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  1. M

    Label Lady #8 Jemma “Stacey Solomon’s sister” Brent

    Sorry I don’t have time to do a recap but we needed to start a new thread! Thanks to @Hinchydoyouloveme for the thread title which was tied with a suggestion from Facebook via @ChastityDingle
  2. M

    Label lady #7 Banana a day keeps the anxiety away whilst watching my sister lose at the NTAs

    Thanks to @potatoestomatoes for the thread title After posting she was thinking of all those affected in the Middle East she has gone quiet, not for thoughtful consideration but due to her stall at the Clean and Tidy Show this weekend. She had a Spin to Win wheel for her shoppers which I’ve...
  3. Noseycow2020

    Label Lady #6 Not enough fame in the label game, I'll copy my sister and be just the same

    Thank you @Justapeep for the thread suggestion. Recap Jem Jem is still a desperate cunt, living in the shadow of her sister SSS. Lee continues to be gormless, the lights are on but no one is home. Cold cups are on their way from China so we should expect to receive orders no earlier than...
  4. C

    Label lady #5 Here comes the bride, oh no it’s Label Lady with a cold cup stuck to her side

    Congrats to @Justapeep for the winning thread title. The previous thread lasted 3 whole months & what a treat it was! We managed to witness: ~ the cold cups drama. First they went on tour curtesy of Stacey’s hen do. In the middle of the best hen do ever, pre-orders for the cups went live. It...
  5. 1001 others

    Label Lady #4 Looks like a guy kissing his granny before she says goodbye to the world

    Congratulations to @Spiesandliea for the winning title. The previous thread can be found here: I only pop in now and again to visit, so is someone else able to provide the recap please?
  6. K

    Label Lady #3 HQ this and HQ that Wash your hair you dirty brat

    Well done to @Justapeep for winning the thread suggestion, this is my first thread creation so hope I have done it right also
  7. Em_

    Label Lady #2 apparently it's just a small business! £2 a word + Lord Sugar = richness

    Thanks to @Eliza-Beth for the winning title. Sorry I've cocked the title up, it didn't post richness.
  8. B

    The Label Lady

    I used to like her but I think this is just cringe. begging people to nominate her, then acting surprised when they did 🤔