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seriously i seen that disgusting tan the other day she looks yellow! 😂 & Lydia Millen commented legs for days or something? more like she hasn’t washed that tan off for days 🤢 horrendous!


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Swipe up to read Kelsey's 'Littlebitofachat' interview about different shades of grey, the famous cushions that are great not only indoors but also outdoors and not forgetting that flaming magnifying glass.

Little bit of a twat more like it 🤯


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Beggy Mitchell at her finest over the past 24 hours 🙄

first GHD’s tagged in EVERY story “these are my mums they’re amazing, I have had my pair for 9 years, please send me some, pleaseeee”

Then waving her empty bottle of Chanel which is her absolute favourite (of course) in a few stories, brand tagged multiple times(of course)

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Chanel would never in a billion years send her gifts. She’s the biggest chav.