MOD & FOD #10 Wonder if Gousto do a recipe for humble pie?

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Kikini Bamalam

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Thanks for your comment. I got protective over a friend, and that’s why I yapped. I tend to do that when a friend calls me and asks for advice and tells me they’re upset. Yeah, maybe it looked like I was trying to add to the drama or capitalize on it. The ones who ‘got’ my point knew what I was doing. But thanks for the observation. I probably should’ve taken a breath before talking.

I’m coming on here to be a grown-up and to have a conversation, I’m not one to court drama. That’s not who I am. But I can imagine that this thread has been on fire for a while, so that’s the assumption for anyone who comes on here. I get it.
Nothing wrong with being protective of a friend, but if it was me I would be texting/whatsapping/on the phone to that friend talking to them, listening to them and commiserating with them. Not shouting my gob off on instagram to people who probably had no idea who or what you were talking about. That's why it comes across as adding to the drama.

As for being a grown up, I'm not sure that anyone is coming across as a grown up in this (I include myself in that, because I'm just here to rinse the piss out of the situation) Grown ups generally talk to each other to air their issues and agree to stay away from each other if they can't work it out, but again that's how I do things in my real world 🤷‍♀️


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The worst thing about this admission is her excuse. I didn’t realise it was her and she never addressed the key points of use of children and shady ads and misleading vulnerable women and new mums. She showed no real emotions and just tried to be a MOD supporter and deflect negativity to others. The rest of us stick up for those we like doing a good job. It’s sad because this excuse is bullshit.
Although I can understand getting sucked in.

Brian Butterfield

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What really irks me is that she put herself and her family in this position to begin with. If you hadn’t sold your family’s privacy and childhoods
Right well I’m just going to say it. I feel (a bit) sorry for MOD now. Someone has found extra evidence somehow and forced MODs hand.
There’s more to all this...
I do not feel remotely sorry her. She has brought all this on herself, fuelled by her greed and ego.
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