Mrs Hinch #57 Personalised stuff that's gifted for free, Hinch drinking wine? Nah, it's WKD

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I'm confused as to why they didn't have the "bigger project" of having the loft hatch enlarged and ladders installed during the extension? Surely that is not a bigger project that knocking walls down and doubling the size of your house. Wouldn't that have been the perfect time? Yet now she says she's can't "handle" that right now. Makes no sense to me.

I predicted the Desenio prints in the hallway a few threads back.....
"Also meant to say the other day when she was doing her DIY thing, that I predict when we get the landing grid post, all those prints she was putting up will have been gifted by Desenio, like all the other prints she has up around the house."

This time she says it's been great working with them again because last time was such a success? She's only ever marked them as gifted previously and that's only when she chooses to? Unless it was in a story (that I missed) and disappeared after the 24 hour period? Do these hallway prints still go on the list of gifted goods or is it different now that it's marked as ad? Can anyone shed any light?


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This is actually really depressing. “Best friend I’ve never had”. Are these influencers not freaked out by things like this?
I really find the whole thing very weird. Grown women (and some men) getting so obsessed and fixated on a woman they've never met. They act like children with a crush on a pop star 😕. It's really bloody odd. The way they put her on a pedestal, as if she's god like is mental quite frankly and only serves to make her narcissistic traits worse. Hence why she's always showing off all the gushing praise she gets from them. Can't just accept a compliment in a dignified and private way our Sophie can she! Everyone has to know just how much she's adored...🙄
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