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The Partridge Family is an American musical sitcom starring Shirley Jones and featuring David Cassidy. Jones plays a widowed mother, and Cassidy plays the oldest of her five children, in a family who embarks on a music career. It ran from September 25, 1970, until March 23, 1974, on the ABC network as part of a Friday-night lineup, and had subsequent runs in syndication. The family was loosely based on the real-life musical family the Cowsills, a popular band in the late 1960s and early 1970s.

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  1. RachyWoo

    The Witt Family #9 She moans at home, She moans when away, Claire's only happy on a date night with Gray

    Had to change the title a little to make it fit. But well done @blueberrypie , second time in a row your thread suggestion has been chosen 👍
  2. RachyWoo

    The Witt Family #8 Super Spreader & Super Spender, Claire’s patio is ready for a tinned gin bender

    Another thread already! Well done @blueberrypie for the thread title suggestion.
  3. RachyWoo

    The Witt Family #7 Protein here, Protein there, Claire hides the mango incase the kids want their share

    And another thread begins. If someone wants to do a recap, feel free, I'm rubbish at them.
  4. RachyWoo

    The Witt Family #6 Graham's worked to the bone to give claire the perfect insta home

    No other suggestions so it had to he this one. Monga again 🙄😂 Continue.....
  5. RachyWoo

    The Witt Family #5 Claire's wardrobe is ready to ping, but kids share a measly cheestring

    @monga had the most likes 👏 Had to edit it a bit as it wouldn't fit 🙄 If anyone wants to do a recap, feel free.
  6. RachyWoo

    The Witt Family #4

    Continue 🙂
  7. Oohthedrama

    The Witt Family #3

    Continue here. report anyone derailing or causing arguments and keep on topic, there are other threads available to discuss other topics such as covid-19
  8. Hatshepsut

    The Witt Family #2

    Please continue here.