to see her house in such a state but there is just absolutely no excuse when she doesn’t actually work. You are not relatable, your just fucking lazy, Truff.




    273. It was time for KHM’s cousin and “best friend” Hollie’s home wedding party and KHM’s photoshop and delusional lies are now becoming even more pathetic. She claimed to have been “soba” and not had her phone on her all night, but other wedding guests stories says otherwise. Also, the back.



    274. Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook were all down and the Influencers all sat at home shitting themselves, but KHM reflected on the positives she took from the social media silence, stating that the only downside to it all was talking to Delo. She then went on to say because the internet was temporarily broken she managed to wash herself, eew.


    275. Halloween seemed to come early for KHM, the pair of half wits took OHD to a Halloween party a week early like absolute meffs. She posted to Instagram stories where Delo was seen doing his repulsive usual slow and drawn out talking like a 2 year old.


    276. Following a teary eyed Troll Rant only 2 days prior, KHM released a “fashion collection” with Instagram business “Jim Jam the Label” who has 9k followers. However, the products with KHM’s name now attached have been on their website since the start meaning KHM has had no input designing them, her name has just been slapped on items to sell them.. On the businesses website, when you look at the photos (which KHM has taken on her own phone despite making a big deal of having a “photoshoot”) the photo originated from Facetune, proving yet again she is still editing her own pics. See below.



    277. KHM shared an “awful” morning she had whilst at home with OHD & Max, which entailed of Max pissing all over her “cleanwashing which was on the floor of her walk in, OHD pooing everywhere (why at over 1 is she still doing poo explosions??) and then she showed us the below photo. Notice how the mould on the bottom step is stopping the patio door from closing properly at the bottom. Absolutely grim.


    Photoshops Part 3: