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    PART 5


    Photoshop Vs Reality part 5








    334. KHM took to her Instagram stories to chat shit, whilst wearing a dressing gown with actual shit on it. She looked down at her chest and rubbed a brown patch and said “it’s probably poo poo, is it poo poo Olive?” which caused OHD to repeat “Poo poo?” - to which KHM aggressively barked “ITS NOT POO POO.. OLIVE IS SAYING ITS POO POO” narcissistic fuck.


    335. Keeping to the trend of filming herself in dirty clothes, KHM posted an Ad for Bperfect whilst wearing a heavily soiled zip up top.


    336. KHM still swears down that she doesn’t edit her photos, check out the bad blur lines around here hideously wide legs on the below:


    337. Tiny Delo with his 1ft long legs made an appearance on her stories explaining what the plan was for their piss drenched garden whilst hopscotching over white dried dog shits. KHM made sure she used the ultra zoomed out mode on her camera to make her garden look 10 times bigger than it is. KHM once again made sure her viewers know that this isn’t “their forever home🥴


    338. KHM posted a reel “showcasing” some new outfits which she’s been gifted to fit her new small “in fashion” tits - all of the outfits were questionable as fuck, see below:

    339. The Clampits flew out to Dubai both wearing hideous webs. This holiday KHM boasted how they booked it through some random Instagram account who got them “the best upgrades and deals


    340. KHM posted a story of Delo acknowledging a woman walking past the pool and waving at him and Big O. And could be heard saying “wave at the lady” whilst KHM was filming them. KHM is that dense and self centred she thought Delo was calling her “the lady”


    341. Big Back and Delo enjoyed their second day in Dubai which consisted of them both eating a 3 course meal and getting pissed whilst Big O sat inbetween them bored shitless and fuming. KHM later gushed how amazing it is to wear a backless piece of clothing now her tats have been lobbed off.

    342. KHM took to Insta early in the morning visibly sweating like a pig, to film herself in the dark shovelling make up on like her life depended on it - before heading down to breakfast. She reassured her followers that her make up wouldn’t be patchy in broad day light


    343. More pissed ramblings from KHM where she pretends she’s had an argument with Delo for Instagram engagement.



    344.KHM took to her Insta Stories to slag off “Omg Finance” the company she was recommending who provided her “brand new” 2016 Range Rover. She is now gushing over “Rockstar Finance” pahahah!!!


    345. The back garden (that she keeps filming on the widest angle she can so that it looks like a football pitch) glow up is well underway. She filmed Delo building raised planters from breeze blocks and of course Olive BooBoo is the best builder, who thoroughly enjoyed being left amongst the power tools.


    346. Olive BooBoo enjoyed a gifted day to a Childrens Spa in Ormskirk called Marshmallow this week. She drank from a champagne glass, had a face mask and even had her hair done. Khm filmed OliveBooBoo jumping up and down and thrashing about like a Warthog that has just escaped the zoo as the staff member (who looked like her patience was wearing very thin) did her best to throw a quick plait in.



    347. Over on her Interior page, KHM was cooking up a storm advertising a gifted Swan pan (which was burnt to fuck) to fry some grey deceased human fingers for hers and Delo’s tea. She then plated up ONE of the grey sausages for herself, acting like she hadn’t tipped the rest of them up straight from the pan down her massive neck.


    348. KHM providing more proof she is a filthy, lazy & unhygienic toe rag. She posted the state of her utility room (which has a random exposed bog in the corner🤢) in a desperate attempt to be “relatable” but it just made followers stomachs turn.


    349. KHM shamelessly continues to (in her words) “blag” more freebies, this time ONE drinking mug from Le Creuset at Cheshire Oaks. She embarrassingly posted that Delo had smashed his old one on her Instagram stories to advertise the fact she needed a new one.


    350. KHM was successful once again at making a natural beautiful bride look like a yellow caked Frankenstein. She also shared this absolute mess below showing that for the premium price you pay for her services on the biggest day of your life, you get cheap years old foundation as a thanks.


