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  1. usefullyuseless

    Roadside Mum #8 This is a criminal endeavour

    Congratulations to @L3moning and @Wooh joint winners of the thread title. Your prize is a Victorian nightdress from Amazon. Honourable thread title nommos included: Charlatans gonna charlatan (@Shimmering) One in Five is due for publication in 2025 (@HotesTilaire) Moderate ME and severe ME ME...
  2. usefullyuseless

    Roadside Mum #7 Justin Trudeau wrote into Canadian Law that it’s off with Louisa’s head ASAP

    Big congratulations to @HotesTilaire for the winning thread title nommo. Your prize is a wheelie shopping basket filled with mouldy blackberries. Fingering them in the dark is optional, my love. RSM is as odious as ever and currently hinting at a crowdfunder for taxi/private jet/new...
  3. Jelly Bean

    Roadside Mum #6 It is immoral to charge me for my own victimisation

    Thanks to @Shimmering for thread title suggestion. Inspired by RSM's own words when an Uber driver stole food from her. Or something like that. No idea how to provide a summary tbh 😂 She's still very angry. Still moving to Scotland. Still no zine. Please feel free to add more!
  4. HotesTilaire

    Roadside Mum #5 oppressed to the point of starvation

    Thread title by @usefullyuseless your prize is an Iceland Chicken Korma - it will be deliveroo’d to you as soon as they’re back in stock. Recap -guess what - still no poverty Zine. Will she move/flee to Scotland? I’m sure there will be some kind of oppressive force designed specifically to make...
  5. traumatised sideboard

    Roadside Mum #4 Let me tell you in excessive detail

    Thread title by @Wooh with an honourable mention to 'where's the 'zine, Shakespeare?' from @FlashBoof you both get to attend a nutrition course. Make sure to put on your best Robert Smith. In the last thread she posted many tedious overly-long threads on Twitter, as she is wont to do, usually...
  6. traumatised sideboard

    Roadside Mum #3 How dare you call me a Tory?

    Thanks @Wooh for the thread title and for always bringing the screenshots so we can bear witness to the 40-tweet threads about ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Recap: RSM continues to be just so, so horrible and is constantly submitting stories for Didn't Happen of the Year. Don't you dare call her a Tory.
  7. traumatised sideboard

    Roadside Mum #2 Delete your account!

    In the previous thread we established that Roadside Mum is a person who is incapable of being nice to another person, unless that person is Jack Monroe. If you are not Jack Monroe, prepare to be accused of lying, being a troll or literally killing people and ultimately being told to delete your...
  8. Pocahontas

    Roadside Mum

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