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  1. S

    Mimi and Alex Ikonn #9 Cashless and Classless: the only iCon Mimi will ever be is in her head

    Here we go: a new thread. thanks @Andyakafrenchie with 12 likes But same boring life of Mimi Ikonn. Instead of a resume of the last thread i'll give you some numbers: Ikonns LOVE London, but stayed ~60% of the year outside of it! And this year has still some days left! They visited "South of...
  2. N

    Mimi and Alex Ikonn #8 PhotoShop instead of gym, disappearing Horse Face & unschooled prat

    Hi ladies, our last thread successfully raked up 52 pages. I tried to combine all the thread name suggestions and the latest Icunt situation into this new title. Please continue to name and shame this con couple of instagram - MeMe’s edited, filtered face and her miserable life, her wandering...
  3. You Won Jane

    Mimi and Alex Ikonn #7 The iCovidiots and their Prodigy Project - Do as we say not as we do.

    Thanks to @NaomiS for the thread title! Meme and Grampa Alex are as boring as ever so not much to update... but if anyone would like to do a summary/recap then go ahead Otherwise continue..
  4. Qwerty333

    Mimi and Alex Ikonn #6 from fashion stylist to homeless bum

    Continue here :D Title courtesy of @squish1997!
  5. Char4649

    Mimi and Alex Ikonn #5 Positano with the fam, exploiting their kid for likes on the 'gram

    NEW THREAD! Painstakingly went through the 'most liked' and I won this thread title! Woooo! So, catch up from the last thread: • Most people use their spare time to frequent in their hobby unlike Mimi who enjoys picking up litter off the beaches of sunny Positano which ironically, are less...
  6. Char4649

    Mimi and Alex Ikonn #4 The Life Changing Magic of Mimi’s Thunder Thighs & Alex’s Wandering Eyes

    Congrats to @NaomiS For having the most likes! (Had to edit for length) If anyone could do a recap that'd be great 😂
  7. B

    Mimi and Alex Ikonn #3 too grateful to catch covid

    Hello! The adventures of the conspiracist Cons continue in the DR where Alex is busy scrolling instagram for "work" and Meme gyrates her bum on the beach, all while their child runs around escorted by an army of relatives. What's new?
  8. M

    Mimi and Alex Ikonn #2 hello my beautiful friends buy our products ok

    Thread title c/o Char4649 Full title: Mimi and Alex Ikonn #2 hello my beautiful friends buy our products ok thankyou Alex and Mimi are on a roll spreading anti-lockdown messaging. Mimi has decided sports bras are unnecessary and Alex continues to be a shit Dad.
  9. Qwerty333

    Mimi and Alex Ikonn

    🙏 Could a kind soul please start a thread for Mimi and Alex Ikonn (aka Ic*nts)? https://www.instagram.com/mimiikonn They're travelling to Italy in the middle of a pandemic, not wearing masks, and being overall shitty parents.
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