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was she not on the beg a while ago about how she was running out of nars foundation and tagging them and low and behold she has ads on her stories today of gifted/ad of nars stuff, girl actually makes my skin crawl & those horrible cushions are really starting to annoy me! change them kelsey along with your fucking trousers! i’m convinced they’re glued on 😂 rant over


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I'd class myself as not having a very exciting life, I have a kid I work and I dont go out all the time but in comparison to her I feel like I'm some sort of rockstar lol! I just cannot get that excited about radiators or the wee book of grey paint she seems to fawn over. How she can take weeks to decide between two shades of greige is beyond me. As for her clothes 🙄🙄 shes obviously found a style at about 16 that suited her and just kept going. The thing that gets me is I'll bet she will spend so much time and money on the house then as soon as it's done she will sell. Does she ever talk about going out with her friends at all? She seems to live and have grown up quite sheltered.