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Michelle Elizabeth Keegan (born 3 June 1987) is an English actress, known for her roles as Tina McIntyre in the ITV soap opera Coronation Street and Sergeant Georgie Lane in the BBC drama series Our Girl. Keegan also starred as Tracy Shawcross in Ordinary Lies, Tina Moore in Tina and Bobby, and Erin Croft in Brassic.

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  1. Diddikins

    Michelle Keegan & Mark Wright #7

    New thread for them. Not much to report - he vanished for a while but has resurfaced looking like a Beachwear Ken Doll and she hasn’t been seen much at all, just a few pics of her looking moody.
  2. M

    Michelle Keegan and Mark Wright #6

    It might be thread 3... Not much happens with these two Its thread 6..... Where does the time go? https://tattle.life/threads/michelle-keegan-and-mark-wright-5.25468/
  3. Blue pumpkin

    Michelle Keegan and Mark Wright #5

    New thread starts here.... Old thread https://tattle.life/threads/michelle-keegan-and-mark-wright-4.21544/unread
  4. L


    Anyone watching this? Not sure why I do as it’s awful but from the way sky markets it it’s apparently a huge hit.
  5. M

    Michelle Keegan and Mark Wright #4

    Thread 4 A recap- Are they a showmance couple? Seems that they might have an open relationship. Something about not having kids but it's not for us to speculate here, we aren't Woman's Own magazine! Her cousin sells Avon. The Wright's are dodgy like the Krays. Carol is Peggy Windsor. I might...
  6. M

    Michelle Keegan and Mark Wright #3

    New thread He has a diet and exercise book out?!
  7. M

    Michelle Keegan & Mark Wright #2

    New thread! Mark must hate people looking at his wife's boobs when he probably only gets to look now too.
  8. M

    Michelle Keegan & Mark Wright

    Searched for a thread on these two and couldn't find one so apologies if there is one somewhere! I have seen a few daily mail comments about Mark having an affair with Lydia Bright's cousin and remember seeing comments before about his general adulterous ways but recently been noticing a few...
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