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I know she had such a cool job but maybe one of the other posters is right and she was made redundant or maybe her job has changed. I guess at her level going freelance would have been fine if covid didn't hit. I suppose we don't really know she doesn't talk about her job much except for meeting famous people but I'd actually be interested in that far more than showing us tenner tank tops from new look.
I thought she might have been made redundant, the person in her 'new' role is younger and has a slightly different job title / wider remit but not necessarily enough to say her role was redundant...I don't know, maybe they just changed it a bit and she wasn't happy. Seems like she was in the same role for a long time.

Also, she seems to have been able to retain clients, I am not familiar with her industry so maybe someone else knows more than this than I do. bBut I know in many other industries you will have to sign some kind of non compete agreement so you don't steal everyone away for like a year or 2. I am surprised she was able to take some big names with her.


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I’m positive she wasn’t made redundant. First she reduced her hours then she resigned.

(I thought that was during summer but can’t be bothered to trawl her many grid posts to see if she mentioned it.)


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Seriously winds me up how she keeps saying her dog doesn’t listen and runs off lead and doesn’t come back, like she thinks it’s funny that she has no control over her dog! I never let my dog off lead - because she has no recall!! It’s a danger to the dog and to other dogs and so irresponsible.
I don’t think she has a clue where it comes to that dog, she’s been seriously over walking him since she’s got him which could cause the poor pup some serious problems 🙁



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Giving away the ‘crappy’ PR gift she didn’t want (the L’Oreal skincare) and holding on to the decent stuff (nail set); shameless hinting for a free bathroom fit out; having a right style giraffe with the yuck White Stuff trench coat and matchy hi-tops; further walks comparing Hanwell and environs to the Cotswolds (but if you’re in the know you know it’s completely sh*t and rough). Ugh. I am on full-on hate watch with her now and loathe myself for it. She used to be brilliant. What the hell happened?


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She's become so cocky. Anyone else saw her stories on the weekend about something she mentioned selling out? She said something like my blog goes out first thing in the morning and so you have to get in quick if you want to buy something. :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes: Then she mentioned those bloody shorts that sold out! Wonder how much commission she got from that, she seems so proud...


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I still like Kate. Yes she's become very heavy on the aff links and her style isn't similar to mine at all these days but I find her funny (she has a very dry sense of humour) and interesting. The swan chat made me laugh and so did the bush chat. Regards her job, she wasn't made redundant - she decided to go freelance and took quite a few of her big names with her (Stereophonics, Noel Gallagher, Michael Buble) so whilst she's certainly shilling the arse out of IG at the moment, her chosen career will still be bringing in a decent wedge once "things" get back to normal.
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