xameliax #2 Condescending rants, always snappy! It’s the perfect way to “protect my happy”

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Hey team!!!

Adjusted slightly to make it fit better!
Hope it’s ok to go with this.
But remember like our queen, if you don’t like it I’m gonna pretend I don’t care!
Then head to Instagram to do 83 stories about how MUCH I don’t care.
Shut down my account,
Have a strop,
Beg for a holiday,
Make some pasta (which I got for 50p because I’m broke right)
And then do a live bitching about you all. Not that I care. 😐


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Love when she says ‘so many of you have messaged me’, ‘I love seeing so many of you do X because I recommended it’ etc. Delusions of grandeur.


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I can't even hate watch her any more - she's that infuriating so I just rely on what everyone says here. When I see the word sleepover I just think of a kids' sleepover. 🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️


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An evening of booze, face masks and matching PJs? For a woman who allegedly wants to "empower" us, she is awfully cliché. This is like a bad Hallmark movie.


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It's all kicking off over on mrs meldrum page and xax will definitely use this as leverage for views.
I don't know if she'll make it explicit though. Somehow I think Amelia is too smart to align herself with someone who has been accused of racism. For someone so reliant on "press trips" around the world, I don't think she can be callous about that sort of thing.

I actually feel it's not just criticism that has made her step back lately. She seems a little out of ideas. She has booze with her friends, she walks Toby, she shops at Primark, she travels every once in a while, she makes stir-fry, she hates trolls (read: people daring to public disagree with her equally public views and behaviour), she doesn't want to work but loves a cushy life, and she has lots of views and opinions that are quite mainstream these days (pamper yourself, love yourself, do you, all that). Nothing original there. It's a normal life; way too normal to warrant two blogs, twitter, insta and YT. I think she needs a new angle, something to make her not just relatable to those that like her, but also unique. She's not controversial in the way Mrs Meldrum is. Yes, she moans and begs, but the irremediable issue to me is that currently she has very few exciting or fun or entertaining ideas. Creativity and originality are hard to come by, especially if required on a weekly basis. In a way, stepping back and reflecting is what her "content" actually needs, but I think she uses the troll narrative to throw herself a pity party which might keep her people by her side until she comes up with new ideas.


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She already piped up in the comments on Mrs Meldrums insta so, I'd say she will deffo be addressing "trolls" this week!
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