Katie Hayes 5 Truth Revealed

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    PART 5


    Photoshop Vs Reality part 5


    334. KHM took to her Instagram stories to chat shit, whilst wearing a dressing gown with actual shit on it. She looked down at her chest and rubbed a brown patch and said “it’s probably poo poo, is it poo poo Olive?” which caused OHD to repeat “Poo poo?” - to which KHM aggressively barked “ITS NOT POO POO.. OLIVE IS SAYING ITS POO POO” narcissistic fuck.


    335. Keeping to the trend of filming herself in dirty clothes, KHM posted an Ad for Bperfect whilst wearing a heavily soiled zip up top.


    336. KHM still swears down that she doesn’t edit her photos, check out the bad blur lines around here hideously wide legs on the below:


    337. Tiny Delo with his 1ft long legs made an appearance on her stories explaining what the plan was for their piss drenched garden whilst hopscotching over white dried dog shits. KHM made sure she used the ultra zoomed out mode on her camera to make her garden look 10 times bigger than it is. KHM once again made sure her viewers know that this isn’t “their forever home🥴


    338. KHM posted a reel “showcasing” some new outfits which she’s been gifted to fit her new small “in fashion” tits - all of the outfits were questionable as fuck, see below:

    339. The Clampits flew out to Dubai both wearing hideous webs. This holiday KHM boasted how they booked it through some random Instagram account who got them “the best upgrades and deals


    340. KHM posted a story of Delo acknowledging a woman walking past the pool and waving at him and Big O. And could be heard saying “wave at the lady” whilst KHM was filming them. KHM is that dense and self centred she thought Delo was calling her “the lady”


    341. Big Back and Delo enjoyed their second day in Dubai which consisted of them both eating a 3 course meal and getting pissed whilst Big O sat inbetween them bored shitless and fuming. KHM later gushed how amazing it is to wear a backless piece of clothing now her tats have been lobbed off.

    342. KHM took to Insta early in the morning visibly sweating like a pig, to film herself in the dark shovelling make up on like her life depended on it - before heading down to breakfast. She reassured her followers that her make up wouldn’t be patchy in broad day light


    343. More pissed ramblings from KHM where she pretends she’s had an argument with Delo for Instagram engagement.




    Photoshops Part 5


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