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    Photoshop vs Reality Part 4




















    278. Fat tits was back on the “trolling” wagon accusing this poor girl who didnt think her shit “planner” collab with Social Sister was worth £33.33.



    279. KHM was given a Black Friday code to advertise for Hairchoice but didn’t get round to posting it until Monday evening, blaming it on OHD doing a floater in the bath, a pile of washing and then uploading photo’s of her manky badly painted house


    280. KHM has become that fucking desperate for likes and Insta fame she has accepted a box of free Horlicks.. from herself! 🤣 .. She posted the below cardboard box with a hand written note and 3 tubs of the drinking powder inside but when Horlicks were contacted about this they denied sending it 🤣 How embarrassing!



    281. KHM went Insta live with My Social Sister and spent the majority of the time speaking about herself, back tracking about Matt having skids in his knickers and also mentioning that she hadn’t washed her hair in 10 days (go to mysocialsisters Insta to watch the saved live to see the disbelief on one of the sisters face). Finally she said that “Matt saw me come home with this and said you will never miss another bill again” - why hasn’t this boss babe CEO busy business woman got DD’s set up?

    282. It was Oh Snarlin’s Xmas night out and KHM conveniently double booked herself, she didn’t turn up to the salon (which she was bought out of by Cheryl but still hasn’t addressed) but met the Oh Darlin team at a club later on. She wore an arse skimming blazer (which looked better on her “friend” Naomi who wore it was leather pants) and square ill fitting fish net tights which she snipped off at the ankle later on like a fucking weirdo. Cheryl who was dripping in Mugler treated staff and tag-along ex Co-owner KHM (who turned up to the bar with her friend) to a personalised glass and shots with sparklers




    283. Cheryl could be seen on KHM’s Instagram stories waving her card around buying drinks for everyone and doing anything possible to avoid interaction with KHM who was filming her an inch away from her gigantic chin. Cheryl posted on her Instagram about being the “boss” - an obvious dig towards KHM who still hasn’t addressed she is no longer a part of Oh Snarlin.

    284. KHM and Delo dragged a very tired looking OHD around a busy London including Winter Wonderland. She treated herself to some Chanel but hasn’t shown what it was still and pretended to be staying in the Savoy. Days later at a “wreath making event” she posted the below photo wearing a white skirt feat. bulging belly on show but she’s still fucking adamant she doesn’t edit her photo’s??


    285.Christmas Eve arrived at Truff Towers and so did hideous matching pj’s which were not only see through but far too long for little legs Delo who didn’t even bother to take his sweaty black socks off.

    286. On Christmas Day KHM was looking to boost engagement so decided to dress up as SClub7 with Delo and Mez and leg it to her Nans care home. She posted stories on her Instagram of herself coughing and pointed at her poor Nan through glass like an exhibit at a Zoo. Her Nan looked relieved that there was a thick pane of glass between them.


    287. New Years Eve was upon us and KHM’s editing was taken to another level where she posted on her grid a video of herself and when she moved the size of the lampshade changed shape. She wore a hideous green and black dress with matching gloves. Most of the night was spent screaming into her frenemies faces with her phone out. Delo looked absolutely fucking smashed.


    288.KHM still hasn’t told her followers that she no longer part owns Oh Snarlin, a Tattle user spilled the beans in late 2020 that there had been a staff meeting at Oh Snarlin and KHM was being bought out by a very wise Cheryl. As this has never been spoken about by KHM, it seems Chez is finally confirming the roumers were true with the below Instagram post:


    289. KHM popped onto Instagram to finally promote her “sell out” Motherhood diary. Less than 3 second into the Insta story we witnessed a delightful moment when she scratched her crotch and sniffed it.

    290. In light of the Elle Darby racist tweet saga, a Tattler uncovered some past Homophobic and Racist tweets from non other than our very own KHM. Please see below:



    290a. Another unearthed tweet from KHM 2011 was one of her Trolling Amanda Harrington, you know - the woman who she’s just done a Christmas cook along with? Can’t make this shit up.


