Mrs Hinch #78 Sophie Rose still telling her fibs, but we all saw the Audi that she thought she'd hid!

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She is still lying even in her explanation videos. She showed a close up of the strain free bib around her neck but it's still the other bib.

The stained one doesn't have a clear ring around the neck and the one she is wearing does (circled).

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I’m still convinced she sent Jamie out this morning to buy a brand new set lmao
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Jamie is clearly not around as she’s going absolutely manic. While we all say she clearly doesn’t have anxiety as bad as she claims I do think she does have some mental health issues. She goes from high to low very quickly. I think she’s feeling very out of control with the Audi reveal and bibgate. She is someone who likes to her full control of things but being on social media and being an influencer is the wrong ‘job’ for her, you are open to criticism and do not have control of what happens online.


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"Don't know why I need to explain myself" we'll maybe because thousands of sheep follow your every bloody word! Ya lieing hound!!! Even if elbowgrease DON'T pay you, you were still giving out a false tip to keep up this cleaning guru Shite!🙄
EXACTLY! She's desperate for content and it backfired. After that I'm really struggling more than ever to think of a reason why people worships this woman as a cleaning guru. She's never come up with an original tip yet and the ones she has are either dangerous or don't work! Even the stupidest person knows its completely unnecessary to use elbow grease when you could just use stain remover which is for that actual purpose! I believe hinchers probably did question the tip because they're probably baffled as to why you would use a product like that on baby's clothing. Her favourite fairy do a stain remover, being the big P&G rep she is you'd think she'd use that? All shes done is show the products she promote using for washing aren't amazing because she needs to use a heavy duty cleaner to get stains out. She's the worst advertiser in the world


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I’ve seen folk mention a website/app where you can watch stories even if you don’t follow / are blocked. Can anyone remind me what it is?

Thank you ☺:whistle:
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