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  1. Peakyblinders

    Anastasia Kingsnorth #76 Ana hasn’t had Invisalign because she has gum disease xoxo

    New thread! This is actually a thread title suggested by me but it is the one who had the most likes on the last thread 😂. Will hopefully stop the Invisalign questions too 😂🙄 ive put #75 instead of #76 but reported it so hoping mods can change it
  2. Peakyblinders

    Anastasia Kingsnorth #75 on the phone on motorway, she probably thinks it's some sort of slay

    New thread - Ana hasn’t had Invisalign because she has gum disease xoxoxox
  3. Ryan80

    Anastasia Kingsnorth #72 On a cruise, but hates drinking booze, exposes her brother just for views.

    New Thread. Most liked suggestion was @rattlesnake Great title name for our Stas. Anyone fancy a recap. All I can think is, Bratticus is still annoying and Ana wears clothes that are too small for her
  4. Peakyblinders

    Anastasia Kingsnorth #71 New best friend every day, ‘boyfriend’ who’s gay, it’s not giving slay

    New thread with thread title with most likes
  5. GossWhore

    Anastasia Kingsnorth #69 the only 69 she’ll ever get

    Thanks to @Grejaha Can someone summarise our no boyfriend, no real friends, no brain "CEO" lol
  6. Peakyblinders

    Anastasia Kingsnorth #68 CEO queen, can’t keep the sofa clean, quick George get a vaccine

    New thread if anyone wants to do a recap ☺️
  7. Peakyblinders

    Anastasia Kingsnorth #67 Sam Smith’s twin, smells like a bin

    New thread! Just looked at the most likes from the last few pages as that’s what you’re supposed to do! And a new poll bbys ✨
  8. raspberryjuice

    Anastasia Kingsnorth #66 Desperate to go on Love Island, travelled Aus for free, Maya Jama wannabe.

    Well done to @lotusbiscoff for the thread suggestion. Anyone wanna recap?
  9. GossWhore

    Anastasia Kingsnorth #64 Wearing jumpers down under, but flashing her fanny in Manny

    Well done @laulau29 I made it rhyme though Recap - She's been in Aus for nearly 3 weeks. Though she doesn't seem too excited unless the others are. - Been wearing black jumpers most of the time - Did another Lounge Ad. One of her videos was 18 minutes and she spent the first half flogging...
  10. GossWhore

    Anastasia Kingsnorth #62 No Sex, Just Lies, DMs Slides leads to Zero Guys

    Recap: - Ana has been living in that dirty black jumper but swears she washes it (sure, Jan) - Has started a snorefest podcast with bestie she sees once a year who secretly hates her Saffron Barker
  11. wateryocean

    Anastasia Kingsnorth #59 Click-bait it until you make it, baby!

    New thread on the Mingsnorth... thanks to @mfd for the thread title! Recap: - still photoshopping all her pics - still using gratuitous filters - hasn't been home in "ages" - left groceries in the hot car for at least an hour - did something alone and the world didn't end - **she only did...
  12. Kat5998

    Anastasia Kingsnorth #58 Too smelly to be on telly

    New thread! Title by @laulau29 Who wants to recap on what our stinky girl Ana has been up to recently?
  13. L

    Anastasia Kingsnorth #57 Caked in tan, on her second man, follow him and you’ll get the ban

    Thanks to @Smiley23 for the thread title suggestion!
  14. E

    Anastasia Kingsnorth #56 Took her fam to Disneyland but still needs Haz to hold her hand

    New thread! Summary anyone? I used the most liked name I could see from @rattlesnake but happy for it to be changed if I missed one!
  15. Peakyblinders

    Anastasia Kingsnorth #55 Rent a friend comes to an end, Freya’s left to get her blazer hemmed

    New thread - does anyone want to do a recap ?
  16. coconochanel

    Anastasia Kingsnorth #54 I'm not gonna lie, apart from editing my pics that I'll deny!

    New thread thanks to @Former_Antelopee for the winning title suggestion. So recap for anyone who needs it.... Ana went to Dubai and of course found her fav place .....McDonalds She has been editing all her stories and pics to a different face, who's face I hear you ask? I've no idea but its not...