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  1. abeautifullife

    Beauty Spectrum #12 Everything is about age

    Continue here! Thanks to @InsufferableGiant for the title!
  2. E

    Beauty Spectrum #10

    She's too basic for a thread title Someone can do a proper summary but basically her and Tom are still 'living' in an AirBNB in Melbourne and we all like Harry and Janine more than her
  3. L

    BeautySpectrum #9

    There were no title suggestions in the last thread (as far as I could tell) In short, Molly Thompson has announced her and her tag along boyfriend Tom are “moving” to Australia for up to (or at least?) a year. after a few months travelling and partying in Asia they think they’re well equipped...
  4. L

    BeautySpectrum #8

    No thread title suggestions but we were wayyy overdue a new thread
  5. L

    BeautySpectrum #7 Around the world in 50 days with Molly Thompson and her brother Tom

    Thread title from top comments by @ogbblol Molly Thompson aka BeautySpectrum aka Taylor Swifts Biggest fan aka world traveller aka Australia vlogger
  6. L

    BeautySpectrum #5 Subscriber count dead, as daddy makes moves on insta girls, only thing moving is her tattle thread.

    Title thanks to @Spencerskates Beautyspectrum aka Molly Thompson from the teeny tiny village of Beverley (you’ve probably never heard of it, it’s niche!) Still going on about going back to Australia after her little holiday in 2020 and making it her whole personality. Still can’t lip sync on...
  7. L

    Beauty Spectrum #4 Don’t you know she’s a size eight, and so quirky we can’t relate

    Most liked thread suggestion goes to @BaileyMC Molly has had the most difficult lockdown out of everyone despite still seeing friends and her boyfriend with little (or no) social distancing. she’s recently decided she’s a size 8 and now every time she mentions clothing it somehow slips into...
  8. Oohthedrama

    Beauty Spectrum #3 lockdown moaning, missing Australia, ladies watch out for daddy’s promiscuous behaviour.

    New thread “boys” 🙄🙄 thanks to @missmisty for the title, slightly edited! Continue here.
  9. J

    Beauty Spectrum #2 crocodile dundee of Beverley.

    To recap; she’s just a bit of a twat
  10. Justdishingthetea

    Molly Thompson (Beautyspectrum)

    Saw there was no thread so created one Whats everyones thoughts? She seems quite genuine do find it quite odd shes at home when her and her boyfriend have been together for about 3 years and has been quite open about earning a decent wage but may be thats just me ? The only thing il say is i...