Bradley Weekes Truth Revealed

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  • Who is Bradley Weekes?

    Bradley Weekes from Tipton aka Tradelikesupreme aka FX_supreme aka tattedhishers is a alleged FX trader from Tipton, however we have heard more about his alleged scamming than positive results from clients except photoshopped reviews

    Bradley has two children, one from his first relationship, where he spent the majority of his time in a Spanish prison for conspiracy to supply class A, he is not in this child’s life. His second child is with Vicky. He is currently in this child’s life as he has nowhere to stay so is staying in Vickys mums house with Vicky and the child but prior to this, he declined to admit the child was his, Vicky had also accused him of domestic violence whilst she was pregnant and abusing pets in their care. There is a video of him on YouTube allegedly threatening a young girl in his boxers.

    We first learnt of Bradley when he was in Dubai with Becky, when she had a massive meltdown one night (see below and see Becky’s thread) Bradley’s Instagram was full of grotesque displays of “wealth” and him kissing girls on Yachts and in nightclubs while Becky was live streaming herself throwing his clothes off the balcony.

    Becky filmed herself taking back the Tiffany necklace he'd bought and also charging multiple bottles of champagne to the hotel room (paid for by Bradley). The infamous balcony Balenciagas stories followed.

    Bradley and his women

    Becky Bumhole

    Becky is most known for being britains “most tattooed woman” however on tattle she is most known for her relationship with Bradley. Bradley and Becky were together two weeks when them, as well as her daughter went on holiday to Dubai together, they had an alcohol fuelled argument after stories were posted of Bradley cheating and Becky filmed herself throwing Bradley’s stuff off the balcony of their hotel.
    During this time, herself and Vicky, who was pregnant at the time, had an argument over their Instagram stories and days of posting indirects, and perhaps most famously Becky sent Vicky a video of her performing a sex act on Bradley, earning her the name Becky Bumhole.

    After their relationship ending, Bradley and Becky did a podcast where Becky stuck up for Bradley and maintained the fact that Bradley was not a scammer and that she knew people who had made a profit with him. However, since then she has posted that her friends had lost thousands as a result of investing with Bradley and confirmed what we all knew, that he was a scammer.



    Vicky is the mother of Bradley’s second child, and the one that happily takes him back after all his misdemeanours. She has alleged that Bradley abused her while pregnant, was abusive to her dog and that he’s a scammer which is of course conveniently forgotten when he’s back in her bed. Most recently a tattler has alleged that Bradley beat her up in December and was arrested.

    Forex and trading Scam

    A number of people have come forward and admitted they have been scammed by Bradley after giving him money to Invest. He claims to have studied Economics while in prison but has no tangible assets to substantiate these claims.
    The scam consists of getting people to invest a small amount of money which he will trade with. He then proposes a profit split on the money he makes. He initially makes some money for them and then once their trust is earnt, he asks them to invest higher amounts into the scheme. Once this money has been deposited, he withdrawals it into his own account, spends the money and says that the investment went sour. Subsequent reviews claim he then asks for even higher amounts to "win back" the lost amounts.
    Becky Bumhole claims to have invested 10k with him and lost every single penny, aa did a number of her friends.

    Other Forex traders have come forward and claimed he has also scammed their clients of their money by draining their accounts.

    Kneecapped at the Christmas Market

    Mecca Bingo

    Only Fans / Twitter

    Other notable moments

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