    290b. KHM also disgustingly directly trolled some reality stars back in the day, including Lucy Meck who last year had Delo OHD and cling on Kate round for a panelling quote - Delo didn’t end up panelling Lucy’s home. A few more reality stars were in the firing line of Wirrals 107th best MUA too, see below:



    290c. KHM’s guilty conscience got the better of her and she later deleted her Twitter which was filled with vile racist and homophobic tweets, but Tattle never forgets.




    291. In true KHM style, an immature finger pointing Instagram meltdown came no more than 4 hours after the uncovered tweets where she began to dox “fake accounts” and random girls who have probably never trolled her at all: see below








    292. KHM uploaded Instagram stories the morning after the Instagram melt down with crocodile tears and declaring she’s had “100000’s of DM’s commending her”. She didn’t once acknowledge at all that she had been caught making Homophobic and racist tweets and Trolling Z list celebrities.


    293. Imagine being that self obsessed you hound your own mum to remove a photo of yourself that shows your true size/appearance.



    294. A Tattler’s acquaintance was approached by KHM on her “Olives Mummy” Instagram account which infamously has the bio “for friends and family only” proving that more and more “friends” from Camp Truff log into tattle more than we do:









    295.The Liverpool Echo ran a story on the homophobic tweets which KHM shared several years ago which revealed that Home Bargains were launching an investigation:







    295a.The comments on Liverpool Echo’s article on Facebook blew up, there were far to many to document but one to make note of is below from Drew, owner of Owen Drew Candles.. and a reminder of why he finds KHM “unpalatable



    296. After KHM spent the majority of the first week of January festering in her crusty sheeted bed and only resharing randoms buying her Home Bargains tat on Insta stories - she put the below story up which we think in her mind is her “apology”.. Notice how she made out she had a photoshoot when in reality she was just doing someone’s make up at a photoshoot?



    297a. KHM took to her stories to tell her followers that she hadn’t showered for 2 weeks due to being suicidal - and was about to “wave” the negativity away and go for a night out to Chester. Delo seemed to celebrate the fact his girlfriend was now clean by getting his Fartier bangle out for the occasion.


    297b. KHM posted the below story of Matt proudly showing off his “lip balm” like a middle aged woman who’s received a free product from Boots when she spent over £30.



    298. Just another non subtle reminder from Chez that she is the sole owner of Oh Snarlin.


    299. KHM scraped the barrel for content one evening and decided to prop her phone inside her fridge against a 3 week old pot of overnight oats& some of Delo’s frozen hair follicles to recorded a really weird video on her Insta stories. The video was of KHM opening the fridge, flashing a creepy menacing smile and pretending to search the rusty fridge for snacks.


    300. KHM posted a reel trying on a number of grotesque gifted coats and she appeared to dramatically change size throughout it, see below;


    301. More evidence of KHM lying through her huge stinking teeth about the “free tutorials” which is stated on the packaging of her single use plastic products in Home Bargains. The actual packaging says to follow @katehayesmakeup for tutorials not the @bykatehayes Instagram page. As you can see there is not one single Tutorial/Live where she has taken the time to explain products or do a tutorial in makeup, it’s all short and fast TikTok’s of other people using her products.



    302. Ever lay awake at night wondering how to bake Oats like everyone else on TikTok? Have you found yourself hoping someone will do a Livebake off” on Instagram and lash Oats milk and frozen fruit all in the oven? Well wait no more -Our very own KHM (complete with swinging tyre tits and greasy hair) collaborated with one of the “Social sisters” and together they baked a gigantic OHD portion of oats and lashed it all in the oven. She admitted within a minute of being live that she had no bra on, she then went on to tell everyone how OHD would typically snaffle 80 grams of oats within a day. I hope you can now sleep at night!


