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  1. jenmarks

    Lizzy and Lindsey #10 Single White Female... Oh Come ON, Embarrassing!

    Thanks to @SpritneyBeers and @Rimbaud for the title inspiration. SO GOOD, so so good GUYS. Can anyone be bothered to recap anything at all about these two?!
  2. M

    Lizzy and Lindsey #9 The longing for a personality

    Title thanks to @weepingfeet It took till page 62 of the last thread for any of us to be bothered to make a new thread. The 'latest' is dull, per usual with this duo. Lizzy bought shoes that are too small and Lindsey has her towel brand and surfing camps to shill.
  3. M

    Lizzy and Lindsey #8 Picking cities like they pick pets: Here today gone tomorrow

    Hello and welcome to another thread about Lizzy Hadfield and Lindsay Holland. I shortened the title to their first names to fit the whole title in the word count. Hope that's okay Mods?šŸ˜… Title thanks to the very funny @meowmeowbeans with the most likes. Lizzy is now a part of J Crew Collective...
  4. Funsizes

    Lizzy Hadfield & Lindsey Holland #7 How's my cat? Things you can ask yer mum.

    Well done to @weepingfeet for this title! <3 Updates: Lindsey's in Portugal with her bf now, here's hoping they don't decide to get a pet :rolleyes: Her threat to start posting about crypto remains as just that, a threat... Lizzy's North American tour has finally ended, but don't worry, she's...
  5. Raymond Luxury-Yacht

    Lizzy Hadfield & Lindsey Holland #6 No coat, no cat and no idea

    Welcome to thread #6! After much ado, we have decided on this title by the very funny @Pulltheotherone šŸ¤£ Recap: - Lizzy went to NY, returned to London for four weeks and went back to the States. We tattlers suspect she has a new boy other there - She also bought a super expensive house only...
  6. M

    Lizzy Hadfield & Lindsey Holland #5 Lazy & Lost

    Title thanks to @jenmarks Welcome to thread number 5! Special mention also to @brerwhabbit with the very funny (but alas too long for the title) Lazy Hadfield and Lusty Holland: lost near River Island, submerged by excess and grasping desperately for tattooed arms Lindsey has launched a new...
  7. Funsizes

    Lizzy Hadfield and Lindsey Holland #4 Dog (re-gifted)

    Recap! The book was swiftly forgotten about due to being bargain bin fodder Lindsey gave up her already vulnerable dog for re-adoption, but may have a new man Lizzy has bought a new house which she worked sooooo hard for you guys!!! Despite a new podcast season starting in May, only one...
  8. Funsizes

    Lizzy Hadfield and Lindsey Holland #3 Boobs, booze and BJs

    Lindsey added to the thread title by overwhelming popular demand. Well done to @MoniC for coming up with the title although bones has been replaced by BJs thanks to the truly repulsive revelation last thread! Summary: Lizzy and Lindsey's podcast companion book 'Things You Can't Ask Yer Mum' was...
  9. M

    Lizzy Hadfield #2 Her claim to fame is a notebook with her name.

    Full title c/o @Nova "her claim to fame is a notebook with her name. Her friend Lindsey is in her bubble and then she also has a creepy double." Lizzy finished off the year with an underwhelming collaboration which included a book, notebook, candle and some chocolate. Along with Lindsey she...
  10. M

    Lizzy Hadfield (Shot from the Street)

    Not sure if anyone else is keen for this thread? I just watched her latest video about her move and can't help but think she needs some time out. She had a fun summer traveling with an obnoxious Australian boyfriend and now they've obviously broken up but she's not saying anything and just...