The Ingham Family #68 East 17 called and they want their coat back.

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Nanarrr 不不不不 i thought it was only me who noticed it.

So the kids basically ate a tonne of crap again all day. Jace sat in his pram and then dangled by his crotch from a sling.
I cant wait to see what lovely things they've planned for vlogmas. Im pretty sure if we went back and looked over the past few years we could come up with the exact list of things they'll get up to. They dont have an orginal bone in their bodies.


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Sarah seen as you said you're watching im a celebrity... Im sure kate just asked why the bugs are trying to creep into her pants. Pretty certain folk say that about your husband every time he goes out "skating"

New quote "he(they) literally went straight down the back of my pants, i was like get out theres nothing for you there"
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