Anastasia Kingsnorth #4 Look at me, I’m rich and famous but I still top up my mum’s tax credits


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So does this mean Julie is now actually earning in excess of £150,000 p/a based on 2 posts per week on skinny coffee etc?
No because skinny coffee etc aren’t ads.

she’s just an affiliate for them. She’ll probably get say 10% of what anyone using her code spends. So if people use her code and spend £500 a month in total she’ll probably get £50 say ( not sure what skinny or Daniel wellington pay)

that chart above is more a company saying how much do you want paying to write a post about our company/ offer/ new product etc - which would be ad rather than gifted...

I think

Urmm you are kidding right!?!
Yeah it's so inspirational to young girls to constantly have your tits and arse out all the time, make slaggy tiktoks and even worse eating raw fucking onion. View attachment 56318
I assume she means ana is an inspiration and not herself?

sorry Julie, I know, im just jealous that I’m not 50 with a rich daughter

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Her tongue makes me cry
Oh what an ad. I must sign up immediately now I’ve seen that. Saatchi and saatchi will be knocking her door down after scouting her