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    Label Lady #4 Looks like a guy kissing his granny before she says goodbye to the world

    Congratulations to @Spiesandliea for the winning title. The previous thread can be found here: I only pop in now and again to visit, so is someone else able to provide the recap please?
  2. K

    Label Lady #3 HQ this and HQ that Wash your hair you dirty brat

    Well done to @Justapeep for winning the thread suggestion, this is my first thread creation so hope I have done it right also
  3. Em_

    Label Lady #2 apparently it's just a small business! £2 a word + Lord Sugar = richness

    Thanks to @Eliza-Beth for the winning title. Sorry I've cocked the title up, it didn't post richness.
  4. B

    The Label Lady

    I used to like her but I think this is just cringe. begging people to nominate her, then acting surprised when they did 🤔
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