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  1. dddddddddddd

    Kieran Corrigan #6 Roses are red, violets are blue, Kierans on the beg but whats new

    Thanks to @karenn123 for the thread title! Had to amend to fit! @Dailychat has higher likes but didnā€™t think title would be allowed!
  2. O

    Kieran Corrigan #5 Kieran and Orna love anything free and if unhappy spill the tea!

    @dddddddddddd had the most liked title, I changed it slightly to fit it in šŸ™ˆ Anyone want to recap??
  3. Justme00

    Kieran Corrigan #4 Money, money, money. Queeran’s rude & not funny Had to edit the title to fit. Thanks @Raddison & @#obsssessed for the title. So still on the beg. Borna is knocked up. Still not back to work. Trying to get followers by using his Offaly huns...
  4. Justme00

    Kieran Corrigan #3 Kieran and Borna sitting in a tree, B-E-G-G-I-N-G

    So this is it in a nutshell... Begging Screaming Shouting Dressing up as a pineapple Dressing up as Corona Borna still whinging Both still begging Still don't know about the new job, what's the story there? Someone give the man a spoon because he loves stirring it. Did I mention the begging? šŸ¤£...
  5. O

    Kieran Corrigan #2 Is there a touch of Philip Schofield going on there??

    @Roguespud had the most liked post asking the question so I hope itā€™s ok to use it??
  6. C

    Kieran Corrigan

    Irish instagrammer/blogger. Currently has 67.7k followers on Instagram.
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