Katie Hayes #81 Planning for poppet's beay. Got to bum, beg & collab coz Momma won’t pay

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She goes no about being SO busy… all she’s done today is go for a walk and a coffee, and she’s taking the baby to a class this afternoon.

Really… she’s busy picking up her flowers, “balons”, mummy cards/chocolates, signs, displays…. All for her Instagram birthday, which she’ll say Matt arranged.


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All you TROLLS clearly don't understand what a calorie deficit is. You take your weight in lbs eg 170lbs and you decide the weight you want to be eg 130lbs and you deduct the difference from what you usually consume. So if you normally eat 3500 cals a day and you want to lose 40lbs you can only eat 3460.

No wonder you are all fat and on UC if you don't know simple science.
Im going to immediately inform my PT that he is completely wrong and I absolutely can eat what I want……


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Shall we have a bespoke birthday bingo?? Here are my predictions:

“Balon” (balloon) display
Drip / naked Cake (probably with “mummy” written on it)
Flowers (slightly dead as she bought them last week)
Banner, possibly out of “balons” that says mummy
Reel of Edinburgh - will include video clips of Olive looking out of the train window, the zoo, more eating and getting pissed with Olive in the car seat
Pretentious and highly edited pic of her in a tutu or something ridiculous outside the castle, not looking at the camera… probably taken by Delo whilst Olive is kicking off in the car seat.
Pics/film of their bespoke hotel room with “ad” written over it
Matching outfit with Olive


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I’m getting my hair done tomorrow so I hope to god she’s in there as she will be getting told straight to her face what an absolute minty disgrace of a so called child she is. Yes Hodor you will be getting told straight to your face, I am not scared of you or your fanny of a fella, and I will show you I’m not this sad person who hides behind a screen an keyboard like you make out. Can all my fellow trolls say a prayer that she comes in tomorrow 🤞🏻


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Look at the Lauren goodger thread, pregnant and can’t accept her body changing so photoshops everything , pathetic and sad !!!
Khm would do the same, their cut from the same vapid cloth !!!!
I usually read this thread/wiki cos you lot genuinely make me howl. Never really comment but I watch some of the shit she does sometimes and don’t understand it. I lost my baby on Wednesday and I know its the grief speaking but fuck me, I’d love it if my body was still changing and my bump growing. It’s horrible right now cos everywhere I look people are pregnant or pushing a pram. Take your baby home Kate, bath her, read to her, put her to bed at a reasonable time and let her just be a baby. Right now I’d kill for them things 💔
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