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I was reliably informed at peak fame by someone who grew up with her and knew her personally that she was a monstrous spoilt brat. Her parents were extremely wealthy and paid her way into fame apparently. I’m assuming that’s why it was so short lived.
She was at reading pride a couple of weeks back

Mandy Moore is the mum in This Is Us (Amazon prime)

Rebecca loos in the mountains with dentist/doctor husband and 2 lovely sons. I follow her online. Her life looks so healthy and wholesome. Actually, recommend everyone looks her up & follow her now, the snow will fall soon & she’ll be out cross country skiing with her dogs and being a yoga teacher.

Wonder if she’s pals with A1 Ben who someone said up thread also in Norway. Pretty random.
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Ohh this is a great thread.

J from Five is someone me and my friends talk about. Someone somewhere must know where he is. I just want to know if he's still as fit as he was lol

Ben from A1 moved to Norway with his wife. He's still touring with A1 doing retro type gigs.

Did someone mention Tamara Beckwith, she was everywhere wasn't she back in the day. Just had a Google look, she's 50 now and her eldest daughter is 33 !! Says she's a gallerist and journalist!

Where is Tulisa? I can't even find a Instagram for her. Someone must know someone who knows her

Paul Danan also has a podcast about recovery

Some great names coming up :)
Tulisa was doing gigs in nightclubs before lockdown 1
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