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Olivia Bowen (née Buckland, born 3 January 1994 in Chelmsford, Essex) is an English reality television personality and model.She came second on Love Island in 2016, with Alex Bowen. In 2017, they became engaged and she featured on an episode of Say Yes to the Dress.She married Bowen on 15 September 2018 in Essex.
In 2017, she launched her own clothing range with MissPap.From July 2017, Buckland started maternity cover for Ferne McCann on This Morning, presenting different features throughout the summer as well as being the resident Love Island reporter alongside Chloe Crowhurst. Buckland also covered for Rylan Clark-Neal on Fridays throughout the summer for the showbiz section of the show whilst he presented the main show.In 2018, they filmed the TLC programmes, Olivia and Alex Said Yes.In 2019, they filmed the TLC programmes, "Olivia and Alex: Happily Ever After" .

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  1. That’sOk

    Olivia Bowen #11 stay with Abel? She’s not able especially when there’s a drink on the table

    New thread. Well done to @LoTiLu for the winning thread title 👏🏼 Link to previous thread 👇🏼 https://tattle.life/threads/olivia-bowen-10-livs-doing-nada-the-changing-bag-is-prada-the-breast-milk-is-90-pina-colada.32739/liked
  2. Noseycow2020

    Olivia Bowen #10 Liv’s doing nada, the changing bag is Prada, the breast milk is 90% Pina Colada

    Well done @absolute-omnishambles with a massive 99 likes
  3. quinzel

    Olivia Bowen #9 Liv’s on mat leave, no remorse, she runs an Instagram for a horse

    Old thread: (1) Olivia Bowen #8 As predicted she’s up the duff, all to get more free stuff | Tattle Life Thanks to @absolute-omnishambles for the winning thread suggestion with 40 likes! Liv's currently doing the same as what she always does (nothing) on mat leave and taking a break from all...
  4. Noseycow2020

    Olivia Bowen #8 As predicted she’s up the duff, all to get more free stuff

    Incase anyone missed it she’s the only person in the world to ever be pregnant 🙄
  5. Noseycow2020

    Olivia Bowen #7 hates when people don't put ad, but she's just as bad!

    Thank you @Matterbaby for the nee thread title👏🏼 Had to shorten to fit - OliviaBowen #7 her attitude is destroying her career, forgets she has a horse cause she always on gear mod edit; same user made the suggestion but less slanderous.
  6. Allypally

    Olivia Bowen #6 Flogging cheap tat made in China just to show us her vagina

    Thanks to @Doratheexplorer with the most likes, 33 I believe! Hope I’ve done this right, my first thread 😀 Anyway, as you were... 😂
  7. calmyourritas

    Olivia Bowen #5 Scruffy and unkempt. Named her business after herself aka ‘Exempt’

    Thread title from @Gobble goose fitting as she has broken the lockdown rules today with someone (Alex’s stepdad?) in her house Evidence here from previous thread (not my screenshots) and she has now deleted the story and posted a pic from it without him in the background to the daily mail...
  8. M

    Love Island - Season 2

    Rewatching this season as it’s my fave and I want to tattle about it 😂😂. Does anyone remember that Daniel who was initially coupled up with liv bowen? He was really creepy!
  9. J

    Olivia Bowen #4 Says she’s getting broody, but ask her about kids and she gets real moody

    Well done to @Ginderella01 on the most liked thread suggestion. Slightly shortened to fit, full version: Olivia Bowen, goes on TV and says she’s getting broody, but if you ask her about kids she gets real moody. Sum up of last thread: She’s bought a horse (Dolly) and has started an equestrian...
  10. Scragbags

    Olivia Bowen #3 Olivia Bowen, full time slob. But don’t judge me #ItsmyJob

    Well done to @Gobble goose on the winning thread title 🥳🥳 Round up - Olivias bespoke kitchen is finished with all it's cupboardry intact - Tiny sofa is still in place - Tiny bikinis still being worn - She's well stocked up on #gifted Warburtons bread
  11. H

    Olivia Bowen #2 The names Olivia Bowen, interior designer.No,not really so here's my vagina

    With 43 votes, thanks to @Scragbags for the winning thread suggestion.
  12. Moonbaby09

    Olivia Buck/Bowen

    Posting to see if anyone else is finding her a bit self entitled lately with this new house. Moaning about how long renovations etc will take due to this lockdown etc, getting her pond drained and rid of half the fish. Seems selfish. Used to like her aswel.