Sarah's Day #18 Sunee is a flop, food is all slop. I made the app, that's why it's crap

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Hey everyone, Nodi here.

In midst of all the problematic things Sarah has gotten into while I was on my break, I would like to thank each and everyone of you for the overwhelming support on my Sarah’s Day video. It’s has been a passion project of mine, literally my baby that I worked on for a month (real time, not Sezzy time), so every feedback is appreciated regardless of it being positive or not.

Honestly the Sunee fiasco and hearing Fox’s cries tempted me to make another video on her, but there is only so much my mental health could handle. So for now I’ll just be lurking here and there, just know I’ll be active and will be available to reach out whenever needed.

Meanwhile, here some comments under my video. Most were overwhelmingly positive, but there are still some loony ones
Lol "Non-white people". O my lord so ignorant! There's only white people and non white people in Sarah's dayland.
I'm always amazed how expensive higher education can be. I pay 300€ per semester for my B.Sc. and M.Sc. (10-12 semester total) and we have really cheap student housing where the rent is less than 300€/ month.

And then I look at how expensive Sarah's App is and for how much money she was trying to rent out her old apartment... and there goes the relatability for me :D :D

What do you think, when will Kurt's "secret project" be revealed? He seems to be much better than Sarah at not giving it away too soon. The timing of his announcement is odd though, right when Sunee is launching and all eyes should be on Sarah...
Sorry to derail the thread, but where do you study? I’m looking to do my masters abroad.
Oh what fresh hell is this going to be?
"Outdoor professor"?
I mean it's hard to say without having more information on what it is. But part of me thinks it will be a good thing for Kurt after the emotional abuse from Sarah towards Kurt we have been seeing on her stories. Good chance to spend some time away from her if he's going to be doing outdoor adventures? We have all been speculating that his health has been impacted by all the stress from Sarah so it could be good for his overall health.


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Funnily enough, they didn't follow Sarah either - only Kurt, jei, tahlia and the company they have
That kinda makes sense them keeping it the team only, for now at least. Will be interesting to see if they follows Sarah's Day when they inevitably start folloing more people, or it they'll only follow relevant accounts. Also, Sarah hasn't even liked his first grid posts...

(Watch as she follows and likes now)


I feel like it's going to be some sort of outdoor photography classes/courses? How to take photos in natural light, sun flares, water droplets on leaves, sand dunes, stars or storms at night time and if it's an overnight or week long thing then surf/paddle boarding/hiking/adventure mixed in - that kind of thing? That would be on brand for him and what he is about but then i'm confused as to why he wouldn't just keep it under KJ Tilse Media or whatever the name of his company it..

OT but I really use to like Kurt. When she 1st introduced him to her audience I thought he was such a catch and even though she probably think it's the other way around, I think she was punching. He was so high energy and fun and to some degree she engaged and encouraged his banter and they seemed to get along really well. My eyes opened to them both when they were in their rental apartment and weren't allowed dogs but she hounded (lol no pun intended) her landlord and then publicly shamed them and whinged on her page when they kept being told no. But then they got Abby and pretended like she was at her parents, when we could see dog bowls on the floor in her vlogs/stories etc. I then sent Kurt a message and said really nicely that I was quite shocked at their behavior of purposely deceiving people and going against their landlords rules. Aaaand no surprise, he blocked me. It's kind of sad to see him now but then he can be just as ignorant/arrogant as her and feeds in to her narcissistic behavior. I do know a couple though (who also have children) and she financially and emotionally manipulates him, really emasculating I would think, to the point where he doesn't think he'd have anything or be anything without her (and HER money, even though he's the one who works so hard - sound familiar?) because she tells him that all the time. Kurt's own behavior in itself is problematic but I can also sympathise with him (minus the racist and homophobic points of course).

Sorry for the rant!
I really use to like Kurt as well agreeing with K-Dog above! I think that he has changed (obvi) because of Sarah so this new project might give him a bigger sense of meaning and might give him the confidence to stand up to her bullshit because let's face it. We all have flaws and although he has sucked so many times I'd love to see him flourish especially with something rooted in actual talent like photography and nature. That seems more raw and real to me, his photos and videos are badass and I feel like a lot of the "sarahs day" ideas come from her and he has to roll with it. I'd love to support him and see him flourish!


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Pretty sure these are Tanika’s feet/ankles, and pretty sure it’s been Tanika posting stories today while Sez has been MIA.
Yeah you're right. It's definitely not Sarah. I think shit has gone down at home.

In my head it went down like:
Kurt: I told you it was too expensive
Scuz: Shut up, people will LUURVE to eat like us. Look how good we both look, they will pay for it.
Kurt: Sarah, it's just too expensive for recipes
Sarah: It has Roulette. Shut up Kurt.

...Kurt goes out to shoot for his new project...

Sarah (text) : Dont you dare post about your Kurt Adventures.
Kurt (text): why not? We are so pumped! Its Awesome! Pretty pictures!
Might calm down the bad vibes coming at you about Sunee too.
Sarah (text): NO...THIS. IS. MY. SUNEE. WEEK!!!

.....Kurt posts about Adventure project AND drinking a Beer....

...Sarah at home, "let me unleash the Stans." Sad at home, fox crying for last 10 hours. Feel sad for meeee. Im lonely ReAl and raw....

They would have been snapping at eachother since.


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Yeah this is horrid. And it goes for three stories? Wtf is she doing to him? Just play with him, cuddle him... LOVE HIM.

YOU DONT NEED TO SHARE THAT WITH YOUR 12 year old followers.

On the plus side, might stop a few teenage pregnancies 🤷🏽‍♀️
I saw this picture and immediately wanted to send it to Sarah but she would just block me lol. How Tru tho. All she talked about was wanting to be a mum and now I realized she was more interested in the “milf” side of it then actually being a mother. He’s only a baby and toddler once.


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