    303. KHM spent the afternoon with her friend filming her around L1 so that she could make some really shit reels to post on Insta. the same day she filmed a display in Harvey Nichols Beauty Bazaar at Penhaligons with the word AD insinuating she had been gifted some products from there. When contacted, Penghaligons said they categorically were not working with KHM and had reached out to her to ask her to remove the word AD from her post.




    304. It’s finally February, KHM told her followers on Insta stories that she’s “had the worst January” so she decided to mark the 1st of February with a baking day with OHD. She posted photos of an angry looking OHD and they made undercooked cookies which more than likely gave Delo the shits. Elf on the Shelf from December was still up in the kitchen, proving yet again that house is untidy and unclean.


    305. KHM: “I’m fully booked this year, also in 2022 and next year” also KHM:

    306. KHM flew out to Ireland for the BPerfect launch party of a new foundation which was basically an Ilmakiage copy. KHM drank wine and prosecco at the airport put the 🇮🇪 flag alongside her rambling Insta stories to celebrate her flight to Belfast 🥴.. Once there she got ready in her hotel room on her own and told her followers she used the N6 shade, which on the website is showcased on a woman of colour 🧐


    307. Since most brands dropped her like a hot brick, KHM her assistant resorted into selling all the clothes she had previously been gifted on Depop with a strict and dodgey “no returns policy”. The last time she her assistant sold clothes on Depop so that she could buy an aldi shop, an unhappy customer complained due to the garment smelling of chip fat!


    308. KHM posted about a give away of random make up crap that looked like it had been pulled out of a discounted bin. She said she was announcing the winner one evening at 8pm which she failed to do. Then she announced a woman who lives within a mile from her had won the giveaway, then oddly, the woman had all of the give away make up in her possession no more than 12 hours after being chosen as the winner?

    Proving that:
    1. The giveaway wasn’t fair
    2. Khm couldn’t afford to pay for the postage if she had chosen someone at random (like she’s meant to).

    309. KHM posted that she finally can fit into jeans 🤥 (despite posting photos of herself in jeans atleast 3 times prior to this) and proving yet again that she is STILL EDITING HER PHOTOS.

    310a. More lies from KHM on Valentine’s Day - whilst out for a meal in Dash with Delo she was busy advertising an app called “Zilch” which allows you to pay later when your shopping on the high street (“Awww, ye skint??”). Not only was she encouraging her young followers to get into debt, like she is, she let slip that she has bought her Uggs from JD Sports on the Zilch app. Below is a reminder of how she claimed/lied that the Uggs were gifted to her a few weeks ago 🤥



    310b. Zilch were contacted and confirmed quickly that they hadn’t teamed up with KHM, yet another Brand who she is pretending to work with - see below:


    311. KHM posted a bizarre reel with “outfit links” to her grid and story of THAT outfit she wore for Galentines, boasting that she wears a size 12 jean. But she’s forgot that she posted an unflattering “reality” photo of her belly absolutely crammed into the size 12 jeans 10 days ago. Just because you can zip up a size 12 doesn’t mean you should wear them when they cut off your circulation!!


    312. KHM’s home bargain “range” seen being removed from 2 different stores on the Wirral today (3rd March2022) after the backlash Home Bargains received after the infamous Liverpool Echo article very seriously.


    313a. KHM was asked to be one of the MUA’s at a Wedding show where “Belissima brides” organised the Catwalk. Truff managed to worm her way onto said Catwalk, acting very awkward stomping down like a bouncer and punching the air as she left stage - showcasing her massive infamous back.



    313b. Once KHM has managed to get out of THAT wedding dress with the busting zip - the end of the show featured KHM snatching the Mic from the presenter on the stage to tell the audience the “Glam” team all felt like drinking from 8am but decided to wait until 12pm 🥴 and then added a very insincere “I hope all your weddings go ahead” - what’s that even mean?!


    314. KHM bizarrely celebrated “Earth Day” (which is a day celebrating greater awareness of the Environment) by gloating about her massive carbon footprint on the earth, posting every country she’s visited, complete with old holiday photos.


