Mrs Hinch #461 How much is that doggy in the window? The one with the raggedy hair?

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I know Clark’s farm, I used to volunteer there.

I am absolutely hating the way she uses her dog and children for content and I think it’s getting worse. I don’t follow her any more, I just have a gander at her stories now and then, then immediately come here. Normally I would stop looking at social media that pisses me off, but I just watch in the hope that one day she will come toppling off her grey velvet perch. ATV 🥰
Clarks Farm not so easy on the eye I suppose.
Funny she hasn't mentioned the busiest night in Maldon either.Plenty of photo opportunities.
For the non-Maldonites it's the Christmas Festival.
High Street closed off-shops open late-craft and food stalls set up-music and merriment.


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Gang. I've a slightly Hun confession. I love those trashy mags with 'real life' stories in, they help me when I can't switch off at night I start reading one and immediately feel the need to sleep 😴🤣

Well just going through my latest one and saw this article about "cleanfluencers" (🤢) and if it is encouraging women to regress in terms of feminism etc. Short answer - they reckon the Insta cult of cleaning clean things a positive thing and LQOC is interviewed in it. Not ONE mention of Hinch.

There's a section of people they advise you follow for Insta cleaning tips etc and yeah...she isn't on it 🤣

I know it's a trashy mag but this amused me no end
Tick tock Soph, you better get good at something else quick else your time is well and truly up!



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Long time lurker but had to comment 🤣

this bitch nearly put me back in rehab, I have struggled with my mental health for years and after moving from our home after the landlord attacked me (whole other story) and I came home to our new house I became obsessed with having the perfect home and I got into debt my family didn’t like to be around me and I would shout and scream if one little thing was out of place.
BUT tonight I’ve watched as my kids have decorated our Christmas tree, and it’s perfect, the dishes from dinner are still on the side and I’m sat listening to them play hide and seek and giggling.
I’m so glad I saw the light, she is damaging and my therapist even says so x
Hahahahaha I always forget how FUCKING WEIRD this was. They both look like psychopaths and her face is like melted plastic. Imagine a) being over 30 years old and a married mother to a child b) cutting up magazines c) sticking cut up magazines onto a piece of card d) making a border out of twigs e) forcing your foul husband to have a selfie with you and it e) putting a yellow filter on it to make yourself look like you have a chronic liver disorder and reconstructive facial surgery f) posting the result online g) thinking actions b-f are acceptable things to do and feeling 0 shame


Hahahahahahahahah!!!!! This absolutely killed me! Love itttttttttttt 😂👍🏻


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Feel the need to comment on Sophie's (definitely no middle name allocated) mental health.
I think her whole back story is fabricated.
I imagine her mother is a huge influence and enabler.
From what I've heard,Fiddle has enough maturity and experience to recognise an issue and to support it appropriately.
I have a feeling that Ma is living out her own life failings through her puppet.
If our Mrs Hinch had any real issues Ma would be on top of it.Munchausens by proxy is in my thoughts.
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