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  1. br0wser

    Lidia Baylis-Zullo #7 She about to graduate with a 21 in Facetune not History

    The last thread has been going on for over a year so I sifted through the first couple of pages to find a recent comment with a lot of likes suitable for a title and @briannajaynehawkes smashed it 👏🏽👏🏽 Lids will soon be a “graduate 🥹🥹” but do not fear, her uni content may not be over yet as she...
  2. br0ws3r

    Lidia Baylis-Zullo #6 Editing her photos to the extreme, the Baylis-Zullo’s are not what they seem

    New thread, well done to me? lol. A brief rundown of thread #5: New boyfriend reveal, some (me) say he looks like Johnny Bravo. Name: Jack. Occupation: Personal trainer. She’s been on a few holidays Still thinks pasta is the ultimate cuisine and eats it at any given opportunity “Nonna”...
  3. br0ws3r

    Lidia Baylis-Zullo #5 third wheel, no sex appeal, competing for the new man reveal

    Congrats @Taetae95 for the new title! 👏🏽 Not many had been given and this is the most relevant for what’s been going on recently. This thread has been going since April so I won’t bore you all with every minor detail, but Lidia is still doing the following: - photoshopping to the extreme -...
  4. briannaroseee

    Lidia Baylis-Zullo #4 oats for breaky, swamp juice for lunch, pics are photoshopped a bun

    Welcome to our new thread BOYS AND GIRLS, The name was suggested by the lovely @moreblushpls, so thank you for that xx with April 12 just around the corner, I think we can all agree that the excitement Lidia will bring to this new thread is tremendous
  5. H

    Lidia Baylis-Zullo #3 botched face, no work space, breaking rules all over the place

    Welcome to thread number 3! Title is from @rainonme with 35 likes! Brief summary... Tier 4 life is not for Lidia at all, she’s blatantly hanging out at Cinzias with Sophia, taking it in turns to take photos in Cinzias lift. She got VERY dressed up for a New Years Eve at “angies” but we all...
  6. Caty996

    Lidia Baylis-Zullo #2 Trout pout, frolicking about, chasing clout, will she drop out?

    Thread title credit to @Taetae95 😌
  7. A

    Lidia Baylis-Zullo

    Here we go - a thread for Lidia.