Zoe Sugg #11 Christmas is cancelled! Mrs Claus and Santa are staying in bed!


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Oh my god they’re going to New York with Lottie and Zack. The girl Alfie clearly has a thing for. Hilarious.
Just to add, it looks like Alfie and Lottie were going for a Mini sponsorship trip, and Zoe decided to go too and invite Zack.
Oh my:eek:

Just kidding, not really surprised. To be honest I think that they just need to break up and split the assets, the longer they wait the harder its going to be. They are clearly not meant for each other and Zoe should just find someone who is more mature and grounded that would push her to become a grownup.


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Omg did anyone see in the vlog that she really liked the mince pie flavoured porridge and then the second Alfie said he hated it she decided she didn’t like it either... how sad. She clearly isn’t being herself.
Why on earth would she do that? Is she that aware he isn't into her as she is? So sad. So weird. I just watched the clip. She is SO excited by it and lets him try it and he says it tastes like dirt. Then she is like "oh, you're right." And her demeanor changes. Then he is like "see, you're finished. Could you eat the whole thing? (like he is trying to convince her to not like it) and Zoe is like "no." It is actually really uncomfortable to watch. Then she only gives it a 3 out of 5. Alfie gives it a 3 out of 10. And Zoe says "yeah, you're right. I don't like it."
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They're going to NYC because Alfie is working with Mini Cooper so Zoe is tagging along with Lottie and Zach. I don't see a proposal happening...it is a work trip. Maybe he is pretending it is for work and will propose??? But I don't think he is that romantic.
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Eugh she is really annoying to watch when she is with other people. Its just not enjoyable viewing for me, its like being an outsider within a big group of people, not finding anything funny. Plus she is really irritating. I much prefer her on her own, baking, chatting. I don't mind her that much with Alfie as she is quite chill with him but everyone else she just does that fake open mouth laugh.


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Wow I wonder how much of himself and Zoe Alfie will be trying to mould into carbon copies of lottie and Zack by the end of this trip.

On the subject of the weird power dynamic between them, I noticed in I think Zoe’s day 1 but may have been Alfie’s, when they were walking through the park and she said “it smells of soil” he completely changed the tone and pitch of his voice to say “we are in a park” in the most babyish and condescending way. I also realised he actually does that a lot. I don’t think he has any respect for her at all and while he may love her in some ways, without respect the relationship is very unhealthy.


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I cannot stand Alfie but I actually like the fact he doesn't play along with her trying to make out they are perfect. Like when she said they were having quality couples time and he was like we are sitting in silence.

I really hate watching them sing carols all the laughing and silliness. Like just sing the song or don't go if you find it ridiculous. They do the same at Alfies parents church when they go for christmas