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    Soniaxfyza #14 Serial Snapchat Spammers and Escorting Scammers

    Please check out previous threads and Wiki because heaven knows these sisters think no one can find out about their real selves just because they’re so out of touch with reality.. Title picked by most votes and aptly named as it highlights their main current sources of income as opposed to...
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    Soniaxfyza #13 Tramps and groupies, pretend MUA but real life broke floozies

    Newbies please check out the Wiki.. Continuation from previous thread, quick summary: Faeza thought she was doing something by hosting a club night in London (no make up masterclass) despite quoting it being a dull place. A list guest is MIA and in reality she was scouting for girls from their...
  3. L

    Soniaxfyza #12 MUAs in disguise, escorting surprise, majoring in lies

    New thread for Soniaxfyza. Continuation from #11. The lying is wild.. using any throwback content, religion, late rappers, taken rappers, imaginary boyfriends and Arabfishing to hide the real occupation. No scams, no make up, just escort hangouts…I mean a concierge. Sisters not doing their own...
  4. L

    Soniaxfyza #11 Bye Soniaxfyza Toxic fam or another scam?

    Is this the end of an era or another sham publicity stunt?? Keep updated via this thread for major ☕️ Silly sisters have decided to part ways (business or family🤔) are they reinventing their image or just upto the same ole’ shenanigans but solo? Who is the third wheel/wedge or influence that...
  5. L

    Soniaxfyza #10 Only Thots and Scammers

    A play on the saying "Only Fools and Horses Work", an old cockney saying implying that if you're smart you'll find a way of making a living without resorting to hard grafting something Soniaxfyza are all too familiar with….NOT Anyway they’re trying to but still doing really badly at it, selling...
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    Soniaxfyza #9 Jigsaw and the Mute Mule reported to be deported

    Jigsaw aka le swamp toad et la mule Redrum currently on a second hiatus, from socials, hopefully this one is for the better. Thread is therefore likely to be dead unless you keep bringing the tea folks!! We’re dealing with the aftermath of them being outed for what they truly are.. yes the...
  7. L

    SoniaxFyza #8 Brummie curry loving Virgo unapologetically a racist

    Told you last thread would be 🔥 😝 For major updates they start at thread 7, Please see wiki and previous threads for background info. This thread leads into the aftermath of the exposure and the sad attempt of an apology post away folks 😘
  8. L

    SoniaxFyza #7 Masala Al Ali Express Self Xenophobia

    Ok guys unlucky#7 for the terrible twosome Please refer to the wiki and previous threads for background information. Last thread summary - Faeza triggered by “mince pie” and “Birmingham” delivered a crazy racist tirade followed by a bout of doxxing for the second time. Whilst such behaviour...
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    Soniaxfyza #6 Surgically deformed Arabfishers, seeking Israeli Sugar Daddy

    Thread #6 for Soniaxfyza. Newbies please check out the previous threads plus the wiki!! @dolce&dolma and@madicakes - turned down the title a notch.. think most people get the just of what they are…..
  10. Feathers33

    SoniaxFyza #5 Sun Sign: Pisces, Moon sign: Birmingham

    Credit to @FijiNour for thread title Wiki is the pink button at the top for newbies Previous thread
  11. R

    Soniaxfyza #4 Fake Arabs in retrograde.

    TLDR: This is a thread about Sonia and Faeza Ali aka SoniaxFyza on instagram and snapchat. Two British Pakistani women from Birmingham living in Dubai assuming false Arab identities trying to pass as first Iraqis and now Kuwaitis. All while impersonating Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner.
  12. R

    Soniaxfyza #3 Botched Pakistanis living in Dubai as Dim & Vylie

  13. rosesrevenge

    Soniaxfyza #2

    It’s just sooo offensive you guys😢😢 we luv a natural ArAb kween. Her grandma looked like Kim from Mirpur okay????! The makeup 🤣 I’m screaming who would pay for that??
  14. J

    Soniaxfyza #1

    Someone else must be aware of these two? imagine having so much done to yourself to look like some other famous sisters. Horrendous.