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New thread,

I think this had some of the highest likes @Blockedbyadmin so I hope it’s ok to go with it.

Trigger warning, those easily offended look away now.....
It’s not a cute dog 🤭🤭🤫🤫

I said it cuz I said it 😐
but I’m still shocked pat has more followers... maybe it’s the off shore menu content and hole reveal anticipation?

continue here!!!! 🤗

previous threads, if you’re looking for a link to those leggings or a copy of past menus...


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She put the pigs back in the garage then.
Im shocked it took so long. They’ll resemble a fish finger soon.
Might as well put them in the freezer.

a dog is no danger to a pig, all this bull crap about her being scared he’ll eat them, you introduce both pets to each other.
Our dog/G pig used to touch noses when they were both alive,
They knew each other and they were fine with each other, this was a long time ago and both died of old age not because we upgraded to another, more insta worthy pet. 🙄


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She actually just stated she fell out of love with playing with Poppy. I cringed so hard my mouth hurts.

We all know being mums has it's hard moments, but come the hell on? You fell out of love with playing with your normal 2 year old because she threw tantrums? How fucking selfish and self centered is this woman?


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I'm glad to see that she has set up an activity to entertain Poppy at last rather than plonking her in front of the telly or gong on another endless walk in the same bloody wood.

Has the love affair with Bertie Boy ended already? Why is he out in the garden scratching at the door to come in whilst her majesty sits on her teeny, tiny arse with her hot cup of tea?


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Anyone else think she did the whole play thing with P so she could Instagram it and use it for interaction.... As for the ‘Fell out of love with playing with P’ OMG!!! poor P will have to read all this crap when she’s older... those girls are going to have issues with their Mother for sure!!


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I feel sorry for Lee.

He does deserve better in all Honesty.
See also,
Bertie & Poppy 😐

Call the SSPCA, I don’t think Bertaaaay Meldrum is cute either - he has a long face and scary human eyes, for a cockerpoo he’s bloody massive! I think impatient princess has been sold a duff! 😂😂😂
you’re bringing the tattle life name down ye bastard!!!!!!! 😎 #hugapup #inthenameoftattle #eventheuglyones


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I actually cant believe she said that ... she fell out of love playing with her child because of tantrums . Ermm rebecca your her mother . Have some structure ... she has a tantrum then discipline or get to the bottom of it but probably it's more so she is looking for your attention. And if anything maybe feeling left out .. yes even at 2 ... shes forever having to stay at home or in the woods .


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Just read the post about falling out of love with playing with P. It’s just so bloody sad.
she tried to bring it back by ‘settling up something to meet her play needs’ but still shoved a bloody camera in her face whilst she was playing. Why not try and just sit and spend some time with the poor girl and put your phone away for a while. I think she would find there would be minimal tantrums because the poor thing is just begging for her attention!
I bloody hate the woman


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Her last grid post is actually heartbreaking, imagine writing that about your child. That poor, poor little girl. Somethings are ‘taboo’ because they’re unpleasant. She’s not discussing her feelings with close friends, she’s posting them for the world, where her own children will, eventually, be able to read them.

What I really don’t understand is, she’s CHOOSING to be a stay at home mum. It’s not out of necessity. Lee works away to facilitate that lifestyle. The solution is simple. Poppy is already in nursery a couple of days a week, she could get a part time job, bring in some extra money and give her some much needed time away from parenting!

Her current lifestyle seems such a bizarre choice for someone who seems so lacking in any kind of maternal instants.


I can kind of relate to feeling like playing with a tantrumming toddler is a chore because I feel like I have just come out the end of a year long battle with the terrible 2s with my youngest. However, I did just get on with it, I'm the mum, the adult, I can regulate my emotions, I understand why I'm frustrated and I can express myself well. My toddler, who has only been on this planet for 3 short years and has been learning all of this.
Some days are hard but aren't they for most parents? I would never publically share these sentiments with 100k odd followers in the name of 'keeping it real'. There are a lot of other things she could do to keep it real and be relatable.
I would be so upset to see a post my mum had written about me like that and a bunch of strangers praising her.
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