    315. On International Women’s day KHM was sent some baked goods from Hair-burst to celebrate 🥴.. once contacted, Hair-burst said they had sent them in error! LOL


    316. The infamous no-hun has been on a rampage today (12/3/22) and is calling out z listers for racism. See below a video of KHM herself being torn a new arsehole when No hun let rip on an Instagram live. This was made all the more funnier as KHM was sharing the gob shites anti covid rants not too long ago!


    317. KHM was back to her usual attention seeking self after a “social media break” (but was still commenting/interacting with other posts on Instagram??) by dressing in the below hideous Krusty Doyle outfit for her best friends baby shower. Even someone with 2 glass eyes could spot those gigantic pair of sweaty flaps squashed into that outfit.


    318. On 29/03/22 KHM took to Instagram to declare she would be taking another much needed social media break. To work on some things for herself and of course gave a shout out to “her trolls”.


    319 A few days later KHM was back from her self enforced break (which she spent following Turkish surgery accounts and replying to comments) to declare that she had been enjoying not posting and some incoherent ramble about only the good winning and on her return would be addressing everything


    320. A week later KHM was all smiles (wearing what can only be described as a 90 year olds wedding attire) attended a relatives Baby Shower.


    321. KHM’s “social media break” saw her drinking wine and clapping like a seal in a sparkly lampshade attending a PR event for Bperfect.


    322. KHM “broke her silenc” to post work she has obviously already been paid to post, and then posted the below to her Instagram stories, admitting that she’s that low she’s had to go to the doctors..


    323. KHM still kept up the “im suffering with my mental health” on her “katehayesmakeup” Insta but on her personal Insta “olives mummy” she was all smiles going out to get her hair done. Proving once again that she throws the mental health card out there for sympathy.


    324. Finally, the tea was spilt/Instagram stories shared from KHM’s inner circle confirming speculation that she had swanned off to Turkey for her fat tits lobbed off



    325. KHM was still suffering terribly with mental illness but managed to go out to Manchester for her mates 30th celebrations, drinking (despite going to the doctor for “help”) and being her usual obnoxious and unpalatable self.




    326. On Easter Sunday KHM returned with a badly mimed reel on Instagram proclaiming “tell Jesus the bitch is back” followed by an over the top Easter display but no actual Easter eggs.



    327. Her 1st official day back also included a good bit of doxxing in the usual passive aggressive way, trying to make out the trolls even come for her on Easter Sunday. Unfortunately for hershe forgot to crop out the date from 28th May 2021 - almost a year ago


    328. We were treated to another typical lying “Troll Rant” where KHM’s eyes where all over the place (tell tale sign of lying) as she was still trying to make out that the issues she has with the trolls is more than just comments on Tattle. Once again, she couldn’t disclose any details to back her claims up - as there as no details to be told. She even threw in the laughable comment that someone had been visited by the police which is categorically false!


    329. Cash strapped Mez turned up with a thoughtful Easter surprise for her daughter - a half eaten Easter Egg and there where no fucks given. KHM was not impressed when she noticed the box had been celetaped up, she managed to record this and post it to her stories of course.. pair of scruffs!


    330. KHM is still pushing OHD into being a childhood star, not only does she speak Spanish fluently and plays the guitar - she (at the ripe old age of 18 months) has now been asking “for a while” for horse riding lessons. Of course, she was a natural.


    331. KHM posted some riveting content boasting about getting new bedding for OHD, she took it straight out the packet and put it on, unwashed and unironed upside down! Na’night!


    332. Now that her tits have been lobbed off, KHM thinks she’s the bees knees, she recently did a girl’s make up at a Carmella photoshoot and in true Truff style, made it all about her and OHD.


    333. KHM was forced to address “the roumers” that she’s been to Turkey to have her tits hacked off (she also included a photo of bags of flesh on the surgery room floor eeew) even though it wasn’t a roumer at all, it was truth 🤣. She then went on to say how “small boobs are in fashion” but she doesn’t follow trends, enfact