Mrs Hinch #461 How much is that doggy in the window? The one with the raggedy hair?

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Wasn’t it ronnies 2.5 year check today? She said something about his hearing being tested?
Maybe that’s why she is quiet
Thursday is cleaner in day that's why she's quiet 😉
but I don't think she'll mention anything tomorrow either, she'll drag it out a bit longer, play a few more games about a little boys struggle and then when she does share the info she'll just turn it around onto herself as per. Hope that helps. Xo


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Hinch commenting on Stacey's post in minutes just shows how empty her life is. Staceys grid is full of pics of her,her kids, her and Joe and her home, the odd one of her friends and family. Hinchs grid is like a fan account for Stacey with a few pics of Lonnie and the odd ones of Rennie and fat mutt. She's forgotten she's married as James has basically no acknowledgement anymore it's just so weeeeeeeiiiiiirrrd


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Long time lurker but had to comment 🤣

this bitch nearly put me back in rehab, I have struggled with my mental health for years and after moving from our home after the landlord attacked me (whole other story) and I came home to our new house I became obsessed with having the perfect home and I got into debt my family didn’t like to be around me and I would shout and scream if one little thing was out of place.
BUT tonight I’ve watched as my kids have decorated our Christmas tree, and it’s perfect, the dishes from dinner are still on the side and I’m sat listening to them play hide and seek and giggling.
I’m so glad I saw the light, she is damaging and my therapist even says so x
Big hugs to you!! I think the majority in here at one point enjoyed her content, some are also ex hinchers. Your very welcome in here and us nusty trolls are very friendly and supportive. Good on you for seeing the light. Glad you had a lovely evening with your children and that you can leave the dishes for another time. ❤ hunch is a dangerous fucker.


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Mrs Hinch #461 How much is that doggy in the window? The one with the raggedy hair?
Winning thread title by @easeypeasey 🥳

Winning thread titles taken from page 30 onwards guyshhh 👍
Keep them short and sweet so they can fit 😘
No swears in titles! 🙊

Quick recap. She’s done sod all basically except ads. Filtered Ads for the beauty box that she’d been doing undeclared ads for before, ads for hair extensions that she keeps in poo bags (explains a lot), ads for plastic wellies that she tend walks Henry in that have never seen the light of day and ads for her £25 mini Christmas tree that she tends is for Ron but won’t let him touch and decorates in the most boring and bland white decorations she could find.

She also did a huge ad for Dog’s Trust Charity that she pretended was a random act of kindness to drop off some stuff for Christmas. She and Jamie rocked up like Johnny Vegas and Cruella on a date night and proceeded to prat about in the kennels whilst pretending it was all some altruistic outing that they’d come up with themselves. Turns out she’s a paid advertiser. Nice. The poor pups have enough to put up with without that terrorhawk screeching in their faces. She proceeded to list all the attributes needed to rescue a dog, taking it for walks, dealing with pets who have separation anxiety etc
Safe to say Soph wouldn’t be allowed to set foot over their threshold if she didn’t have 4m bots.
Anyway at least the dogs got some toys and we all got to laugh at the state of her in her shit brown Michelin man coat. Is that from your Teshhhco range hunnay?

In between all this she threw clothes round the bedroom to tend tidy up, cleaned her washing machine drawer again!, posted some (hopefully fake, but if not get yourselves some self respect) licky bum bum innit messages from her sheep, got in to another “my kid is better than you kid” post off with Stacey over some crafts and played the sympathy card over little Ron’s undiagnosed “invisible speech needs” which change by the hour depending on what she’s trying to sell.
She also made some strange oaty cake things with Ron were he wasn’t allowed to join in properly and they had to sit on the kitchen floor because their table is covered in her tesco dining service and dust other than that her parenting content was her poking prodding and squawking at the kids and laughing in their faces from behind the ever constant camera.
Wiki is the pink button at the top for newbies.

Ronnie and Lennie don’t rhyme.
Sophie doesn’t have a second name she added Rose in her teens.
Jamie is short for James.


terrorhawk!!!! I am rolling!!!


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Off topic but something has just occurred to me… I’ve noticed a huge increase in presence for Sylvanian Families these past few months, and whilst I initially thought it was lovely to see a resurgence of a sentimental toy brand I remember fondly, having now seen them being included in the George Black Friday sale, it’s hit me like a truck:

They paid Skeletor to promote the toys in an undisclosed ad and that’s why she hasn’t actually had a wrap on the knuckles like we expected 🤦🏻‍♀️
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