    351. KHM shamelessly boasting about her very poor hygiene yet again, how can a woman who doesn’t work regularly, has a lot of help from her mum and has her fella living with her not get 5 minutes to wash herself?


    352. “KHM is 30th” kicked off with a trip to London with her best friends who knowingly supplied all the reality pics via their stories all night.

    KHM held an Instagram live whilst lashing tonnes of makeup on, she notably mentioned 7 times that Delo had told her he was taking her for a meal, so in true Truffle style, did herself up to the 9’s waiting for that proposal that Delo is dying to do!
    Once at the restaurant, KHM was greeted by all her family and a birthday banner including a photo of her before Delo met her/PLF days - which looked nothing like her.

    353. KHM couldn’t get the outfits (she’s worn for her 30th celebrations) off her massive back quicker, uploading them all onto Depop (going against all hygiene rules of selling) without washing them and listing them as worn once. She’s still getting poor reviews.


    354. KHM reckons that in 2020 when she last went to a Designer outlet down south called Bicester Village she bought the below hideous sliders in the sale - when the actual truth is she would have ordered them off DHgate or AliExpress.


    355. KHM also spilled tha Delo gets asked for his photo taken by her “Fans” all the time, all around the world, coachella was her most memorable/funniest of being recognised 🤥


    356. KHM and Delo went to the Etihad to watch Ed Sheeran. they had terrible seats sat right up in the gods of the stadium where KHM the “famous influencer” was spotted by someone and had a photo taken. If you thought that was weird, KHM then took a photo of the persons phone afterwards to post the messages and photo on her own stories?


    357. Yet more lies from KHM regarding working with brands. She posted about a “bed box” which was gifted, the company confirmed they hadn’t sent it to her, adding to the ever growing list of brands who do not work with her like she makes out!


    358. KHM threw herself a 30th party at Oh Me Oh My which was black tie theme. Amanda Harrington (who she trolled on Twitter years ago) spent all night uploading unflattering real time updates for us, including a short insta story of KHM snatching the microphone and starting a speech about Her Trolls, which Amanda swiftly deleted after a few minutes! KHM was seen gurning for most of the night and the grazing table made a come back but this time with biscuits covered with images of her face!



    359. The day after KHM was steaming at her birthday party, The Makeups flew out to Florida, hinting at the idea that they had actually planned a child friendly holiday for the first time ever - but sadly no, a cruise first stop Bahamas was on the agenda 👀


    360. I’m true KHM style, Katie felt she had to be caked in make up every hour of the day in the humid and hot Caribbean weather, similar to what she did in Dubai when she thought Delo was going to propose!


    361. KHM seemingly left the sun lotion at home when they went to Pig Beach, OHD noticably had burnt to a crisp in the Caribbean sun. Delo took the opportunity to lean all of his body weight on
    different large snouted creature for a change.



    362. KHM disgustingly lifted a starfish out of the sea to handle it whilst filming/taking photos for her Instagram story, the likeliness of the poor helpless starfish surviving this careless act is very slim.



    363. The last few hours of their holiday and hours before flying home to Manchester saw KHM & Delo take OHD to Animal Kingdom for half of a day🤔 Of course, OHD appreciated it more than She would Magic Kingdom. The stupid fuckers didn’t check the bag drop opening times and ended up dumping all their luggage with staff in the buggy hire!


    364. KHM was back to lying about the length of their holiday on Instagram as soon as they landed when the bragathon continued. She said they were sailing for 8 days but in actual fact - this is how it panned out:

    Friday - big party in Liverpool
    Saturday - Flew to Orlando & stayed in a hotel overnight
    Sunday - boarded the Ship
    Sunday - disembarked at Orlando and went to AK, then flew home


    365. KHM shared some photos on her Instagram stories of her and Delo wasting time in a Walmart waiting for their flight home. In a desperate bid to be relatable she went on to call Delo “the sad Twat” because he dared to look at something in an aisle she wasn’t interested in. Meanwhile she took photos of a rank looking potato salad, who’s the sad twat?



