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  1. reallyloveagoodgossip

    Knee Deep In Life #8 Skanky Belbin what a pig, begging idiots to go to her gig!

    Thanks to @howandwhy for the new thread title. Skanky Belbin continues to churn everyone’s stomach with her stinking, rotten antics.
  2. H

    Knee Deep In Life #7 Child hating ogre, smelly old minge, the life of Smelbin, makes her neighbours cringe

    Her and the gif are fucking dickheads. They've turned into edgy posers , her hair looks shite , her adult colouring book tattoos look shite , her piercings look shite , and her patter is shite! His beard looks shite and his tattoos look shite and his wife is shite! Couple of shites who roll in...
  3. H

    Knee Deep In Life #6 Thinks her contents of faeces, vag and hot bum is fun, Laura’s content is done.

    Thanks to @Beanpop442 for the title! Knee Deep In Infestations more appropriate bio: I'm a Neglectful Mum, controlling wife, disastrous daughter, shameful sister, leech and I'm that person you avoid any contact with anywhere, for fear of catching bum worms, lice or a whiff of my hot bum, onion...
  4. reallyloveagoodgossip

    Knee Deep In Life #5 Belbin Baggins what a cringe. Hot bum and a dirty minge

    Hopefully all words in the title are allowed 🫣 Thanks to @Tallyho for the new thread. As you were Tattlers …..
  5. Camelandchicken1

    Knee deep in life #4 Knee Deep in Tattle

    New thread for that grubby bitch Laura. Thank you for the thread title @DaisyDeluxe Run down: Laura is still a smelly twat who has set her children up for a lifetime of bullying and shame thanks to her revolting online antics. Please feel free to provide a more accurate recap. Previous...
  6. Camelandchicken1

    Knee Deep In Life #3 Trauma this, trauma that - get some self respect you disgusting bat!

    Knee Deep In Life thread 3 previous thread here: Winning title to @AFlyOnYourWall edited due to swears, original is “Trauma” this, “trauma” that, get some...
  7. reallyloveagoodgossip

    Knee Deep In Life #2 Grim & Grimmer, grotty & grottier, makes herself look fatter & spottier (for likes)

    New thread for the vile bucket. Thanks to @880411 ………
  8. 100games

    Knee Deep In Life I just can't comprehend why you'd show so much of your flange and be okay with it...