Sarah's Day #18 Sunee is a flop, food is all slop. I made the app, that's why it's crap

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You know when something is wrong in Sarah's world when there is no happy whatever day of the week story. Lately have not seen many of those. 🤔
Well all her projects aren't really successful anymore, of course she's stressing out 🤗

1. Sunee is getting bad reviews and is too expensive for her target group.
2. There's still heaps of stock of her latest active wear collection - even though they put it on sale before Christmas.
3. Their fitness retreat has quite a few spots available still - 26 singles and 20 twin shares when I checked this morning. They must be counting on Corona so they can cancel it, otherwise wouldn't they be promoting it? 😄
4. There used to be a time when bodybloom and her protein were sold out all the time, now there are thousands in stock (or maybe they got tired of creating hype by being sold out all the time? Either way, even Sarah isn't promoting it anymore...).
5. Same with la bang, I think we would have heard about it if her Christmas box had sold out.
6. She still has her ebooks, I'm not sure how much those would be bringing in? She only mentions them when she has a sale 🤷🏼‍♀️ it's a one off purchase too, I'd think most of her stans already have them?

And when it comes to content she's running out of ideas too. Ok, she still has the wedding coming up. She's also planning for a second child but I don't think she actually wants one, maybe that's pressuring her? And if her sponsors/partners don't offer her any collaborations anymore, there's not much left for her. Sis is getting older but she is not growing up.

She probably put all her cards on Sunee so she could be more independent. But this project failed and there's only so much damage control she can do now. And she has quite a big team to pay now too. Once she realizes that, we will be seeing way more tropeaka and whitefox ads again 😂

She also lost 100 followers yesterday after those horrible stories.
Long time lurker here 👋🏻 I know Sarah said part of the experience with the app was being able to interact with her more easily with things like suggestions and polls, but she's literally just doing it on the Sunnee IG page 🤷🏼‍♀️
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She has so NOT thought this app through. It has absolutely nothing novel to offer. No dramatic gamechanger like she's hyped it out to be. She's literally making it up as she goes.

Also what sort of dumbass poll is that. Implying quick and easy cannot be delish or hearty or vice versa? Rich coming from someone who thinks potato bake is a complex recipe :rolleyes:

More unnecessary labelling. More unnecessary hype.

Princess is too busy making new Apple ID’s today to be posting stories


Um, didn't she call Sarah out a few months ago when she made that drink abomination for Fox?
She called them out on Instagram over their dangerous podcast episode with the Tropeaka founder. And now she works for both Sarah & Tropeaka LOL.

& if she’s the one who wrote (plagiarised) the food & mood blog then I really question her academic integrity, or lack thereof.


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I don't know if anyone has mentioned this already - tbf I might have heard it wrong, but when she was ranting about Fox taking a shit out on the deck and how he's usually SoOooOo good at going on the potty but suddenly he is always going outside, Kurt walked in and was like 'maybe he's just not used to going with you'... if I didn't mishear it then that was even more confirmation (not that we needed any) that he does the majority of the parenting 'duties'
I picked up on this too. I think that’s why she always refers to tag teaming so much and letting everyone know when she’s with him as there must be ALOT of time it’s all Kurt
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