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  1. CuriousCat92

    Captain Sir Tom Moore and Hannah Ingram-Moore #7

    Started a new thread as with all the excitement with the demolition, thread 6 had easily reached 52 pages! --- Will Hannah try and make a further comeback or just slink into ignominy. I think she was pretty addicted to the spotlight. I will never understand why she thought the birthday cards...
  2. CuriousCat92

    Captain Sir Tom Moore and Hannah Ingram-Moore #6

    New thread, please do carry on. Latest updates were the unlikely combo of Jan Moir and Marina Hyde agreeing on how awful Hannah is
  3. RJF

    Captain Sir Tom Moore and Hannah Ingram-Moore #5

  4. Shesaidwhat?

    Captain Sir Tom Moore #4

    New thread as Hannah still won’t let the poor man rest.
  5. Oohthedrama

    Captain Sir Tom Moore #3

    Feel like this thread belongs in celebrity now 😂 well done Hannah!
  6. Barbie2020

    Captain Sir Tom Moore #2

    Just put GMB on you would think the Queen has died with the tributes that are going on. It’s a bit too much. His daughter has been talking to Piers Morgan/Michael Ball etc before they put the statement out? WTF! This is really unsettling. All the pictures they are showing with his daughter...
  7. shadyessex33

    Captain Sir Tom Moore

    In the summer Captain Tom Moore done an amazing deed for charity and was quiet rightly honoured for it. However he now seems to have his face on everything. The latest example being today’s news that he is the face of a new gin distilled by a family friend. I can’t help but feel he is being...