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  1. W

    Anastasia Kingsnorth #25 Onion breath is all moved out, up to Manchester for the clout

    Title creds to: @ProphecyGirl! So, how long til the new flat reeks of onion then?
  2. W

    Anastasia Kingsnorth #24 Rule breaker, cheese pie maker and 1M followers faker

    Title credits: @gee_beth!
  3. W

    Anastasia Kingsnorth #23 Stockpiling food for Manny, ignoring tier 4 & infecting my nanny'

    Title creds to @gigilouxx! Had to alter slightly so it would fit 😊
  4. Randomopinions

    Anastasia Kingsnorth #22 Wishing she was down 2 floors, with Byron down on all fours

    Thread title by @Jessicaleigh93x If anyone wants to do a recap of the last thread then feel free, she’s too boring for me🤣 Last thread btw:
  5. W

    Anastasia Kingsnorth #21 Look at me moving to Manny!

    Title creds to @rattlesnake!
  6. W

    Anastasia Kingsnorth #20 Me & Byron have tEnSiOn, moving to get his attention

    Title creds to @orange1234! Summary of previous thread: Broke lockdown rules to go on the Saccone Jolys podcast. Ruffled the feathers of Joe Sugg’s fans for saying that Saffron didn’t get the same support as Joe on Strictly because she’s a narcissistic girl. Is fleeing the tory nest and...
  7. W

    Anastasia Kingsnorth #19 Changing her story, mums a tory & Boris revealed as dad on Maury

    Title creds to... myself 🤣 Had to alter slightly as it was too long. Summary of last thread: Anna broke the rules once again (no-one is surprised) by going out to a restaurant with Haz for her birthday (16/10). Allegedly bought nearly 4k followers on Instagram after being in the red for 5...
  8. W

    Anastasia Kingsnorth #18 Anna TravelsNorth: wrong priorty, fake apology

    Title creds: @rattlesnake Had to alter slightly so it was searchable! Summary of previous thread: Went to London with Saffron, Byron and Haz. Finally “apologised” for breaking the rules in Manchester. Gave Laura Lee a run for her money on how to give an insincere apology. Was accused of...
  9. W

    Anastasia Kingsnorth #17 You big disgrace, spreading corona all over the place

    Title creds to @Lauren-1996! Original title was too long so had to be edited. Summary of the previous thread: - Anna returned from her recent holiday to Greece and had to quarantine for two weeks. - Allegedly got her nails done before her quarantine period was up. - Released her main priorty -...
  10. unknown7575

    Anastasia Kingsnorth #16 My onion breath makes all the boys run

    New thread apologies if I’ve got the wrong title! Credits to @Yshere97 edited to fit Mod edit - original title not appropriate
  11. Kat5998

    Anastasia Kingsnorth #15 her social distancing is a scam, staying as “safe” as she can

    Anastasia Kingsnorth #15 - fanny on cam, her social distancing is a scam, but saying she’s staying as “safe” as she possibly can Had to edit it slightly to fit, thank you @lexingtonave for the new thread title!
  12. unknown7575

    Anastasia Kingsnorth #14 Jealous cos Saff stole her man, supports ALM, she’s a scam!

    Mod - top voted thread titles from page 48 onwards. @Birthdaycards top voted title.
  13. Randomopinions

    Anastasia Kingsnorth #13 OH ANA just stop, you don’t like it on top, your channels a flop

    Thread title by @Loz93 Honestly can’t believe I literally made the last thread 16 DAY AGO! Feel free to sum up the last thread for anyone that missed it cause damn our girl is problematic.
  14. Randomopinions

    Anastasia Kingsnorth #12 Byron obsessed, flaunting her chest, shes naked again.

    Thanks to @Wills315 ,(chose the one with the most likes) had to cut the end off so it would fit but the full title should be: Anastasia Kingsnorth #12- Byron obsessed, flaunting her chest, shes naked again, thinks shes the best. The last thread...
  15. S

    Anastasia Kingsnorth #11 wonky bits, dirty tan, constant talk about her V card but never had a man.

    New title by @Anonymous6745. Had to change it slightly so that it would fit! I hope this worked as never created a thread before! It is meant to say tits instead of bits! Note to self to proof read!
  16. DoreenYadeley

    Anastasia Kingsnorth #10 Typhoid Ana don’t give a fig, now wash your hands you detty pig!

    Thanks to @Alfies_Boy for the new thread title!
  17. Porkiepies

    Anastasia Kingsnorth #9 McAna Breaks The Rules For Views While Bratticus does a #2 💩

    Title credit to @Alfies_Boy with an impressive 40 votes. The Queen of Onions, Fast Food Junkie and she's not gonna lie she literally loves these threads 😬 Welcome to thread 9. Guaranteed plenty of onions, tits, arse and other than that I hope you guys enjoy...
  18. DoreenYadeley

    Anastasia Kingsnorth #8 Recycled content queen, Invisalign nowhere to be seen!

    Thanks @Alfies_Boy for the thread suggestion has to shorten it a bit to make it fit! 😘
  19. champagnepinkk

    Anastasia Kingsnorth #7 Ana's topless yet again, Bratticus rates it out of ten!

    NEW THREAD TIME! Thread name comes from the one and only @DoreenYadeley ;) Full title was Adastasia #7 Ana's topless yet again, Bratticus rates it out of ten, £5 shit is in the bin, bingo ads are not a win! Let's continueeee..
  20. Greygardener

    Anastasia Kingsnorth #6 Skiing with Saff, begging Jed, mam sleeps with rando’s in her bed

    Thanks to @crazyunicorn9 for the title suggestion, had to shorten it to make it fit, full one below! Skiing with Saff, begging for a date with Jed, admitting her mam sleeps with rando’s with her in the bed!
  21. Porkiepies

    Anastasia Kingsnorth #5 When the paps are out the flaps come out

    Lots of thread suggestions for this thread title, all mainly had paps and flaps in so as this one was suggested twice I've used it. Thank you to @TheBurnBook and @SparklyUnicorn94 Notable suggestion from @Lauren-1996 Ana got her flaps out for the paps, that crosses a line, hopefully in 2020...
  22. Porkiepies

    Anastasia Kingsnorth #4 Look at me, I’m rich and famous but I still top up my mum’s tax credits

    A wonderful new thread. Title credit to @Casperron. We're all jealous hun, she's reached 1 million subscribers, she's rich don't you know, Julie's still a thorn in her side and their home is rapidly turning into a plastic coven of tat with designer tags. Photo courtesy of tbhbyron- don't give...
  23. Oohthedrama

    Anastasia Kingsnorth #3 Their home got bigger and so did the egos!

    Title curtesy of @Porkiepies 😎
  24. Oohthedrama

    Anastasia Kingsnorth #2 Fabricating Disney trips for views since 2018

    New thread! Title curtesy of @theblackpearl-xo !
  25. GossWhore

    Jasmine Clough

    I just CANNOT with this girl She reminds me of Charlotte from Geordie Shores and NOT in a good way Also, she always sounds like she woke up from a ruff hangover lol
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