MOD & FOD #10 Wonder if Gousto do a recipe for humble pie?

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She’d have been much better off joining in her own name to defend her account and win hearts and minds. Other big Insta users have and have often been received positively, even if they have been challenged on some of the content of their tattle posts. There has been debate but generally it feels like a good thing when IGers come here for a discussion rather than lamely crying “troll” or “bullies”.

She tried that on mumsnet and it was a fail.
It'll be like meldrum, she caused a massive shitstorm, lay low for a month. Came out bleating about mental health asking for sympathy. Fast forward a few months and low and behold she's back with the orange filter, and her smug, disgusting demeanour. Fooling all the sheep once again.

Clemmie will be the same IMO
Heavily damaged brand now though, lost income and family dynamics have had to change since. All could have been prevented but she hid and still NEVER apologised.

Kikini Bamalam

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agree. a few comments and she's been publicly shamed and will
probably lose many friends and career opportunities and has generally been humiliated. what's happening to her now is a lot worse than a few 'instahuns' reading comments about themselves being a bit desperate. imo.
She humiliated herself! Let's not forget that she originally joined to slag off Cash Carroway. She is not owning this at all, if she held her hands up and said " Do you know what? I did it, I said and meant those things and I was a twat for doing it and going against everything I preach on insta. I unreservedly apologise and I am going to take time away to think about this and make amends to those I've wronged" then maybe, she could claw something back.
But let's not be under any illusions here, she is no better than us despite what she claimed about us so called trolls.

Edited to change CC surname, I always get her confused with Cab Calloway :LOL:
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It's a nice steaming turd of a lie.

"When the users started to suspect it was me, I made the mistake of commenting about others"

Except, when you look at the timeline, she starts off with Cash Carraway (25th Nov 2018) and only starts doing positive PR for team MOD later on.
She can’t help herself, can she? She came on to anonymously slag CC off then decided to join in her own thread. I bet Cash is laughing her socks off right now, along with Danielle Parry #bekind
Why is she lying? She came on here to slag off CC for a good two weeks before stepping onto her own thread



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"... A website that had thousands of comments about my family and I". What do you expect if you and your husband have a combined 1.5 million + following? If that makes her feel extremely paranoid, I think her and her husband both need to rethink about what they have posted regarding their children...
If you're paranoid about people seeing and commenting on your life, don't monetise it and put it out there so people can IMO
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