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  1. N

    Julie Stanton #3 Hey hooge spender!

    Title winner is @Flowales! Please read the wiki (pink button at the top) for all your burning Julie questions. Recap: MeJules is in Disneyworld with Ana, Atticus and now Haz. She’s doing more spending and pronouncing huge as hooge in every video (literally). Feel free to create a better recap 😄
  2. coconochanel

    Julie Stanton #2 Jealous of my second thread are ya?

    New thread thanks to @Shrekssister for winning title suggestion (y). Recap for anyone who missed anything.. Julie did a '£30 Primark outfit challenge and proceeded to piss everyone off when she scoffed at having to wear some Primark converse dupes. Even though her house is full of Primark tat...
  3. Porkiepies

    Julie Stanton

    Me Julie has become a topic of conversation on her daughter Anastasia Kingsnorth thread so to promote fairness and not allow this woman to drag her daughter further, this thread will highlight the latest knock off's, sponsorship by Daniel Wellington and the latest must have cushion for the...
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