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  1. Yel

    Rosie Londoner #6

    New thread, can someone do a recap?
  2. BeachBaby

    Rosie Londoner #5

    No thread name by popular request ;)
  3. Murphy Brown

    Rosie Londoner #4

    New thread to discuss the dull and boredom-inducing 'adventures' of 'Hurricane Rose'.
  4. Greencatfysh

    Rosie Londoner #3

    Thread number 3 for Rosie. Lack of exciting content, news, and authenticity means that none of us were remotely inspired to think of something comical. Rosie and her crap puns will be devastated Mod edit, do you mind if we keep the title empty if she's too dull? The thread may go on for years...
  5. Sazbee

    Rosie Londoner #2

    New thread!
  6. B

    Rosie Londoner

    Rosie is a blogger called The Londoner. Not a fan. But it’s hilarious that she’s embarrassed of who her husband is, because he doesn’t quite fit into her beautiful world. He’s filthy rich and easy to google and see a picture. I think that’s why she was odd about sharing her wedding photos...