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Jim Chapman is an influencer signed to gleam futures and known for advertising brands. Jim was once married to Tana Burr and they shared a sausage dog Martha who's gone missing and neither Jim nor Tanya answer any questions as to the whereabouts.
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  1. Jelly Bean

    Jim and Sarah Chapman #9 Tanya Burr’s ex husband, his boring wife & their meal tickets Margot & Jesse

    Thanks to @friedeggontoast for thread title suggestion. Amended to include new arrival Jesse. Yes a new addition to the Chapman family. Little Jesse. Apart from that not much has changed. Jim getting ever more obsessive and creepy with his gym updates and topless selfies. He spends all day...
  2. Jelly Bean

    Jim and Sarah Chapman #8 2023 The year of doing less

    Hope nobody minds - I've changed title to include Sarah. Hard to recap previous thread as it started last July 😂 Jim has been very wierd about Tanya's baby Sage. They've concreted over a perfectly pleasant garden. Margot still apparently being their main/only source of income. Jim's New...
  3. Jelly Bean

    Jim Chapman #7 Sarah Chapman and her husband

    Thanks for thread title suggestion by @TapToBoreMeRigid Brief recap of last thread: Sarah and her fiance got married in the US. Another ceremony coming up in September in Spain. Sam Chapman confirmed Martha is alive and well. The most ill timed and prolonged kitchen renovation in the history...
  4. Jelly Bean

    Jim Chapman #6 Tan's a cheat, Sarah came after, now please tell us what happened to Martha

    Thanks to @littlepup for thread title suggestion. Blimey 😲 New thread starts with the bombshell dropped by Sarah that Tanya was unfaithful to Jim which is why their marriage broke down. Jim and Sarah continue to use little Margot as a revenue stream. Nobody has any idea what other sources...
  5. Jelly Bean

    Jim Chapman #5 Show off my baby

    Thanks to @Shutterbug99 for thread suggestion idea. Very minor thread recap: Jim on extended paternity leave from something - nobody really knows what. Amazingly the money pit house has started to look vaguely habitable. We are waiting for the safe arrival of baby Chapman 👶 A very lovely...
  6. Jelly Bean

    Jim Chapman #4 He is having a daughter. She is obsessed with him.

    There were no clear thread title suggestions so made one up - any other suggestions welcome! Recap of last thread: * Jim (oh and Sarah) are expecting a baby girl 🎉👶 * They have moved house. Jim very excited. Sarah gone to stay with her parents. * Jim made a podcast where he made it clear he is...
  7. Yel

    Jim Chapman #3 He’s going to give Ross geller a run for his money

    I'm shookeh that Jim has achieved a third thread. Who would have thunk 2020 would be this wild?! Thread title from @lemondaze 's post What on gods green earth. What a sad sad sad man. He’s going to give Ross geller a run for his money. What the hell !!!
  8. B

    Jim Chapman #2 Congrats Sarah & Jim, Is he even divorced from Tanya yet?

    thank you comment on life Mod edit. title needed to be edited for obvious reasons so let’s go with a new one.
  9. Emlii

    Jim Chapman - Single and ready to mingle, dying to jump out the closet

    Here you go guys and gals. Let’s get to work.
  10. jammy

    Tanya Burr #2 Hungry For Fame & Cake

    Stop clicking that stretch tool in photoshop and get posting folks...