    366. KHM’s first day of work since April landing home from Holiday was working at a “shoot” organised by Collection makeup with a “very famous Tiktoker” Amelia Olivia, who didn’t even tag KHM in her Insta posts after the shoot.


    367. KHM jumped onto an Instagram live for 5 minutes to “get ready” with her “gang” and found herself faced with the following hilarious question:

    You could physically see the penny drop inside her tiny brain and as soon as she realised what the words sounded like the blood vessels in her eyeballs burst immediately and she blamed it on “Da Trollz” - you can watch this snippet of her live on page 32, thread 148.

    She also stupidly declared, “I am not KHM for a reason” ??


    367a. Later that day KHM & her humungous snoz were on Hairchoice’s Instagram curling her Vicky Pollard ponytail live and was bombarded with yet more questions of her past racial slurs.


    368. Whilst the UK was suffering from a 40 degrees heatwave, KHM and her sweaty trotters hid herself away in her garage “living room” to watch some TV in an attempt to stay cool. She seems to thoroughly enjoy catching up on Netflix with a meter box and mirror blocking most of the view.

    369. A bra-less KHM attended an event at Cheshire oaks which saw her stomping round with her burger nips on show at the opening of a new pop up shop “By Rotation”. The concept is to rent designer clothes for the sustainability of it, however, KHM completely missed the point & bellowed to her 184k worth of bots whilst clutching onto a free cocktail that the new shop was for “people who can’t afford designer”

    370. KHM treated herself to some SavagexFenty underwear and felt it was appropriate on her makeup instagram to post herself in a bra and knickers. In true KHM style she slapped the shit out of that jelly belly throughout filming to seem relatable.


    371. KHM disembarked at Amsterdam Airport to enjoy her brothers fiancés hen party. The whole party where top to toe in gifted clobber.


    Later that day she felt it was time to film content for her make-up Instagram account, so went on propping her phone up at the table and began filming herself eating and drinking like Waynetta Slob


    372. A follower innocently asked KHM to show the best thing she’s bought, presuming they would want to see something relating to makeup as her Instagram is meant to be a makeup account. Instead, KHM boasted about buying her house with no help at all from anyone even though she actually bought the house with her ex Phil and ended up having to buy him out of it when they split


    373. KHM boasted about having non surgical facelift (basically added filler in her jaw, cheeks and more in her lips) by a company called “modelstandards” - who shared the photo of the before and after, who had clearly edited KHM’s face as we noticed the group of freckles from her jaw had disappeared and her nose shape was totally different.


    374. KHM took to her Insta story’s to ramble the usual boring shite she does daily to her 184k worth of bots, and the 1k of Tattlers. She could be seen with her notorious go-to Haaland hair do (scraped back greasy ponytail) - an absolutely filthy multi stained top finished off the smelly look perfectly.


    375. KHM is still banging on about collagen transforming her eyelashes and skin (the exact same script like she did with Hairberrrst before they fucked her off) She stupidly shared this bizzare before and after of her eyelashes where she’s clearly got strip false lashes on.


    376. KHM has reportedly paid £5000 via Klarna to take part in a 4 week crash course learning everything Aesthetics with Lacy Aesthetics Training. Have you every read anything more worrying in your life?


    377. Hilarious link to Kate attempting a star jump.


    378. Olive starts school! #schoolera

    Though she's only 3 and is in pre school... part time... likely government funded but sssshhhh, she's wearing a straw hat so she looks like she's the child of a wealthy family 🤣 Kate vowed not to share any pictures of her first day of school or her uniform... a few hours later she shared pictures of her first day of school and uniform

    Screenshot_20230907_104254_Samsung Internet.jpg

    Screenshot_20230907_104303_Samsung Internet.jpg

    379. She’s not KHM for a reason you know she’s an MUA and skin expert.




    Photoshops Part 5











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