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I wonder it she's already filmed Potatoes: The Monologue and this is her building hype for it. Much like the kitten video was clearly something she'd put a lot of work into but built up the day she released it.
Everytime someone says the word potatoes. I just keep thinking of Sam in lord of the rings.... Po Tay toes.... Boil em, mash em stick em In a stew....


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@Bookweevil ’s masterpiece of a recap is post #734. Hopefully someone with better skilllzzz than me can do a clicky click linky.

Also the other day Jack, in her wonderful way, replied to a tweet with her usual charm and ended it with ‘Now fuck off’. We’re not actually telling each other to fuck off.
Maybe an @admin could add the glossary to Jack’s tattlepedia page??


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When I am in reading form, I can read a decent sized book in about two days. It means I often read into the wee hours and wake up before the kids. I am not a massive telly fan so I read instead( in my child free, housework free evenings)
all reading is completed fully clothed.
Before children I could read 5 books a week because I used to stay up til 3am

I now have children and Tattle so I read nothing 🤣


Have not grunka’d the last pages of the last thread so apologies for any repetition fraus, but something I’ve noticed and a reason I find her so annoying on Twitter is her tone- it’s v technicallyRon/caitlin Moran 2009 jolly jolly pretend twitter is a pub bs and I hate it
ETA I hate it beyond the lies that have been pulled up and uncovered thread after thread


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Hello. I feel like crying.. last time I checked there were about 34 threads.. I've just started #19(?) I think and now there's nearly 60!!!! Will I ever catch up :cry::cry::cry::cry::cry:o_Oo_O:unsure::unsure::unsure:

It’s far too compelling
I definitely started reading JM threads too late into lockdown.. if only she'd just STAY OFF TWITTER so I could catch up and get involved..

(I'd feel like a fraud if I join in only having read 1/3 of the threads..!)



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